Surrounded by White Male Criminals like Aecio Neves, Michel Temer Announces New Neoliberal “Salvation Government” of Brazil

by Scott Creighton

Brazil's interim President Michel Temer (centre) attends a signing ceremony for new government ministers on May 12.

unelected Temer with his unelected neoliberal scumbag technocrats set out to drop the economic brick on Brazil before the law and democracy can catch up with them

Neoliberal Michel Temer has stepped into the illegally vacated shoes of left-leaning Dilma Rousseff as the president of Brazil. He has announced and signed-in his technocrat-filled cabinet and as expected, they are setting out to drop the neoliberal Milton Friedman “free market” brick on the people of their country. Not one single woman was announced as a member of Temer’s new cabinet of technocrats. They are also all white.

“He charged his new ministers with enacting business-friendly policies… He quickly named respected former central bank governor Henrique Meirelles as his finance minister, with a mandate to overhaul the costly pension system.” Lisandra Paraguassu and Alonso Soto

“Mr Temer, who is perceived as more market-friendly, but is facing his own impeachment requests and corruption allegations, has called for investor calm. He says he will push for more privatisations, reduce the number of public employees and get the budget deficit under control.” Sydney Morning Herald

Talk about understatement: the New York Times says Temer “may herald a shift to the rightಠ_ಠ

I guess we should be happy they didn’t accuse Dilma of harboring WMDs, say she was behind 9/11 or currently supporting “ISIS™”

During his coronation, Temer embraced disgraced Senator Aecio Neves. Neves is a party-boy who likes expensive things and will do whatever it takes to get them including taking kick-backs, money-laundering and various other forms of political graft. Apparently he and his buddies like cocaine a lot as well. He was busted in 2011 for driving while high as a kite. His friend was busted with 450 kilos of coke on his private helicopter not that far from Neves’ home. Neves lost the presidential election to Dilma in 2014 so here he is helping Temer form the new “salvation government” of Brazil.

Brazil's interim President Michel Temer (right) hugs former presidential candidate Senator Aecio Neves at a signing ...

Temer with a money laundering thug of a politician

Neves is suspected of money laundering and bribe taking. He was among the senators backing impeachment of Rousseff in an all-night session in the Senate Thursday. AFP

Temer made the “soyabean king” Blairo Maggi minister of agriculture. He’s the globalist who made tons of cash deforesting the Brazilian rain forest and then told the New York Times: “”To me, a 40 percent increase in deforestation doesn’t mean anything at all, and I don’t feel the slightest guilt over what we are doing here,”

With him in charge of agriculture in Brazil, I guess we can kiss the rain forest goodbye.

Apparently there are a number of criminals in the “salvation government” including Temer himself.

“Temer and his cabinet are also tainted by corruption allegations. The interim president himself faces an impeachment challenge and has been barred from standing for office for eight years due to election violations. He has also been named in two plea bargains in the ongoing Lava Jato investigation into the kickback and bribery scandal at the state-run oil firm Petrobras.

Half a dozen other members of his proposed cabinet, including new planning secretary Romero Jucá, also face charges by Lava Jato prosecutors.” Guardian

Turns out neoliberal ideology seems to go hand in hand with criminal behavior. Just Google Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney or Joe Scarborough if you need clarification (remember Lori Klausutis?)

Or for that matter you can simply research Augusto Pinochet, the Shah of Iran, Hosni Mubarak… hey, you know what?

Someone once put together a list of neoliberal dictators the US supports because of their neoliberal policies. Oh wait… I did that.

I guess now we can add al-Sisi in Egypt, Tsipras in Greece and Temer in Brazil.

Thousands turned out to oppose this illegal coup and the brutal austerity they plan to enact on the people of Brazil.

Thousands of demonstrators march during a protest organised by the Movement of the Roofless Workers, against Brazil's ...

demonstrators opposed to the illegal coup in Brazil

The complicit corporate press keeps calling Michel Temer a “centrist” which is a laugh. These ultra right-wing austerity policies are far from the center. They are Business First Fascism as I like to call it and clearly they are about as far from democracy as anything gets.

They might as well be calling for bringing back slavery and forced child labor. It’s about the same thing. Paying slaves and children nothing for working all day long would be great for that all important “growth” now wouldn’t it?

Temer is calling for “unity” after his illegal neoliberal coup. He’s not going to get it and he and all the Business Firsters who are watching from afar know he’s not going to get it. He’s going to have to crack down on dissent pretty soon and with the Olympics getting ready to start up down there, he’s going to have to do it very quietly.

We’ll keep monitoring the developments in Brazil as they unfold but right now it looks like the neoliberals got themselves another Honduras under the left-cover of ObamaGod.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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