Egyptair Flight MS804 : Expert Says Rapid Decompression Might Have Set Off Smoke Detectors

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:It looks like the right front and side windows were blown out, most probably from inside out,” European airline pilot

Just a short note.

The MSM is focusing solely on the ACARS report that smoke detectors went off in two locations right behind and underneath the cockpit just before the plane made a “jerky and sudden” 90 deg turn to the left and then plummeted into the Mediterranean Sea. They claim this means either a terrorist attack inside the plane or a mechanical malfunction caused a fire on-board and that is what brought down Egyptair Flight MS804.

As is usually the case with the MSM, that is not entirely accurate.

Turns out, sudden decompression can cause smoke detectors to go off on a plane.

The Telegraph reports that the signals likely indicate an internal explosion that could have blown out windows from the inside out and started a fire on board. An external explosion, like the missile that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, would have caused more alarms to trigger.

Although industry analyst Robert W. Mann tells The New York Times that a fire onboard was not necessarily the only way to cause the automated messages.  “The messages could also have been prompted by rapid decompression of the aircraft, which can produce condensation that the plane’s sensors could mistake for smoke,” Mr. Mann said” CS Monitor

Notice what the Telegraph did? They deliberately tried to undermine the theory that the plane could have been hit by a missile like Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. I wonder why they would do that.

Well, they would probably do that because more and more the information we are getting is making it look like a missile brought down Flight MS804 and not “terrorism” or a mechanical failure of some kind.

Rapid decompression could have caused those sensors to go off and the fact that they were both located near the cockpit says a lot, especially when you consider what happened with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. Here’s a little visual aid to help you guys remember.

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Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests

(Mentioned in this article is the South Carolina Senate primary of 2010 which I covered extensively. It was a pure hack, election fraud at it’s most obvious. Yet the South Carolina Democratic Party ignored the facts presented before them and allowed the idiot Alvin Greene to represent them in the general election. They did this so the real candidate from the Democrat Party, a man who was not a neoliberal “centrist” would lose to the Republican neoliberal who eventually “won”)

by Doug Johnson Hatlem, Counterpunch

At the end of the climactic scene (8 minutes) in HBO’s Emmy nominated Hacking Democracy (2006), a Leon County, Florida Election official breaks down in tears. “There are people out there who are giving their lives just to try to make our elections secure,” she says. “And these vendors are lying and saying everything is alright.” Hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the United States are using voting machines or vote tabulators that have flunked security tests. Those jurisdictions by and large are where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is substantially outperforming the first full wave of exit polling in her contest against Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Redacted Tonight: The Nevada Chaos Lie, Voting Machines Are Hacked, Giant Global Protest and more

Cut it off after the election fraud and Nevada convention segments. The rest is gun-gabbing and global warming bullshit.

Egyptair Flight MS804 : ACARS Data Shows Blown Out Windows in Cockpit – Shades of Flight MH17?

by Scott Creighton

The French have produced some new ACARS data regarding the crash of Flight MS804. The information is being seized upon by the MSM in order to show the downing of the flight was a slower moving process than originally thought. To this end, they harp on the smoke detectors going off near the cockpit. What they fail to mention is the extremely interesting fact that two windows in the cockpit seem to have been broken or opened. Why is that interesting? Well, does MH17 ring any bells?

animation from investigation of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. BUK missile (probably from Ukraine military) targets cockpit

I think it is safe too say, the crew did not decide to open the windows for some fresh air at 37,000 ft. Could be that something detonated in the avionics compartment below the cockpit, but that remains to be seen.

What follows is the original ACARS data from the source as well as a description of what each warning means.

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Pentagon Official Once Told Morley Safer That Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”

by Jon Schwaiz, from the Intercept

.. There will be hundreds of obituaries about (Morley) Safer, but at least so far, there’s been no mention of what I think was one of the most important stories he ever told…

(In 1966 in Saigon, the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, Arthur) Sylvester had arranged to speak with reporters for U.S. outlets, including Safer. Here’s how Safer described it:

There had been some annoying moments in previous weeks that had directly involved Sylvester’s own office. In the first B-52 raids, Pentagon releases were in direct contradiction to what had actually happened on the ground in Viet Nam.

There was general opening banter, which Sylvester quickly brushed aside. He seemed anxious to take a stand — to say something that would jar us. He said:

“I can’t understand how you fellows can write what you do while American boys are dying out here,” he began. Then he went on to the effect that American correspondents had a patriotic duty to disseminate only information that made the United States look good.

A network television correspondent said, “Surely, Arthur, you don’t expect the American press to be the handmaidens of government.”

“That’s exactly what I expect,” came the reply.

An agency man raised the problem that had preoccupied Ambassador Maxwell Taylor and [U.S. spokesman] Barry Zorthian — about the credibility of American officials. Responded the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs:

“Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid.”

One of the most respected of all the newsmen in Vietnam — a veteran of World War II, the Indochina War and Korea — suggested that Sylvester was being deliberately provocative. Sylvester replied:

“Look, I don’t even have to talk to you people. I know how to deal with you through your editors and publishers back in the States.”

At this point, the Hon. Arthur Sylvester put his thumbs in his ears, bulged his eyes, stuck out his tongue and wiggled his fingers.

Vance Hartke, a Democratic senator from Indiana, entered Safer’s article into the Congressional Record, and Durward Hall, a Republican representative from Missouri, called for Sylvester to resign. For its part, the Pentagon told CBS executives: “Unless you get Safer out of there, he’s liable to end up with a bullet in his back.”

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