US Special Forces have been operating secretly in Libya for months

(The US is secretly on the ground in Libya making ready for an assault against the legitimate government of that country, the Green Revolution government, which the US is calling “ISIS”. Apparently, everyone that doesn’t accept US domination in their country is now “ISIS”)

from WSWS

Teams of United States Special Operations commandos have been active in Libya since last year, the Washington Post reported Thursday, citing statements from unnamed US military officers.

The American soldiers are operating from secret bases that were established last year, without any public disclosure, in eastern and western Libya, near Benghazi and Misurata. The US troops are scouting targets and recruiting proxy forces as part of “contact teams,” according to the Post.

Members of the American military “began making visits to Libya last spring and established twin outposts six months later,” military sources told the Post, and US personnel have been “cultivating relationships among forces that are mobilizing for a possible assault against the Islamic State in its Sirte stronghold.”

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  2. They are just using sandals so they don’t lie when they say no boots on the ground.

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