New York Times, Priorities USA and Rachel Maddow Collude to Distract Media and Liberals from Hillary’s Nevada Convention Theft

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, MSNBC’s parent company, NBC Universal and their owner, Comcast, both donated to the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative in recent years. MSNBC is Rachel’s network. Carlos Slim, largest stakeholder in the New York Times, is also a donor to the CG(ist)I having given them something like 5 million bucks.

The following is not news to anyone who’s been paying attention to this election cycle for any time span greater than 20 minutes or so. What is interesting though is seeing just how obvious this shit is when you step back a few feet and look at it objectively. I mean, you really have to squint your eyes and put the blinders on to miss this one.

The Rachel Maddow Show should be forced to register as a Hillary Clinton Super-PAC. The New York Times should change their motto to “All the News the Clintons Say is Fit to Print”. And Priorities USA, a Clinton Super-PAC dedicated to doing the good work of the globalist financial elite this election cycle, need to hire at least one creative director if they plan to spend 130 million dollars on pro-Killary ads in the next 6 months because their first two infomercials just plain suck.

Why am I pointing out all of this at this moment, way too early on Tuesday morning, May 17th, 2016? Let’s look at the time frame.

Recently, every talking head making suggestions for Hillary’s campaign regarding how to get beyond her dwindling approval ratings in the polls has said they need to focus on demonizing Trump as much as possible. Terrify their base, is the basic plan to get folks to come out and support the unpopular war-criminal and globalist shill, Hillary Clinton.

What you are about to see is how the Clinton machine did just that at precisely the moment they had to in order to kill a story that would have driven her likeability ratings within her own party even further down the toilet.

  1. Mar. 22nd – May 17th, 2016Sanders wins 10 of 16 primaries or caucuses in the Democratic Party nomination contest, giving Bernie a good deal of momentum going into this last stage of contests. He is projected to do well in both Kentucky and Oregon today, May 17th, 2016. Clinton had decided to skip both states but feeling the burn, her people sent her into Kentucky this week in order to attempt to quell his momentum.
  2. Weds. & Thurs. May 11th and 12th, 2016Hillary Clinton attends four $100,000 a plate dinner fundraisers in two days with “Criminal billionaires, hedge-fund vulture capitalists and members of the most elite banking family in the world, the Rothschilds”. So much for the validity of her populist message. One of the people throwing a party for Hillary is so corrupt, the SEC has banned him from doing any business on Wall Street since 2010. I guess we all know what he gets for his 100 grand when she gets in office.
  3. Saturday, May 14th, 2016The Democratic Party of Nevada steals the convention for Hillary Clinton via two (not one but TWO) voice votes on the convention floor (one to adopt the temporary rules changes that allowed for the dismissing of 64 Sanders delegates and another to close the convention while a seconded motion was on the floor for a recount) This was clearly done in an effort to thwart his momentum rather than gain many delegates as the difference between winning and losing is minimal, certainly not worth the bad PR value.
  4. Sunday, May 15th, 2016New York Times publishes on it’s front page a weak hit-piece on Donald Trump about how boorish he was toward women. The article is fraught with weak examples of caddish comments made by the presumptive nominee 20 or more years ago to various friends and other women in one capacity or another while working on his ridiculously exploitative beauty pageants. Imagine that. A silver-spooner with no moral center running a business that objectifies women made some objectifying comments toward women. There’s a headline, huh (let’s see… was he sticking cigars in 21-year-old intern’s vaginas in the Oval Office while on the clock? No? He told a model to put on a bikini. Oh, the horror!) The article was given WAY TOO MUCH attention immediately after it hit the news stands despite it’s rather tepid revelations. It was posted on the New York Times website late Saturday evening, well after the fiasco in Nevada was unfolding.
  5. Monday, May 16th, 2016The Rachel Maddow show features an exclusive “ground breaking” event: the airing of two anti-Trump ads constructed by something called Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton Super-PAC that has pledged to spend in excess of 130 million dollars getting Hillary Clinton “elected” to the White House. The ads, according to the openly sycophantic Rachel Maddow, were released more than 3 weeks earlier than they were supposed to. Rachel offers no explanation for the stepped-up scheduling as she aired both pro-Hillary ads during the on-air part of her program, for free, benefiting the Clinton campaign. Rachel then went on to drool over the ads as if they were crafted by the hand of God himself while they both sucked horribly and focused SOLELY on the women issue troubling Trump these days. It’s also important to note: Rachel Maddow lied by implication about “chairs being thrown” at the Nevada Convention by Sanders supporters. It was a flat-out lie and during her segment on the subject, she never produced a video of a single chair being thrown. Instead she said there were “reports” of chairs being thrown. I saw the video of the one guy who picked up a chair and was immediately set upon by other Sanders supporters who restrained him and set the chair gently back on the ground. Rachel’s lying is unforgivable just like her refusal to acknowledge WHY the Sanders supporters were angry about what had happened. They had good reason to be angry, but Rachel is the epitome of a Clinton Sycophant worming her way up the corporate shill ladder by selling out her soul to the neoliberal fake-left wing of the Business Party.

