Attention Joe Scarborough and David Ignatius: The New “Red Line” Sarin Gas Attack Story is Baseless Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

This morning I watched neoliberal sycophant Joe Scarborough screeching on his Morning Joe show (on the “progressive” MSNBC) for 20 minutes about how there is a new report on Basar al-Assad using sarin gas on the people of Syria and how that means Obama should take this as the new “red line” event and basically invade yet another country that has done nothing to us.

Scarborough and his gaggle of echo-chamber wannabes decided it would be the humanitarian thing to do for Obama and the US, French, British and NATO forces to set up a “safe zone” for people in Syria and with it, a no-fly zone like the one they implemented in Libya which resulted in the bombing deaths of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians.

They couldn’t understand how Obama hadn’t bombed Syria into democracy yet while completely ignoring the fact that Obama and our irregular warfare proxie armies of al-Qaeda/al-Nusra terrorists have been doing that very thing for the past 5 years in the country.

Funny thing is, all this new talk about the new red-line being crossed is based on absolutely nothing. Nothing. Not one shred of publicized evidence. None. Zip. Zilch.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that the al-Nusra terrorists we support in Syria have been using chlorine based weapons in Aleppo and other areas in the country.

Scarborough’s diatribe about bombing Syria to save Syria came about after he read an article by David Ignatius which asked why Assad keeps getting away with violating Obama’s “line in the sand” regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Making up the core of David’s evidence is this paragraph:

“The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, apparently relying on a government source, reported on May 2 that Assad’s forces used sarin gas in late April against Islamic State fighters after they attacked two Syrian air force bases east of Damascus. Stockpiles of this deadly gas were supposed to have been removed from Syria in 2014. ” David Ignatius

That’s it. That’s the facts. That’s all they need to start dropping bombs on Syrian civilians in the Middle East. “Apparently” some Israeli “government source” said Assad did it. And for people like David Ignatius and Joe Scarborough, that’s all that’s required.

I kinda need a little more substance in my reporting so I decided to go find the May 2nd article from Haaretz which David never left a link to in his enlightened article. This is what I found:

“A little over a week ago, Syria’s embattled Assad regime used chemical arms against ISIS east of Damascus, despite the 2013 agreement to dismantle the regime’s chemical weapons. The regime apparently decided to use the lethal gas sarin after ISIS fighters attacked two Syrian air force bases considered vital military assets.” Haaretz

That’s it. No mention of a source. No offering of evidence to support the claim. Just “Assad did it and that’s all you need to know because I said so”

Now you understand why David Ignatius didn’t link to the article.

To be fair, there was a report in Haaretz on May the 1st quoting the Israeli Defense Minister talking about the Assad government forces using chemical weapons against al-Qaeda/al-Nusra in Aleppo. However, it’s also not sourced with any proof and there is not a single mention of the use of Sarin gas by the Defense Minister:

“”The Syrians used military grade chemical weapons and lately have been using materials, chlorine, against civilians, including in these very days, after the supposed ceasefire, dropping barrels of chlorine on civilians,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said in a speech to a conference organized by the New Tech military and aviation group in Airport City, near Tel Aviv. He did not provide further details.” Haaretz

Not one single shred of evidence posted in the sourcing of the two articles that Joe Scarborough was screeching about this morning relating to Assad using sarin gas on the people of Syria. Nothing except the elaboration of a reporter from Haaretz.

Joe did mention a recent study by the Syrian American Medical Society which he stated said showed that the Assad regime was at least partly responsible for the chemical weapons attacks in Syria and then of course they brought up the 2013 sarin gas attacks which killed scores of people.

Well, here’s a little from that report:

“On August 21, 2013, rockets filled with sarin were launched into Rural Damascus in the largest chemical attack in Syria to date”

Barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas were used systematically in civilian areas of opposition-held territories beginning in 2014, particularly in Hama and Idlib. By the summer of 2015, the types of chemical agents being used and number of actors using chemical weapons increased, as non-state actors including ISIL were accused of using mustard gas and chlorine gas.”

“The use of chemical weapons is part of a strategy of displacing Syrians in opposition-held territories.”

And here is a photo of those “barrel bombs” being launched:

moderate terrorists launching barrel bombs into civilian areas of Aleppo

As has been proven already, Obama wasn’t able to react to the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Damascus the way he wanted to because it turned out that Assad had nothing to do with that, it was our “moderate” terrorists who did it. And they apparently used sarin gas shipped over from Libya. Suddenly the media had to stop talking about the horrors of using sarin gas on civilians and Obama had to get busy creating the threat of ISIS to get his authorization for military aggression in Syria.

As you can see in the photo, the justification for blaming Assad for the barrel bombs which is “apparently they are dropped out of helicopters and Assad is the only one with helicopters in the conflict” doesn’t hold any water either. The barrel bombs are filled with chlorine gas and lobbed with the use of “super mortars” into civilian areas that the moderate terrorists are trying to clear so they can take over.

Again, none of that is being done by Assad, but it is being done and without any evidence whatsoever, it’s being blamed on Assad by the likes of Haaretz, David Ignatius and Joe Scarborough (on the “progressive” MSNBC)

So you see how war-time propaganda is formulated. Someone says they saw it on Morning Joe so it has to be correct. Morning Joe says he read about it on the Washington Post so it has to be true. And David Ignatius says someone in blessed Israel said it, so he takes it as the gospel truth, despite there not being ONE FUCKING SHRED OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANY OF IT.

Hey David – you’re a yellow journalist and you’re smart enough too know what that means.

Joe – keep screeching about how the republican base isn’t neoliberal enough for you and leave journalism to those qualified for the task. And by the way, Lori Klausutis says “hi”, you murdering prick.

Isn’t that funny? There’s more evidence to support the fact that Joe Scarborough has killed more innocent people than Basar al-Assad has, yet he keeps screaming about how we have to bomb more Syrian civilians in order to ‘stop’ Assad from killing civilians.

There’s kind of a symmetry to that if you think about it.

For the record, here’s a doctor in Syria (in Aleppo actually) who says the lying media (that’s you David and Joe) aren’t telling us the real story about Syria or Aleppo and you should read it.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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6 Responses

  1. o’bama already cross the “red line” (along with shillary) and ought to be “taken care of”

  2. Don’t worry Scott.All this neoliberal war mongering will come to an end with the election of the “non interventionist”,”isolationist”,and true “peace and prosperity” candidate, Donald Drumf.I have also heard from his ardent supporters that he was lying at AIPAC,and actually plans to keep Israel in line.

  3. Sorry,I meant Drumpf.You’d think I could get the future prez’s name right.Didn’t mean to be unpatriotic.

  4. As far as Assad goes,I’m actually starting to like the guy.I really have never thought of,or cared about,Syria too much in my 40 plus years of following politics and world events.But the fact that he is still standing,after being officially targeted for removal for some time now,and on the receiving end of so many baseless,and indeed ridiculous accusations,from the vampires and hypocrites of the western world is quite amazing.The regime changers must be feeling quite frustrated at this point.

  5. I think that photo is of a ‘hell cannon’. The takfiris fire 9kg LPG bottles with them.

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