Egyptair Flight MS804: Fake Fireball Video Used to Discredit Eyewitness Reports

by Scott Creighton

Early into the investigation of what happened 33 hours ago to Egyptair Flight MS804, reports came out from a variety of sources that folks saw something burning in the skies above the Mediterranean Sea right about the time the commercial flight went off the radar with 66 people on board.

The most prominent of these stories came from the captain of a merchant ship. But there were others.

“The AFP news agency reports confirmation from a Greek aviation source that the EgyptAir plane crashed off the island of Karpathos. The captain of a merchant ship in the area had reported seeing a ‘flame’ in the sky and marine traffic monitors showed civilian vessels joining a search in the area.” Guardian

This eyewitness testimony seems to fit the current prescribed narrative from the complicit media that either it was an act of terrorism that brought down the plane or a catastrophic mechanical failure of some kind. It also just happens to fit with my personal theory that the plane was brought down by accident during the ongoing naval drills taking place in that very part of the Mediterranean Sea, Phoenix Express 2016.

However, slowly but surely this eyewitness testimony (like the eyewitness testimony involved with the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 downing and the TWA Flight 800 tragedy) has been scrubbed from the news cycle completely.

“A recent Flight MH370 news report from The Daily Mail indicated a certain Mike McKay who stands by his claims that he had seen first-hand the “burning wreckage” of the airline crashing into the South China Sea, last year.

“Almost a year has passed, but I stand by what I saw,” the 57-year-old said. “I’ve thought about it and thought about it, over and over and while I cannot say for certain that the burning object in the sky was definitely MH370, the timing fits in with when the Malaysian plane lost contact.”

McKay went on to say that he emailed authorities about what he saw. The action resulted him getting fired from the Songa Mercur oil rig that he had worked at for 30 years. Christian Post

We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color. Once it went into flames I knew that it wasn’t a flare.”
Lou Desyron, Flight 800 eye-witness; ABC World News Sunday; 07/21/96.

The reason the media gives for discrediting these new eyewitness’s testimony, and I heard this yesterday, was that what so many people reported seeing was actually a Russian satellite burning as it re-entered earth’s atmosphere, and not Flight MS804 burning as it crashed. I heard that several times yesterday on CNN and MSNBC.

Then I heard, later last night, the talking heads and various “experts” saying they didn’t think the plane broke up in the sky because “no one in the area saw it burning”

Wow. Talk about spin. Obviously, there is a major logical fallacy at play here.

Many people did report seeing something burning in the sky at that time but they were dismissed with the Russian satellite story largely because someone posted a video on Youtube of a Russian satellite re-entering the atmosphere back in December of 2015, claiming it was Flight MS804. That gave the press a way to discredit the eyewitness testimony and stop mentioning it in their reports.

Web searches confirm that the video has been around since at least December 2015. At that time, U.S. military authorities said it depicted debris from a Russian rocket reentering the atmosphere over California” Yahoo News

Curiously, the guy who posted the video listed it under ‘Nonprofits and Activism”

fireball hoax

What kind of ‘activism’ is that? Why a ‘nonprofit’? Is this guy working for an NGO? Is this how he separates his work postings from his BS page-view driving ones? Very curious indeed.

Essentially what this deliberate disinfo did was send the MSM and the independent media down a false path, which discredited the real witness statements about seeing the fireball in the sky. And the video was posted very quickly in relation to the story.

In fact, when I was first writing about this yesterday morning, I saw stills from the video posted as photos from the scene of the missing plane. There was no confirmation so I decided to omit the photo and video from my article, but I did mention the witness saying he saw something burning in the sky that night.

Remember what I said about the CNN and MSNBC reporters saying the eyewitness reports aren’t valid because “what they saw was a Russian satellite burning in the atmosphere”?

Well that video is from Dec. 2015 and was shot in California. So whatever the witnesses actually saw the other night, it certainly wasn’t a Russian satellite burning over Cali.

You have to keep in mind, when something is accidentally shot down, like Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 or TWA Flight 800, the military and the complicit press will go to great lengths to discredit eyewitness reports.

In the case of Flight 800, the reason for that is pretty obvious: they didn’t want the press reporting on the dozens of witnesses who saw something rise from the waterline and hit the plane, blowing it up. Clearly a military missile.

In the case of Flight MH370, they didn’t want the final known location of that wreckage to be in the South China Sea where it dropped off radar, because they didn’t want it found. And it never has been… officially.

In the case of Egyptair Flight MS804, we don’t know where the story is going to end up. Egyptian authorities are apparently being a little difficult in terms of being ready to say “ISIS” did it. like their masters back in London and D.C. seem to want them too say. That is prompting a number of problems… most obvious of these is the Westernized nations are having to hold off on their typical “we did it” video from “ISIS”.

We are now 32 hours into the investigation and “ISIS” still hasn’t claimed responsibility. When Metrojet Flight 9268 went down (probably another accidental downing as there was an Israeli air force drill taking place about 60 miles from the location) it was only a few hours before “ISIS” said they did it with one of their soda cans of doom.

The Egyptians took 4 months to go along with that BS story.

What we know right now is that there were several witnesses who reported seeing something burning in the sky that night and it wasn’t a Russian satellite re-entering the atmosphere. What we know is the story is being manipulated by Youtube “activists” and lying MSM “experts” alike.

What we know is we are seeing a proven pattern of deception repeating itself and understand there is always a reason for that.

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