What happened over the past three days is a perfect example of how the Clintons have used their access to wealth (garnered by them due to their access to political power) in order to subjugate the Democratic Party of America and how various “news” institutions are willfully complicit in that extremely undemocratic ongoing process.

The events in Los Vegas this past weekend were shocking and speak to the fascist nature of the Clinton candidacy. It was exactly what you expect to see in fascist third-world dictatorships, the kind run by Clinton family friends like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and that thug the Clintons installed in Kosovo.

Her association with known Wall Street criminals, hedge fund vulture capitalists and lady de Rothschild lay bare her dedication and loyalties to the monied elite in this country and across the globe.

And more to the point, the momentum the Sanders campaign has been building looks to snowball today as two more events unfold in Kentucky and Oregon. Certainly, the events of last week and this past Saturday threatened to add fuel to the Burnie fire (pardon the pun)

That’s why the New York Times released their weak story about the “fear of boorish Trump” and that is why Rachel’s show featured two weak anti-Trump ads put out by a Clinton-PAC far in advance of their scheduled release date. They were all desperate to change the narrative from that of yet another stolen primary event by the Clinton backing establishment DNC to “be afraid all you women out there”

As the Hillary Brownshirts like the Times and Rachel Maddow continue to spew fear-mongering propaganda to their female target audiences, I am reminded of Rudy Giuliani mentioning 9/11 every 30 seconds in a campaign speech not that long ago. It was all he had and apparently “the woman card” is all Hillary has at this moment (though I hate to quote Trump, that other fascist in the race)

It really is all she has because tomorrow Trump will be meeting Hillary’s mentor and hero, Henry Kissinger, to get some advice on foreign policy… just like Hillary gets from him. So, being that close in nearly every other issue (seeing as how Trump is actually a neoliberal globalist, not a “political outsider”) “the woman card” is basically the only thing she has to play.

The Times piece is being ripped apart by thinking consumers from the left and the right. Not only was there no real smoking gun involving a pampered man with no real moral center to speak of running a beauty pageant (how the hell is that possible?) but his “indiscretions” they unveiled in the piece PALE IN COMPARISON to those of Slick Willy… a man Hillary now claims she will put in charge of rebuilding the US economy (the same guy who fought Brooksley Born to deregulate derivatives and crushed Glass Steagall before leaving office so the Big Banks could wreck the economy) . Did they find any Trump jizz on a 21-year-old girl’s dress? No? So why open up that can of worms?

Similarly, Rachel is taking a beating on the comment section of her website as well as on Twitter for deliberately misleading her audience (lying) about what happened this past Saturday night in Vegas. Unbeknownst to her apparently, now that there is something called “the internet”, what happens in Vegas doesn’t really STAY in Vegas and people who care about the ideology of the left in America are free to look it up and see for themselves what a blatant liar Rachel Maddow is. And after airing those “let’s fix this quick” videos from Priorities USA, folks can clearly see just how far Rachel has her head up Hillary’s ass.

What you see here is a perfect example of how Big Business, in this case the media business, is embedded with government. That’s fascism folks. This isn’t a “statist” example, it’s a fascist one. The Times, all those financial elite donors, Comcast (which owns the network Rachel works for) and the political action committee all working together to ensure a real populist like Sanders doesn’t upset the apple cart of the globalist special interests which Hillary represents. Why? Specifically because Sanders polls way ahead of Trump and if he beats corrupt Hillary in the primary, there’s a real chance they are going to have to start auditioning a new Lee Harvey Oswald over the next few months because Trump cannot beat Sanders and they damn well know it. Hillary or Trump is a “pick em” in their eyes. That’s why folks like the neocons support Hillary and Trump meets with her mentor tomorrow. Same Same.

