Election Fraud Special Report! video from Redacted Tonight

by Scott Creighton

And for the record, not long after this guy’s evaluations of voting results not matching exit polling in many Clinton victory states, the mainstream media decided on May 6th to cancel holding exit polls for Kentucky, New Jersey and California. I guess they didn’t want to give him any more material to work with (I mean aside from wanting to steal the election for Hillary Clinton)

from Redacted Tonight, April 30, 2016

Electronic Voting Machines from Illinois Caught Giving Hillary Extra Votes During Post Primary Audit

And the election commission simply didn’t care. Say they will wait til after the general election to “look into it”

hahahahahaha… my favorite commissioner is the big guy in front who never says nothing, but watch his eyes. Hilarious isn’t it, as democracy dies a slow, painful death?

You can hear him thinking: “yeah, you fucking commies. The elections are rigged. You figured it out. What do you want, a cookie?”

To Gain Sympathy and Support During Protests, French Police Use the Old “Burning Cop Car” Trick

by Scott Creighton

It’s a classic “hearts and minds” trick used by police departments facing large angry protests: take a cop car, set it somewhere apart from other police officers, leave it unattended and light it on fire as agent provocateurs dance around for the cameras. You got to make sure there are cameras and the press there to record the event. That is vital.

The carnage and chaos play well for the nightly news segments and the general population who were once sympathetic toward the protesters start to see them in a totally different light. They also start to give the police a little more leeway when it comes to their brutal tactics of repression against the protesters. It’s a desperation move and always a sign that police tactics are about to take a turn for the worse.

Across France, people are protesting in large numbers against the brutal austerity measures being inflicted on them by the party of the “socialist” President Hollande. These neoliberal reforms deal with labor laws and Hollande himself is suffering from the lowest popularity ratings of any French president in history.

The protester are being joined today by truckers across the country and things look to be getting out of hand for the unpopular government.

The oppressive reaction of the French police is typical of what one would expect from a neoliberal dictatorship, the kinds that France and the US support across the third world.

Protesters are defying brutal police repression of demonstrations against the labour law and the broader police state agenda of the PS. In a sinister development, trampling fundamental democratic principles including freedom of assembly and the presumption of innocence, the PS has been launching pre-emptive arrests of protesters to stop them from participating in protests. The PS used the current State of Emergency, voted in after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, as a pretext for this blatant attack on democratic rights. WSWS

Here is a video of the conflict from over a month ago.

At approximately the 40 second mark of the video, you will notice in the bottom right corner, a flare has been set off by the cops to clear and area in front of them at an intersection. It emits a great deal of white smoke and appears to burn with magnesium.

Here is the video of the burning cop car.

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How Democrats Manipulated Nevada State Party Convention then Blamed Sanders for Chaos

by Kevin Gosztola, Shadow Proof

Days after a convention in which leaders incited chaos and disorder, the Nevada State Democratic Party demonized supporters of Bernie Sanders in a letter written to the Democratic National Committee…

(This behavior has continued relentlessly throughout the day on CNN and MSNBC)

… According to several individuals, who were present, the Nevada State Democratic Party, led by chairwoman Roberta Lange, engaged in the following during the 15-hour convention:

  • Lange and an executive board secretly voted on rules two weeks before the convention to give Lange “exclusive control” over the convention and strictly limit motions, as well as challenges to rulings by the chair
  • Voted on “temporary rules” for the convention and cheated by calling the vote for the “yeas” when the “nays” clearly had larger numbers. The vote happened early at 9:30 am before all the delegates had arrived. [Video here.]
  • The State Democratic Party was provided with petitions from twenty percent of the delegates in attendance to challenge the adopted rules. Signatures were collected ahead of the convention because there were activists well-aware of what the Party would try to do with the new “temporary rules.” In fact, one of these people, Angie Morelli, was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Party, which was partly dismissed a day before the convention. The leadership pretended to accept the petitions and then ignored the fact that proper procedure had been followed, blocking any challenges, which effectively disenfranchised a subsection of people attempting to have their voices heard.
  • Lange granted herself the authority to have the final decision on all the delegates excluded from the convention. There were 56 Sanders delegates and four Clinton delegates, which were deemed to have improper or inadequate registration information. The number of Clinton delegates outnumbered Sanders delegates by only 33 delegates.
  • When one of the members of the state party committees attempted to read a “Minority Report,” reflecting what had happened with the decision to exclude 56 Sanders delegates, Lange tried to take the microphone out of the hand of the person, who was about to read the report.
  • Multiple attempts were made to bring motions in order to remove Lange as chair of the state party convention because it appeared to be Lange who was responsible for eruptions of disorder. Congressional candidate Dan Rolle hopped on a megaphone to make a motion and had the megaphone confiscated. Then, Rolle tried again later when he had access to the microphone to make a motion for a “no confidence” vote. The leadership cut off his microphone.
  • Nina Turner, one of the most prominent and well-respected Sanders surrogates, was there to represent his campaign at the convention. Yet, abruptly, the leadership switched the order and had Senator Barbara Boxer go on stage to speak for the Clinton campaign. Her speech riled up supporters, and as she was booed, she kept riling them up by berating them.
  • Lange moved to adjourn the convention when there was a motion made for a recount on the floor late in the convention.
  • State Democratic Party leadership refused to acknowledge delegates from the Sanders side, who were following the rules to make motions, and effectively sowed chaos in the process. As they fled the convention after abruptly adjourning, Las Vegas metro police lined the stage. Sanders delegates contemplated a civil disobedience action in response, but eventually, most left the room as it was cleared. This image of police in the room helped the Party spread propaganda in the hours after that it was the Sanders people who were “violent,” and brought the convention to the point of chaos where it was not safe for people anymore.

