Criminal Billionaires, Hedge-fund Vultures and Lynn Rothschild Hold Mega-Fundraisers for Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

While her Brownshirts were busy stealing the Nevada caucus delegates for her, Hillary Clinton was busy running around meeting and greeting her real constituents and getting paid serious money for doing it. Criminal billionaires, hedge-fund vulture capitalists and members of the most elite banking family in the world, the Rothschilds all held super-expensive fund-raisers for Killary this past week.

The former secretary of state attended a pair of small, intimate gatherings in New York City on Thursday evening that cost donors a minimum of $100,000 to attend, according to a campaign official. On Wednesday, she attended two $100,000-a-head events in Englewood, N.J., and New York City.

Maureen White and Steven Rattner, two prominent Democratic fundraisers, hosted one of the Thursday fundraisers at their home in Manhattan. Mr. Rattner also was a prominent businessman and served in the Obama administration. The second Thursday event was at the home of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent New York businesswoman and supporter of Mrs. Clinton and Democratic candidates. On Wednesday, architect Jon Stryker and hedge fund manager Orin Kramer played host.

Six-figure fundraisers are a new frontier in presidential politics, made possible by a 2014 Supreme Court case that tossed a key contribution limit governing how much donors could give across the board in a single election cycle. As a result, campaigns and parties can now fundraise in tandem with each other. WSJ

Steven Rattner is the discredited Wall Street wheeler and dealer who was so absolutely corrupt, the SEC banned him from trading on Wall Street for 5 years. As recently as this past April, Rattner was refused the opportunity to continue stealing on Wall Street even though his 5 year ban was up.

The about-face follows dissent within the agency over the move in March to readmit Mr. Rattner, who in 2010 was barred from the industry as part of an SEC settlement over his alleged role in a pay-to-play arrangement involving New York state’s flagship pension fund. The SEC’s reprieve, which was approved by its lower-level staff, quickly unraveled because two of its commissioners later questioned the deal and objected to not being told about it, according to people familiar with the matter. WSJ

Rattner is too much of a criminal to be allowed on Wall Street, yet he can legally give Hillary Clinton as much money as he wants for her campaign. Rattner currently works for Billionaire Bloomberg. What a shock, huh.

Vulture capitalist hedge-fund manager Orin Kramer was once described as the king of the campaign donation Obamasaur bundlers.

Kramer held a fundraiser for Killery back in 2014, before she was committed to running for office. They claimed it was an event designed to raise money for the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative, but insiders knew what it was. One of the masters of the universe was giving Killary her marching orders.

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“What the F*ck is This?!”: Enter the Hillary Clinton Brown Shirts of America (video of Nevada convention)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Go here to Real Clear Politics for tons of videos of the event.

“THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” say the Hillary Brownshirts

I guess the first question I have to ask is “why is anyone surprised?” And the first answer I have to give that poor, shocked Bernie Sanders supporter in Nevada is… “it’s fascism”

This past Saturday, Hillary Clinton stole yet another primary contest in her bid to become the presidential nominee for the Democrat side of our one party system, the Business Party of America. She and the establishment pro-Business Dems did that by getting the Nevada Democrat Party chair to disqualify some 64 pledged Sanders delegates from the state before the final tally of delegate votes which allowed Hillary to “win” by something like 30 or so delegates.

Shocked Sanders supporters were incensed at the blatantly undemocratic move and demanded a recount. The Hillary supporting chair of the Nevada Fascist Dems (left half of the Business Party) called for a voice count vote to close the convention and in spite of the obvious failure to achieve the result she wanted from that vote, she declared the convention over and ran for the door. Literally ran for the door leaving many elected convention delegates wondering aloud “what the fuck was that?”

Here is a worthy comment from the Youtube page where the video above is published.

Do not forget Roberta Lang. She will be included in our list of party hacks to be blamed when Orange Mussolini gets into the White House. Don’t let these goons blame You for what they are doing to our party.

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