What’s interesting is seeing how obvious this crap is when you step back and look at it from a distance. When you divorce yourself from identity politics, you free your eyes to focus in the dim light of American democracy to see the tin-pot dictatorship we live in and the fascist media machine that keeps it all rolling.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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7 Responses

  1. Yes, Scott … It’s obvious. But I don’t know anyone else who puts it into words as clearly as you do.

  2. Hey Willy
    Apologies for the off topic, but, you have simply got to see this latest news- Grab a barf bag… On the plus side, it just makes the whole kurdistan for the benefit of Israel creation that much more obvious
    Check the subject of the documentary

    • ah, the perpetual regime change proponent, Bernard-Henri Levy:

      “On 24 June 2009, Lévy posted a video on Dailymotion in support of the Iranian protesters who were being repressed after the contested elections.” Hillary’s attempt at the Iranian Green Revolution

      “In Left in Dark Times, he argued that the Darfur genocide was not a palatable issue for modern leftists because it did not provide a platform for the anti-American views..”

      “In August 2008, Lévy reported from South Ossetia, Georgia, during the 2008 South Ossetia war; on that occasion he interviewed the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili..”

      “In March 2011, he engaged in talks with Libyan rebels in Benghazi, and publicly promoted the international acknowledgement of the recently formed National Transitional Council.[25][26] Later that month, worried about the 2011 Libyan civil war, he prompted and then supported Nicolas Sarkozy’s seeking to persuade Washington, and ultimately the United Nations, to intervene in Libya..”

      “In May 2011, Lévy argued for military intervention in Syria against Bashar al-Assad ..”

      “Levy was in Kiev Ukraine during the Maidan Revolution in February 2014, actively promoting that”

      Not only a regime change proponent, but also a lover of the IDF and renowned by Israel as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world:

      “At the opening of the “Democracy and its Challenges” conference in Tel Aviv (May 2010) Lévy gave a very high estimation of the Israel Defense Forces, saying “I have never seen such a democratic army, which asks itself so many moral questions. There is something unusually vital about Israeli democracy.”

      “In 2010, The Jerusalem Post named Lévy 45th on a list of the world’s 50 most influential Jews”

      and now he’s a big proponent of the Kurds of Greater Kurdistan.

      “The Cannes festival has added French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy’s “Peshmerga” to Official Selection, as a special screening.

      “This film, which we have just discovered, offers a close-up look at the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. With just a small team in tow, the director traveled 1,000 km along the Iraqi frontier, from South to North, filming war situations, landscapes and the faces of men and women rarely seen in the wider world,” Cannes said in a statement.” Variety

      Wow. This guy never misses a regime change trick, does he? And surprise, surprise, he’s in bed with and promoting the Greater Kurdistan movement with some propaganda designed to make the Kurds into our latest “freedom fighters”

  3. Scott,
    I’ve always like your site and stuff and just have this to say:

    Step away from Election 2016, brother! The whole effin’ thing is a bunch of horseshit that will not change anything for the common person even if fake-Socialist/loyal Zionist Mr. Sanders did become the Democratic nominee.

    Seriously, it’s really difficult to not pay attention and get caught up in this complete farce but that is THE POINT of the Spectacle – to make otherwise rational, observant people waster their time and start to “care” about their shit-show.

    I mean, it’s gotten to the point that I’ve seen Bernie supporters harp – rightfully – about how Bill Clinton is a rapist/pedophile a la the Epstein business all the while ignoring that Trump was even better friends w/ Epstein for a longer period of time and he, Trump, was also just accused of raping an underage girl (case dismissed, nudge, wink) at the Epstein ranch. Just b/c that hate Hillary that much!!

    Rapist/pedophiles suck unless, that is, they can defeat Hillary!!!! Feel the Bern!!! Effing stupid.

    C’mon now, there should be enough rational hate to spread around for ALL of the Establishment candidates and the lackeys/lickspittle/peon/sycophants who purvey this shit into our consciousness.

    • I have to say I understand what you are feeling and in many ways I agree with you. As I have written, I think Sanders is currently playing the role of sheepdog for Hillary, whether he wants to admit it to himself or not. And I think Hillary may be playing the role of fall guy for Trump. Or they’ve picked her in leu of Jeb. not sure about that.