Unfortunately, all of this conduct has been drowned out by a narrative that somehow Sanders supporters were sore losers. They misunderstood the process. They mistakenly believed they would win the convention when they should have accepted back in February, when Clinton won the caucus, that they would not flip the state. Charles Pierce of Esquire wrote, “This whole mess was over four freaking delegates, and the Sanders people should know better than to conclude what has been a brilliant and important campaign by turning it into an extended temper tantrum.”

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Defying police repression, protests continue (and grow) against French labour law

from the WSWS

Despite the imposition of the reactionary labour law by the Socialist Party (PS) government in the National Assembly last week, using emergency clause 49.3 of the French constitution, protests against the law are continuing this week across France.

During yesterday’s strikes and demonstrations, truck drivers blocked or slowed traffic to a crawl on motorways near big cities in most regions of France. Tomorrow, there will be a strike on French railways, while a new round of demonstrations and strikes against the labour law is planned for Thursday.

Protesters are defying brutal police repression of demonstrations against the labour law and the broader police state agenda of the PS. In a sinister development, trampling fundamental democratic principles including freedom of assembly and the presumption of innocence, the PS has been launching pre-emptive arrests of protesters to stop them from participating in protests. The PS used the current State of Emergency, voted in after the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, as a pretext for this blatant attack on democratic rights.

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Kentucky Secretary of State Says Supporting Clintons More Important Than Doing Her Job

by Scott Creighton

Remarkable video of Kentucky Sec. of State Alison Grimes at Hillary Clinton campaign event saying it’s more important for her to support the Clinton “family’ and see Hillary “elected” as president than it is doing her job as Sec. of State.

Keep in mind, the MSM is currently doing their best to demonize Bernie Sanders and his supports while they cancelled exit polling for Kentucky, New Jersey and California. To me this proves the MSM knows full well those primaries will be stolen and the exit polls would not match the electronic voting machine results.

Watch the video after the break.

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Hillary Clinton Supporter Alison Lundergan Grimes Stole Kentucky Primary for Hillary. MSM Cancelled Exit Polling Last Week

by Scott Creighton

Alison Lundergan Grimes campaigns for Hillary Clinton, May 2016 in Lexington KY.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes told MSNBC there’s “no revolution here for Sanders” after the shady looking Hillary Clinton “victory” in Kentucky yesterday. Her vitriol toward the Sanders campaign, and by extension the people who support him, was evident in her comment.

It should be noted, Hillary Clinton campaigned for Grimes back in 2014 when she was running for the US Senate. Both Bill and Hillary stumped for her during that campaign against Mitch McConnell. She lost badly.

It should also be noted that Alison Lundergan Grimes as Sec. of State is the official in charge of counting the primary votes.

And one more thing: two weeks prior to yesterday’s contentious primary voting (closed primary keeping independents from voting for Bernie) Alison Grimes attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Lexington in front of about 200 measly Clinton supporters and led them in a less-than rousing chorus of “HillYes!” chants.

That’s right… Alison Grimes, in charge of counting the primary votes in Kentucky, is on the record as being determined to help Hillary Clinton defeat Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party nomination. That’s not hyperbole, that’s not “conspiracy theory”, she said it.  Watch her say so herself:

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