Hillary Clinton Supporter Alison Lundergan Grimes Stole Kentucky Primary for Hillary. MSM Cancelled Exit Polling Last Week

by Scott Creighton

Alison Lundergan Grimes campaigns for Hillary Clinton, May 2016 in Lexington KY.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes told MSNBC there’s “no revolution here for Sanders” after the shady looking Hillary Clinton “victory” in Kentucky yesterday. Her vitriol toward the Sanders campaign, and by extension the people who support him, was evident in her comment.

It should be noted, Hillary Clinton campaigned for Grimes back in 2014 when she was running for the US Senate. Both Bill and Hillary stumped for her during that campaign against Mitch McConnell. She lost badly.

It should also be noted that Alison Lundergan Grimes as Sec. of State is the official in charge of counting the primary votes.

And one more thing: two weeks prior to yesterday’s contentious primary voting (closed primary keeping independents from voting for Bernie) Alison Grimes attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Lexington in front of about 200 measly Clinton supporters and led them in a less-than rousing chorus of “HillYes!” chants.

That’s right… Alison Grimes, in charge of counting the primary votes in Kentucky, is on the record as being determined to help Hillary Clinton defeat Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nomination. That’s not hyperbole, that’s not “conspiracy theory”, she said it.  Watch her say so herself:

As I watched the returns come in last night, switching back and forth between MSNBC and CNN, I noticed a trend in the numbers as they came in.

Sanders would be gradually building a lead, getting it up to about 2,000 votes or so and then suddenly, a big number shift would come in and Hillary would be up a thousand, two thousand, four thousand votes all at once. Then the numbers would trickle in and Bernie would gradually regain the lead over the course of an hour or so and suddenly, once again, Hillary votes would come in in one massive dump and she would go up by another thousand or two thousand.

This unlikely trend continued all night. This is what they kept calling the “back and forth” between the two leading in the vote total. But it wasn’t “back and forth”

What I guessed was every time that as the Bernie lead was getting too far out of control, someone was injecting extra votes to keep Hillary in the race.

Then I notice they kept talking about Jefferson County in Kentucky. Now that’s interesting because that little stump speech given by Alison Grimes for Hillary took place in Louisville which is in Jefferson County.

Again, important to note that only 200 or so supporters showed up at the rally for Clinton that day.

How could Jefferson County produce so many Clinton votes last night, at such key moments in the counting process, when all they could turn out at a big rally for her in Louisville was about 200 supporters? Bill Clinton attended that rally. He’s the big draw for Hillary. And they got nothing in turnout.

Despite that fact, Jefferson County kept injecting some votes periodically yesterday during the count but then they stopped with about 2 hours or so to go before the final votes were reported in the rest of the state. Jefferson County’s tally remained at 78% reported for about 2 hours as the rest of the votes came in and as Bernie regained ground from the last time Jefferson County reported vote counts, putting Hillary up by 2,000 or so votes.

Jefferson County held their vote totals until about 98% of the votes were in from the rest of the state and they suddenly dumped a bunch of Hillary votes into the mix, giving her a 2,500 vote lead with 98% of the votes in and a guaranteed “victory” in Kentucky.

Only about 20% of the registered voters made it to the polls yesterday. Again, Independents are not allowed to vote in the primary. In Kentucky, there are roughly 72,000 registered as Independents. Hillary “won” by a margin of 1,700 or so votes.

Without a challenge to the official vote count, it will be impossible to detect election rigging in Kentucky as back on May 6th of this year, the major networks got together and decided to cancel exit polling for the next three primaries (electronic voting machine primaries) in California, New Jersey and … wait for it…. waaaaiiiit for it…. Kentucky.


In order to confirm this report, I decided to Google “exit polls Kentucky” and I found a CBS webpage set up for just such exit polls results. Here is what I found:


Here is CNN’s page on the Kentucky exit polls:

exit 2

This is confirmation of Richard Winger’s report that the major corporate media networks decided a week before the Kentucky primary to stop holding exit polls in that state as well as New Jersey and California.

What we are looking at is blatant election rigging by the Democratic Party leadership in Kentucky with complicity from the major media networks who decided they would make sure there was no contradictory exit polling data registered at these key primary events.

What happened with Jefferson County, the fact that the Secretary of State of Kentucky is an admitted supporter of Hillary Clinton’s quest to win the party nomination and the sudden decision by the corporate media to stop doing exit polls right before this contest makes it perfectly clear that Kentucky was stolen by the Democrat Party establishment.

There is no automatic recount in Kentucky and if a candidate wants a recount of an extremely close primary contest, they literally have to go to court to get it done.

After what we saw in Iowa, New York, Arizona and now Nevada… we need to seriously deal with this election fraud from the Democrat Party leadership.

Bernie Sanders supporters must demand his campaign immediately file a recount request in court in Kentucky.

(thanks to Chads Diebold for the heads up on this)

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8 Responses

  1. Is this not the epitome of conflict of interest, corruption, and unfair practices?

  2. I’d definitely love to see some lawsuits in Kentucky!

  3. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  4. I deeply regret sending Grimes a contribution for her senate run against McConnell. It won’t happen again.
    Election fraud in a country that has slaughtered millions in the name of spreading freedom and democracy is an unforgivable crime.
    Talk to me about a flawed candidate….nominate a candidate like Clinton and say hello to president trump

  5. How do you recount the Diebold-based DRE machines in Jefferson County? Those are designed for only one purpose, cheating and hiding all evidence.

  6. Unbelievable- I guess Kentucky does not remember Bill Clinton and what he did to the Coal Industry with his TRADE agreements! Kentucky lost good paying jobs!

  7. Stop whining ….

  8. It’s not at all surprising that the largest county (in population) would take the longest to count its votes. The size of rallies says more about the demographics of voters than about their numbers. The emphasis on the fact that the primary was closed is entirely misplaced if you look at the results of the closed primary that happened on the same day in Oregon.

    But the head of a campaign being in charge of counting the votes – that’s like Ohio in 2004. Everyone who so much as touched this situation with the proverbial 10-foot pole would be in the slammer by now in any other democratic country, and the election would be repeated. (Repeating elections is something else that’s somehow unthinkable in America.)

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