Election Fraud Special Report! video from Redacted Tonight

by Scott Creighton

And for the record, not long after this guy’s evaluations of voting results not matching exit polling in many Clinton victory states, the mainstream media decided on May 6th to cancel holding exit polls for Kentucky, New Jersey and California. I guess they didn’t want to give him any more material to work with (I mean aside from wanting to steal the election for Hillary Clinton)

from Redacted Tonight, April 30, 2016

5 Responses

  1. The stumbling over their tongues makes it so blatantly clear that these people on the board are in on it — either that or they’re much more afraid of the people who sign their paychecks than the people who they’re supposed to work for (the public).

  2. Why this is not in media? Oh wait, I know why…

  3. Unless it’s fascist democracy, it’s democracy soft. All Hillary supporters understand that.

    So do all in the MSM

    • democracy flaccid? maybe we need a Viagra revolution to stiffen things up a bit.

      how are you? All this stuff I’ve been covering on the theft of the election, I figured you would have been all over that. you ok?

      • Been busy out in the garden and the yard every since it dried out enough to do anything out there. Got older and slower all of a sudden, in mind and body. Takes me longer to do less.

        I still read all that stuff, but can’t come up with a comment that means anything. Also, I tried something several times with that thing about privatizing public education. No luck there, either, unless you count the thing about Palecek’s book. That’s what was at the bottom of that, I think.

        I’d sure like to be out in Philly, though, come the convention.

        Anyway, thanks for wondering

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