‘Coup took place in Brazil’: Film crew stages red carpet pro-Rousseff protest in Cannes

from RT

Director Kleber Mendonca Filho and cast members hold placards to protest against the impeachment of suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on the red carpet as they arrive for the screening of the film "Aquarius" in competition at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, May 17,2016. © Reuters

The cast and crew of the Brazilian film Aquarius have staged an improvised protest on the red carpet of the Cannes competition in the south of France to show support for unseated President Dilma Rousseff, denouncing her suspension as a ‘coup d’état.’

Kleber Mendonca Filho, the film’s writer and director, Sonia Braga the lead actress, and a number of other members of the cast and crew unveiled a selection of printed banners on the steps of Palais des Festivals ahead of their film’s Tuesday premiere.

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Regime Change Advocate and IDF Shill, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Produces Propaganda Film About Our New Freedom Fighters, the Kurds

by Scott Creighton (H/T Penny)

(this is a comment I left in response to a link left by Penny)

Ah, the perpetual regime change proponent, Bernard-Henri Levy. He’s busy promoting his latest piece of “propaganda as art”, a documentary about the Kurds in Iraq supposedly fighting “ISIS”. His film was just “discovered” and added to the Cannes Film Festival (for purely propaganda purposes as next year will certainly be too late for his film to have any “soft power” effect)

Let’s get to know Bernard-Henri Levy a little better.

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Final Version of Official Story of U.S. Special Operations Massacre at Kunduz Hospital

by Scott Creighton

The New York Times has penned the final version of the official story of the U.S. Special Operations massacre at the Kunduz Hospital in Afghanistan. Gone is the “we didn’t do it” story, the “the Taliban did it” story, the “Afghanistan did it” story, the “We were shooting terrorists” story… gone is all of those.

In their place, the officials of the Peace Prize President’s administration seem to have settled on “Yes, we did it, yes they tried to tell us it was a hospital, yes we mowed down fleeing doctors and patients with incendiary munitions … but the Afghan government may not have trusted Doctors Without Borders and deliberately told us a fib, so there it is”

For the last hour, the American gunship had been circling high above the city, carefully observing its target with night-­vision sensors and waiting for clearance to strike. It was 2 in the morning on Oct. 3, 2015, and Kunduz City was enveloped in total darkness. The city’s power had gone out five days before — soon after the Taliban took over the provincial capital, in a humiliating blow to the American and Afghan governments — and it stayed off through the bitter fighting that followed, as commandos from both nations counterattacked. The aircraft’s target, a distinctively T-­shaped building set on an expansive lawn, was lit by generators, a beacon in the blacked-­out city. As they prepared to fire, the gunship’s crew members radioed to the ground force commander, a United States Army Special Forces major, for more information.

“Looking for confirmation on which building to strike — Confirm it is the large, T-­shaped building … in the center of the compound.


An AC-130 circles its target like a ball swung from a string, raining down gunfire along the radius. At 2:08 a.m., the gunship began its assault, starting on the eastern end of the T-­shaped building and working methodically west. For half an hour, the AC-130 fired its 105-­millimeter howitzer, the largest airborne gun in existence, and its 40-­millimeter Bofors cannon, which shoots exploding incendiary rounds and is ideal for hunting people who flee targeted buildings by foot, often referred to by pilots as “squirters.” There were about 50 squirters at the site, the crew noted, a surprisingly high number. Through the infrared scope, the building glowed as it burned, while ghostly shapes that flitted from inside were gunned down.

“We started a fire, good effects.” New York Times

Notice, it was US Special Forces commander who was in charge of the massacre and they had been circling for an hour making sure they had the right location. The building being lit during the blackout and it’s shape made it impossible for them not to know it was the hospital. Also important to note: the US had lost control of the capital of the province just recently, so making them pay for daring to rise up against their occupiers seems like a potential motive to me. Certainly more believable than any of the previous official excuses.

Also important to note is the statement about commandos from “both nations” counter attacking. Since the Taliban isn’t a nation, or at least we don’t consider them one, that means Afghan troops and troops FROM SOME OTHER NATION were involved in attacking on the ground. I thought we weren’t supposed to have been fighting on the ground in Afghanistan and just advising. I’m confused.

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New York Times, Priorities USA and Rachel Maddow Collude to Distract Media and Liberals from Hillary’s Nevada Convention Theft

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Turns out, MSNBC’s parent company, NBC Universal and their owner, Comcast, both donated to the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative in recent years. MSNBC is Rachel’s network. Carlos Slim, largest stakeholder in the New York Times, is also a donor to the CG(ist)I having given them something like 5 million bucks.

The following is not news to anyone who’s been paying attention to this election cycle for any time span greater than 20 minutes or so. What is interesting though is seeing just how obvious this shit is when you step back a few feet and look at it objectively. I mean, you really have to squint your eyes and put the blinders on to miss this one.

The Rachel Maddow Show should be forced to register as a Hillary Clinton Super-PAC. The New York Times should change their motto to “All the News the Clintons Say is Fit to Print”. And Priorities USA, a Clinton Super-PAC dedicated to doing the good work of the globalist financial elite this election cycle, need to hire at least one creative director if they plan to spend 130 million dollars on pro-Killary ads in the next 6 months because their first two infomercials just plain suck.

Why am I pointing out all of this at this moment, way too early on Tuesday morning, May 17th, 2016? Let’s look at the time frame.

Recently, every talking head making suggestions for Hillary’s campaign regarding how to get beyond her dwindling approval ratings in the polls has said they need to focus on demonizing Trump as much as possible. Terrify their base, is the basic plan to get folks to come out and support the unpopular war-criminal and globalist shill, Hillary Clinton.

What you are about to see is how the Clinton machine did just that at precisely the moment they had to in order to kill a story that would have driven her likeability ratings within her own party even further down the toilet.

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Elon Musk apologizes for Tesla workers paid just $5 an hour by subcontractor

(Here you go, libertarians. Deregulation, flexible work-forces and limited liability. GO BUSINESS!)

from the Guardian

Tesla relied on cheap foreign labor to build a hi-tech paint shop in California, paying workers as little as $5 an hour, according to a damning report that prompted CEO Elon Musk to launch an investigation.

The electric car company used roughly 140 workers from eastern Europe, primarily Slovenia and Croatia, to build a paint shop in Fremont in northern California as part of its production of the Model 3 sedan.

Workers hired by subcontractor Eisenmann, a German-based manufacturer, received hourly wages as low as $5, which is a fraction of the prevailing wages for local sheet metal workers – $52 an hour plus $42 an hour in benefits and pensions, according to a report by the Bay Area News Group.

In response to the article, Musk tweeted, “Only heard about this today. Sounds like the wrong thing happened on many levels. Will investigate and make it right.”

In April, Tesla took in almost $10bn in pre-orders in just two days for its Model 3, which the company is marketing as its first attempt at an affordable electric car, scheduled for shipping next year.

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