Kentucky Secretary of State Says Supporting Clintons More Important Than Doing Her Job

by Scott Creighton

Remarkable video of Kentucky Sec. of State Alison Grimes at Hillary Clinton campaign event saying it’s more important for her to support the Clinton “family’ and see Hillary “elected” as president than it is doing her job as Sec. of State.

Keep in mind, the MSM is currently doing their best to demonize Bernie Sanders and his supports while they cancelled exit polling for Kentucky, New Jersey and California. To me this proves the MSM knows full well those primaries will be stolen and the exit polls would not match the electronic voting machine results.

Watch the video after the break.


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One Response

  1. It’s obvious now they’re cheating. If Sanders doesn’t fight this I sure the hell hope his supporters do. Things are going to get wild in Philadelphia at the DNC in July.

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