Was Pilot of Egyptair Flight MS804 “Beaming” When He Suddenly Turned 90 Deg Left?

by Scott Creighton

We don’t know much about what happened to Egyptair Flight MS804 except for the fact that it is gone and authorities still don’t know why.

Earlier I posted information about a naval exercises drill taking place in the exact location where Flight MS804 suddenly went off radar.

Later yesterday, Greek authorities released a little more detail about what happened with the plane’s recorded flight path. It seems they turned suddenly 90 degrees to the left then turned hard to the right 360 degrees while descending at a very rapid rate until they dropped off radar coverage.

Here is a graphic showing what was reported by Greek authorities.

I hypothesized that the pilot may have been trying to avoid an approaching missile and that would explain why such drastic maneuvers were made.

This morning I decided to see if there was any technique that might resemble these last actions of the pilot and the plane. This is what I found:

“If the missile is closer, you will have to narrow the energy gap using geometry. Remember that the missile is flying a lead-pursuit course. It’s always going to point out towards where it thinks you will be at the time of impact. If you beam the missile (turn 90° towards its heading) and accelerate to a high speed, it’s going to point very far to the left or right of your location — especially if it is still far away. Make a 180° turn to beam in the opposite direction, and the missile will have to drag itself all the way around to point in the other direction. This maneuver uses up valuable energy that could otherwise be spent gliding a longer distance.

By performing this beam reverse maneuver, you force the missile to bleed as much energy as possible turning left and right to maintain its proportional navigation course.

Beaming the missile also increases the chance that the missile’s radar will drop lock, due to the Doppler notchQuora.com

In this case, after being locked on by an air-to-air missile, the pilot would attempt to break lock by turning into the oncoming missile which forces it to correct it’s path, moving hard left or right in order to regain lock on the flight path ahead of the target. Then the pilot (if I understand this correctly) turns abruptly once again, in the opposite direction, 180 degrees in an attempt to break the missile lock and force it to use as much fuel as possible to reacquire and close on the plane due to Doppler Notch.

Then there is this:

Radars have poorer “look-down” performance — this is due to the radar having to filter ground clutter as opposed to tracking targets against a clear blue sky. By staying underneath the missile, the pilot can reduce the effective range of its radar, and increase the likelihood that it loses radar lock.Quora.com

That might explain why the pilot descended so quickly. He was trying get under something chasing him. He may have also been trying to use the rapid descent to gain speed. The idea there being if he could increase his speed sufficiently, the path the rocket’s lock put it on to intercept the plane, would end up being behind his position.

This is just a working theory a way to try to explain the plane’s last reported flight path. It may have been a crippled plane in the process of crashing… or it just may have been a pilot’s desperate attempt to out maneuver a locked on missile.

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11 Responses

  1. If the alleged maneuvers of flight 804 are factual at all. Why should we believe anything coming from the press at all at this stage? Provably they have been lying because the had satellite imagery since minute one but kept the world uninformed and begging for more security measures. Of course the Israeli government responded, what did you honestly expect that they would not grab this opportunity that they have created themselves?

    • well, this info came from the Greek authorities early yesterday evening and after being reported widely for a while by all the MSM outlets starving for something new too say about the story, they suddenly started saying it might not have happened at all. Maybe that’s because folks started saying it looked like he was trying avoid a missile or something. Either way, the reported maneuvers appear to resemble a plane trying to avoid a missile. I’m not saying it definately did happen or not. I’m just saying it looks like what it looks like. that’s all.

  2. An AA missile is flying too fast for commercial (even military ones) jets so there is no way Airbus or any airliner to avoid it. AA missile is flying like three-four times faster. Even if the pilot has military background and training s/he can’t outmaneuver it. Second thing, the commercial jets are fly-by-wire and pilots can not do such maneuvers because computer/software will override them. Thirdly, now I am guessing, commercial jet structurally wouldn’t withstand such move. At the time when I was closely following this Airbus was well (notoriously) known as being computer driven more than Boing. While I do not know for sure I believe Boing is also almost totally fly-by-wire.

