Attention Joe Scarborough and David Ignatius: The New “Red Line” Sarin Gas Attack Story is Baseless Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

This morning I watched neoliberal sycophant Joe Scarborough screeching on his Morning Joe show (on the “progressive” MSNBC) for 20 minutes about how there is a new report on Basar al-Assad using sarin gas on the people of Syria and how that means Obama should take this as the new “red line” event and basically invade yet another country that has done nothing to us.

Scarborough and his gaggle of echo-chamber wannabes decided it would be the humanitarian thing to do for Obama and the US, French, British and NATO forces to set up a “safe zone” for people in Syria and with it, a no-fly zone like the one they implemented in Libya which resulted in the bombing deaths of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians.

They couldn’t understand how Obama hadn’t bombed Syria into democracy yet while completely ignoring the fact that Obama and our irregular warfare proxie armies of al-Qaeda/al-Nusra terrorists have been doing that very thing for the past 5 years in the country.

Funny thing is, all this new talk about the new red-line being crossed is based on absolutely nothing. Nothing. Not one shred of publicized evidence. None. Zip. Zilch.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of evidence that the al-Nusra terrorists we support in Syria have been using chlorine based weapons in Aleppo and other areas in the country.

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Surrounded by White Male Criminals like Aecio Neves, Michel Temer Announces New Neoliberal “Salvation Government” of Brazil

by Scott Creighton

Brazil's interim President Michel Temer (centre) attends a signing ceremony for new government ministers on May 12.

unelected Temer with his unelected neoliberal scumbag technocrats set out to drop the economic brick on Brazil before the law and democracy can catch up with them

Neoliberal Michel Temer has stepped into the illegally vacated shoes of left-leaning Dilma Rousseff as the president of Brazil. He has announced and signed-in his technocrat-filled cabinet and as expected, they are setting out to drop the neoliberal Milton Friedman “free market” brick on the people of their country. Not one single woman was announced as a member of Temer’s new cabinet of technocrats. They are also all white.

“He charged his new ministers with enacting business-friendly policies… He quickly named respected former central bank governor Henrique Meirelles as his finance minister, with a mandate to overhaul the costly pension system.” Lisandra Paraguassu and Alonso Soto

“Mr Temer, who is perceived as more market-friendly, but is facing his own impeachment requests and corruption allegations, has called for investor calm. He says he will push for more privatisations, reduce the number of public employees and get the budget deficit under control.” Sydney Morning Herald

Talk about understatement: the New York Times says Temer “may herald a shift to the rightಠ_ಠ

I guess we should be happy they didn’t accuse Dilma of harboring WMDs, say she was behind 9/11 or currently supporting “ISIS™”

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