Fighting ISIS Not A Priority For Turks Or Kurds

by Abbas Djavadi, Assyrian International News Agency

… In the last few months Turkish forces intensified their air and cross-border attacks against ISIS militants. They have been doing the same, even more aggressively, with the Kurdish militant groups that they accuse of being an extension of Turkey’s Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has been raging a bloody war against Turkey for the last 32 years.

Turkey is a NATO ally of the West while the Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq as well as Kurdish militia groups in northern Syria (along part of the Turkish border) are the most reliable armed force for the West to fight against ISIS.

But the fact is that unlike in the West, fighting ISIS has never been and still is not Turkey’s No. 1 priority — that would be fighting PKK terror and separatism.

Kurdish militant groups also have their own agenda and priorities. But fighting ISIS is not their top priority either. They have used the Syrian civil war to take control of territories inhabited by Syria’s Kurdish minority and they are trying to expand that territory at the expense of other ethnic groups. They have even been accused of ethnic cleansing to reach their expansionist goal.

Their strategic goal seems to be to fill the gap of some 90 kilometers of the non-Kurdish part of northern Syria along the Turkish border. Ankara’s top concern is that this would mean expanding the Kurdish presence along the entire Syrian border, completing the ground for a “Greater Kurdistan” and even giving them access to the Mediterranean Sea.

Two years ago when the Iraqi city of Mosul was falling into the hands of ISIS, Iraq’s semi-independent Kurdish regional government under Masud Barzani delivered some weaponry to ISIS in order to weaken Iraq’s central government and later withdrew its troops without fighting the advancing ISIS militants. Hiwa Afandi, the head of the Kurdish region’s information-technology department, even tweeted that “Strategically, it is a huge mistake to eliminate ISIS before we are done with Hashd militiamen. They represent a much bigger danger to Iraqis.” Hashd is a collection of mainly Shi’ite militia groups that was created to support Iraq’s central government.

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  1. willy : a commenter, of turk descent- with an aunt in Diyarbakir married to a Kurd and we’ve been conversing. I moved the conversation into a post and relinked some old and new information you might be surprised to read- like how short a time period the kurds have been resident in Syria-
    Ally mentioned the Kurdish role, alongside the Ottoman Turks, in the ethnic cleansing of the Assyrians (I’d written on that previously)

    and glad to see your still talking about the creation of Kurdistan!!
    I feel less lonely just knowing your here 🙂

    • I just got blocked on Twitter by Lizzie Phelan because I called her out for promoting a ridiculous RT piece that was using some “opposition” MP’s bullshit story about how Erdogan was supporting “ISIS”. Lizzie didn’t reply to any of the multiple Tweets I sent her with links to stories about the formation of Greater Kurdistan and the regime change that was going to have to occur in Turkey in order to make it happen. Instead she couched her argument as defending from the “personal attack” I was supposedly leveling at her. just like shills always do. straw-man 101. It’s sad considering the good work she did on Libya. Just goes to show you how few of us there really are out there these days. She’s been coopted like so many independent journalists in the past. It’s good to see you are still out there doing responsible work as well.

      • willy: that’s awful- yes she did do some decent stuff when NATO struck Libya- but then she went away for a while and I did not even realize she was around- It’s amazing to me the people still claiming Turkey is supporting ISIS, when ISIS aka PKK and friends have made clear their gunning for Turkey- and it should be obvious to everyone, if not for their perception management that Turkey is being destabilized-

        Sheesh! I guess when it comes to Lizzie Phelan? out with all the other mis/disinfo trash

        • when she finished with Libya and her street cred was extremely high, she took a job producing for Ruptly and ran around doing soft-serve stories for them. I wish I knew enough about her to tell you where she sided on the Ukraine situation, but I don’t. I should look that up. But she is certainly tacitly supporting RT propaganda regarding the regime change in Turkey. I asked if she didn’t see a pattern in the regime change in Iraq, then in Syria and now in Turkey and if she saw a common denominator in all of that (Greater Kurdistan) and of course, she pulled a spin-101 move talking about me “attacking” her and blocked my Tweets.

  2. An incidental comment…

    On 5 May 2016 the USA and Russia agreed on a 48-hour cease-fire in Aleppo Syris. The next day the corporate media outlets claimed that there was a Russian and / or Syrian government attack on a refugee camp in Sarmada Syria.

    Scott’s readers already know that this attack never happened. It was a hoax, designed to smear the Russian and Syrian governments.

    What about the alleged Russian / Syrian attack on the al-Quds hospital in Aleppo? (28 April 2016) Russia says the hospital had already been destroyed at least seven months before, and that the “Doctors Without Borders” people are lying.


    By year three of the U.S.-led proxy war, the U.S.-sponsored terrorists had systematically attacked more than two thirds of Syria’s public hospitals, and had murdered, kidnapped or wounded more than 300 health workers.

    Below is a YouTube video of ISIS ™ shelling the large Ibn Rushd hospital in Aleppo.

    Below is a video of ISIS ™ destroying the al Kindi hospital in Aleppo which was a teaching center, and was one of the biggest cancer treatment centers in the Middle East. All health workers inside were killed. (Dec 2013) The U.S.-backed terrorists used two truck bombs. The video shows one of bombs detonating, while the terrorists cheer.

    The U.S.-backed terrorists have destroyed 67 of Syria’s 94 national hospitals, plus 1,921 primary health centers, plus 421 ambulances, plus 197 support vehicles. The purpose of the U.S.-led proxy war is to destroy Syria as a functioning state.

    The destruction explains why there are so many refugees from Syria.

    • thank you very much for that info. I will be posting something later today referencing it and will give a hat tip while I’m at it. fascinating and extremely relevant. goes right along with the Aleppo doctor’s statement that I have been quoting for the last few weeks.

      • On a personal note, it is heartbreaking to see these U.S.-sponsored agents target hospitals, and then blame the carnage on the Russian and Syrian governments. Hospitals are full of sick and wounded people, including children.

        Squatting on top of this vast mountain of evil is President Peace Prize.

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