Dropping the Miracle of Chile on Brazil: Dilma Suspended by Neoliberal Senate

by Scott Creighton

Demonstrators in São Paulo celebrate as congress voted for President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

The screeching neoliberals are ready to fight democracy with all their hearts in Brazil.

By time they get around to actually impeaching left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff, the neoliberals and the technocrats who will rule Brazil for the next 180 days will have turned the BRICS nation into the largest banana republic the world has ever seen.

And that’s not just my opinion:

“Brazilian Attorney General Eduardo Cardozo said during his defense of Rousseff that Brazil would become the “biggest banana republic on the planet” if impeachment passes.” Sputnik International

The Vice President, Michel Temer , will assume office this morning and set into motion his technocrat-driven plan to drop the Miracle of Chile (“the Brick”… Milton Friedman neoliberal economic ideology) on the people of Brazil just as fast as he possibly can. Support for his neoliberal ideology has been thwarted at the election booths since 2002 so now they have figured out a “soft power” way to retake control of the country. To essentially take it out of the hands of democracy and put it firmly in the grasp of the financial masters of the universe who export their reactionary ideology to the rest of the world.

Since then the vice president’s official house has been the epicenter of a pilgrimage. He is reportedly naming people he wants to appoint as ministers and talking about the need to implement a “shock program” to send a very clear message to the market in his first ten days in power. This includes, of course, a huge reform to the public pension scheme, among other things.” Jacobin Mag

Temer, a center-right politician from the PMDB party, is expected to announce a new government and take over as interim president of South America’s largest country, putting an end to the 13-year rule of the leftist Workers’ Party. Press TV

The tone of the proceedings against Dilma are unmistakable. She is not accused of corruption like Temer and the other leading impeachment-backing politician are in Brazil. What is clear is she is being ousted because the wealthy class in the country want to take control of the country back from the working masses and they will do just about anything to see it through. The rest of the world sees it for what it is.

Meanwhile, the legal grounds for impeachment were questioned by the secretary general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, Tuesday. He stated that he would seek the legal opinion of the Inter-American Human Rights Court..

Given the lack of legal basis for the impeachment – constitutionally allowed only in cases of serious crimes – many argue that the impeachment bid has less to do with rooting out fraud and more to do with reinstating conservative power that hasn’t been won at the ballot box since Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva came to power in 2002.

In a report revealed by O estado de Sao Paulo, Temer’s Brazilian Democratic Movement Party indicated that it would implement sweeping austerity reforms, including cuts to the lauded Bolsa Familia program.

The report also said the PMDB would consider cutting a large housing program for the poor and displaced workers and a program to make college education more accessible. TeleSur

Cuts to or the abolishing of the Bolsa Familia program would be catastrophic to Brazil. On top of that, the gutting of housing and displaced worker programs will create an unthinkable scenario in the country. But of course, the wealthy Business Class see that as an opportunity to force the newly impoverished millions to accept lower wages, thus increasing their profits.

The Bolsa Familia program has been mentioned as one factor contributing to the reduction of poverty in Brazil, which fell 27.7% during the first term in the Lula administration.[5] Recently the Center of Political Studies of the Getulio Vargas Foundation has published a study showing that there was a sharp reduction in the number of people in poverty in Brazil between 2003 and 2005.[6] Other factors include an improvement in the job market and real gains on the minimum wage.[5]

About 12 million Brazilian families receive funds from Bolsa Família,[7] which has been described as “the largest programme of its kind in the world.”[7]

By February 2011, 26% of the Brazilian population were covered by the program.[8]

The vile maxim, “all for us and none for you”, rears it’s ugly head again.

As you can see, this could be a crushing moment for the people of Brazil just like when Kissinger and the CIA overthrew Allende in Chile. The “economic brick” they are about to dump on Brazil will be Biblical in scope. This will prompt massive protests which will get little coverage here in the land of the big PX and they will be met with vicious repression from the ruling class, which will see even less coverage.

Seeing it repeat itself, I figure it might be good to put these “economic reforms” of the Milton Friedman/Agusto Pinochet dictatorship in the proper perspective.

Many people have often wondered what it would be like to create a nation based solely on their political and economic beliefs. Imagine: no opposition, no political rivals, no compromise of morals. Only a “benevolent dictator,” if you will, setting up society according to your ideals.

The Chicago School of Economics got that chance for 16 years in Chile, under near-laboratory conditions. Between 1973 and 1989, a government team of economists trained at the University of Chicago dismantled or decentralized the Chilean state as far as was humanly possible. Their program included privatizing welfare and social programs, deregulating the market, liberalizing trade, rolling back trade unions, and rewriting its constitution and laws. And they did all this in the absence of the far-right’s most hated institution: democracy. Steve Kangas

My heart goes out to the people of Brazil and I hope they can withstand the brutality they are bound to be facing as they rise up against this soft-power coup inspired by the masters of the universe against their nation.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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  1. Shared on Google+ – even though Google or rather Alphabet is very much part of this neoliberal system. The same thing being instituted in North America and all over Europe as well, albeit at a slower pace, with the exception of some former Soviet Republics, ie. Ukraine. There, it is just as brutal as in Brazil.
    The upcoming trade agreements will be the final nail in the coffin as far democracy is concerned.

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