      But I have been covering a number of other issues these past few months. Greater Kurdistan, regime changes in Venezuela and Brazil, protests against the TTIP and TTP, public school privatizations… the list goes on and on. Just today I covered the Kunduz massacre final official version and a new propaganda movie for our glorious new freedom fighters, the Kurds.

      So I am certainly not caught up in the farce of the elections this year. I do find it funny that I’ve been calling it a freak show and a WWE event for over a year now, and the mainstream has finally caught up with that assessment.

      However, I do have too say this: it’s important to keep track of all the irregularities and downright election fraud we are seeing. If I don’t do it, and no one else does it because we all know it’s a sham, who will? Answer: no one. And that doesn’t serve us in the long run. so though it is tedious and redundant, and I am sorry for that, for those of you who already understand what is going on, I still have to do it, because not everyone is where you are in your understanding of the sham of democracy we live under here in the states.

      So unfortunately I have to keep doing it. And maybe somewhere deep down inside, I kinda hope that it means a couple readers wont go out and “hold their nose” and vote for Hillary in November and maybe, just maybe, that will be enough to help a little keep that criminal out of the White House and a republican will win and the anti-war left that has been on a moral vacation for the last 7 and a half years, will be freed to get back out there and protest like they should have been doing all along.

      yeah, it’s my own personal stock of hopium. I know, I know…

  4. I have to admit I actually enjoy seeing major party bigwigs being cursed and insulted,if indeed that’s what happened.Very amusing.Also Scott,in regard to your “hopium”,I fail to see what will be accomplished,by getting what’s called “the left” out into the streets to protest anything these days,other than making the small core of true believers in what’s called progressive politics feel better about themselves.For example, the totally lame and completely infiltrated(and I’m trying to be kind here) “occupy” movement.These are mostly well off,or middle class individuals who evidently have some nostalgia for the protest/counterculture days of the 60’s,but in the end are nothing but a bunch of trendy, lazy, posers who will fold like lawn chairs at the first opportunity,and are obviously more concerned with a marketing label than actual policies.

    • what you are describing are the professional protest derailers who infiltrated Occupy. And I agree with your assessment of them. However, I was live blogging the moment when a group of the original Occupy protesters broke off from the parade down along the outside of Wall Street, they crashed through a barracade and made their way to the main stock market building inspite of the fake leaders screeching at them to stay in line. A couple thousand followed them and for about an hour early one morning, the real protesters blocked access to Wall Street, shut it down. One of the originals stood up on the steps of the building and announced the he had just got off the phone with the Teamsters and they said they were on their way down, to hold onto that spot. I watched the whole thing. I know damn well what Occupy was and what it wasn’t and the weakness of their plan. I know how it was infiltrated and why. And I watched those professional Cass Sunstein protesters start leading the others away with the help of the cops before the Teamsters could get down there. That was one of those moments.

      Let me put it this way… you never fucking know how a protest is going to go. The Egyptians held Tahrir Sq for two weeks while Mubarak killed dozens of them and it was only after al Jazeera and a few alternative websites started live blogging it, that it gained worldwide attention. Those people weren’t going anywhere and that’s the trick. Mubarak had to step down after even Hillary did all she could to keep him in place and though al Sisi eventually undid all their good work, those protesters resisted and won against a more entrenched dictatorship than we have here. And that’s a fact.

      You get the right people out there leading it, people with absolutely nothing to hide in their backgrounds and not one single instance of for-profit professional protesting or astroturf movement organization, and you could very easily avoid the mistakes of the first Occupy.

      And let’s not forget, there have many MANY other protest movement in this country that did work and didn’t get co-opted by a Soros-backed Avaaz-type bullshit organization. It has been done. Goddamn it, it can be done. Don’t tell me it can’t in this fucking country. It can and it will but it wont be a bunch of Trump supporters doing it if Hillary wins because she and Trump share the same foreign policy advisor and the same tax havens and the same neoliberal agenda. And it wont be the lefties if Hillary wins, because those cowards will be sitting around saying “give her more time. she’s playing 3d chess…”

      So, what is the nuclear option? Trump wins. Horrible as it sounds, that’s it.

      Nader was saying today that he thinks what might happen is Bernie loses but starts a real political revolution in the wake of his campaign. and that is possible though I don’t see him doing it, but rather organized supporters of his who refuse to sign on with Killary. that’s the limus test for me. I will never vote Clinton again and I don’t give a shit if I have to vote for Satan himself instead. You find enough people with a moral center like that and you will find the strength to start a movement. A real one.

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