    Little bit about “Airbus Philosophy”, this is a theory, only.

    “ The so-called “Airbus Philosophy” was a design that would override many pilot inputs to prevent accidents. For example, computers prevent the pilot from climbing above 30 degrees (to prevent a stall) or pitch down below 15 degrees (to prevent overspeed). Furthermore, it would not allow the pilot to bank or roll more than 67 degrees or make any maneuvers greater than 2.5 times the force of gravity.”

    We do not know what has happened to the jet but I have noticed that media, the government controlled media and the government agencies usually blame the human factor either a pilots or terrorism of lately. And the French are in my opinion especially notorious in this public relationship matters. From flight of Air France 296 and 129 than Concorde to laughable explanation of German Wings crash. Exception is flight 447 when they recovered and located fuselage and blame went on flight sensors but again “pilot has just one hour of sleep”. What I also notice that black-boxes (data recorders) are usually “damaged” and “data can’t be recovered”.

    I guess a lot of money is in a game and the Governments do not like being sued for damages, also to provide future contracts for its military-commercial manufacturers which is one of the sectors that is still making considerable profit. By the way the West is enjoying technological edge over the other in aviation industry. It seems to me that’s the primary reason not finding vanished the Malaysian Boing in Indian ocean or where ever.

    Finally something interesting from The New York Times

    “Aviation analysts are noting a troubling coincidence among three aviation disasters at sea — that contact with the flight was lost at a point of handoff between air traffic control authorities:

    •EgyptAir Flight 804 was leaving Greek control and entering Egyptian control when it went down.
    •Air France Flight 447, which crashed in the Atlantic in 2009, was passing between areas controlled from Brazil and from Senegal.
    •When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 veered off course and disappeared in 2014, it was being handed off from Malaysian to Vietnamese ground controllers.

    In all three cases, analysts noted, the aircraft were cruising normally at the time of last radio contact, and never issued a distress call.”

    • I never said the pilot did successfully avoid the missile. clearly something brought down the plane. I was just theorizing about why he may have TRIED those maneuvers.

      • The systems on an A320, or any commercial airliner for that matter, would not detect if a missile is chasing from behind. The onboard radar in located in the nose and scans in front of the aircraft, unlike fighter jets, which have far more sophisticated detection systems. The poster neretva above is correct. However, if a missile struck the aircraft then such erratic flight behavior would be the explanation for it. Other causes could be on board computer malfunction, bomb on board, or sudden structural failure due to lax maintenance procedures. We will probably never know the truth. One can only hope that the passengers lost consciousness way before they hit the water.

  3. “We don’t know much about what happened to Egyptair Flight MS804 except for the fact that it is gone and authorities still don’t know why.”

    And therefore all further speculation is irresponsible until more information is known.

    • Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you’re stupid. Did you hear that? — stupid.” the assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, Arthur Sylvester, 1966

  4. EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 17

    BEHOLD… “JewsNews” Strikes Back…

    EgyptAir Flight 804: Update 16

    From the alleged ACARS messages for flight 804 (image), more specifically the last two of the seven … it can practically be guaranteed that indeed the airplane was taken over by an outside party to the events – i.e. remote hijacking. “Heading”, “speed”, “altitude” “spoiler and elevator control” are what you would expect to be lost control over when your aircraft is being piloted remotely by a hostile person or group of persons.

    Remember: No photos from the wreckage/debris after two days (and it has been found allegedly when the press is to be believed) means there is/was NO CRASH of flight 804 at all and, thus, it is exactly as Ehab Mohy el-Deen said: “They just vanished” (landed off-target).


  5. Another excellent article, I’d figured at least one of the turns was ‘evasive action’, then ‘hit’ caused the drop. Based on what I see the pilot did one hell of a job lasting as long as he did. Just way overmatched.


  6. […] Was Pilot of Egyptair Flight MS804 “Beaming” When He Suddenly Turned 90 Deg Left? […]

  7. Get used to it – just another passenger plane shoot down by the US military.

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