Regime Change Advocate and IDF Shill, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Produces Propaganda Film About Our New Freedom Fighters, the Kurds

by Scott Creighton (H/T Penny)

(this is a comment I left in response to a link left by Penny)

Ah, the perpetual regime change proponent, Bernard-Henri Levy. He’s busy promoting his latest piece of “propaganda as art”, a documentary about the Kurds in Iraq supposedly fighting “ISIS”. His film was just “discovered” and added to the Cannes Film Festival (for purely propaganda purposes as next year will certainly be too late for his film to have any “soft power” effect)

Let’s get to know Bernard-Henri Levy a little better.

“On 24 June 2009, Lévy posted a video on Dailymotion in support of the Iranian protesters who were being repressed after the contested elections.” Hillary’s attempt at the Iranian Green Revolution

“In Left in Dark Times, he argued that the Darfur genocide was not a palatable issue for modern leftists because it did not provide a platform for the anti-American views..”

“In August 2008, Lévy reported from South Ossetia, Georgia, during the 2008 South Ossetia war; on that occasion he interviewed the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili..”

In March 2011, he engaged in talks with Libyan rebels in Benghazi, and publicly promoted the international acknowledgement of the recently formed National Transitional Council. Later that month, worried about the 2011 Libyan civil war, he prompted and then supported Nicolas Sarkozy’s seeking to persuade Washington, and ultimately the United Nations, to intervene in Libya..”

“In May 2011, Lévy argued for military intervention in Syria against Bashar al-Assad ..” from After Gaddafi, Assad

Levy was in Kiev Ukraine during the Maidan (color) Revolution (regime change) in February 2014, actively promoting that”

Not only a regime change proponent, but also a lover of the IDF and renowned by Israel as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world:

“At the opening of the “Democracy and its Challenges” conference in Tel Aviv (May 2010) Lévy gave a very high estimation of the Israel Defense Forces, saying “I have never seen such a democratic army, which asks itself so many moral questions. There is something unusually vital about Israeli democracy.”

“In 2010, The Jerusalem Post named Lévy 45th on a list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews

And now he’s a big proponent of the Kurds of Greater Kurdistan.

“The Cannes festival has added French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy’s “Peshmerga” to Official Selection, as a special screening.

“This film, which we have just discovered, offers a close-up look at the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. With just a small team in tow, the director traveled 1,000 km along the Iraqi frontier, from South to North, filming war situations, landscapes and the faces of men and women rarely seen in the wider world,” Cannes said in a statement.” Variety

Wow. This guy never misses a regime change trick, does he? And surprise, surprise, he’s in bed with the Kurds promoting the Greater Kurdistan movement with some propaganda designed to make them into our latest “freedom fighters”

Thanks for the heads-up Penny. Yep, his inclusion in the propaganda campaign speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

2 Responses

  1. Hey Willy!
    You’re welcome! I thought you would immediately understand the significance.
    Perhaps Lizzie Phelan needs to see that bit of news?

    • I sent her a bunch of links from my site and yours and she responded to none of it. Her support of that RT propaganda article was pretty backhanded, saying she just thought the article ‘deserved more attention” rather than agreeing with it. My guess is, RT pressured her to throw some support from her fan base to the propaganda campaign and so she did… and from her reaction, she didn’t feel very good about it. So my guess is, any new article would have no significant effect on her public position about this. She already knows what we know. Possibly even more. She just wants to make sure she doesn’t piss off her new employers. take it from me, poverty sucks. And she knows that all too well I guess.

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