Protests erupt in France against regressive labor law

from the WSWS

After the Socialist Party (PS) government of Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced Tuesday that he would impose the unpopular labour law reform without a vote in the National Assembly, protests and riots erupted in cities across France against the PS’s blatantly anti-democratic procedure.

Valls and President François Hollande invoked article 49-3 of the French constitution, which allows them to impose a law if the Assembly does not vote to censure the government, forcing new elections, in 48 hours—that is, by the end of today. Three-quarters of the population opposes the draft law, which lengthens working times, undermines job security and allows bosses and unions to negotiate contracts violating the Labour Code.

Hundreds of protesters gathered Tuesday night in Paris in front of the National Assembly, whose staff barricaded the shutters, fearing a riot. Protesters denounced Valls’ decision as an “insult to the people,” shouting slogans such as, “Real democracy is here” and “National Assembly, assembly of capital.”

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Neoliberal Coup Attempt in Brazil Hits Speed Bump

by Steve Lendman, from the People’s Voice

US-manipulated dark forces want democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted, fascist leadership replacing her.

The scheme has nothing to do with corruption or other alleged wrongdoing – everything to do with manipulative power-grabbing, similar to what’s ongoing in Venezuela, fascists wanting social democracies eliminated.

Brazil’s lower house April vote to impeach Rousseff is in question after interim speaker Waldir Maranhao invalidated it because of procedural irregularities, saying lawmakers announcing their intentions ahead of voting constitutes “a clear offense to the wide right to defense that is consecrated in the constitution.”

He issued a press release, saying “I have annulled the session held on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of April, and determined that a new session will be held to deliberate over the material during five sessions from the date that the process is returned from the Senate to the Lower House.”

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Dropping the Miracle of Chile on Brazil: Dilma Suspended by Neoliberal Senate

by Scott Creighton

Demonstrators in São Paulo celebrate as congress voted for President Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment.

The screeching neoliberals are ready to fight democracy with all their hearts in Brazil.

By time they get around to actually impeaching left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff, the neoliberals and the technocrats who will rule Brazil for the next 180 days will have turned the BRICS nation into the largest banana republic the world has ever seen.

And that’s not just my opinion:

“Brazilian Attorney General Eduardo Cardozo said during his defense of Rousseff that Brazil would become the “biggest banana republic on the planet” if impeachment passes.” Sputnik International

The Vice President, Michel Temer , will assume office this morning and set into motion his technocrat-driven plan to drop the Miracle of Chile (“the Brick”… Milton Friedman neoliberal economic ideology) on the people of Brazil just as fast as he possibly can. Support for his neoliberal ideology has been thwarted at the election booths since 2002 so now they have figured out a “soft power” way to retake control of the country. To essentially take it out of the hands of democracy and put it firmly in the grasp of the financial masters of the universe who export their reactionary ideology to the rest of the world.

Since then the vice president’s official house has been the epicenter of a pilgrimage. He is reportedly naming people he wants to appoint as ministers and talking about the need to implement a “shock program” to send a very clear message to the market in his first ten days in power. This includes, of course, a huge reform to the public pension scheme, among other things.” Jacobin Mag

Temer, a center-right politician from the PMDB party, is expected to announce a new government and take over as interim president of South America’s largest country, putting an end to the 13-year rule of the leftist Workers’ Party. Press TV

The tone of the proceedings against Dilma are unmistakable. She is not accused of corruption like Temer and the other leading impeachment-backing politician are in Brazil. What is clear is she is being ousted because the wealthy class in the country want to take control of the country back from the working masses and they will do just about anything to see it through. The rest of the world sees it for what it is.

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‘This is our 1948’: Kurds kindle a close relationship with Jews and Israel

from the Jerusalem Post

… “Do you know why we like Israel?” “The help in the 1960s, when Israel supported Kurdish resistance?” I wondered.

“That is a tiny reason,” said the major.

“We had Jews in this region, in our communities and we say ‘blood is blood’ and it is something you cannot abandon. We have gone through the same things, both suffered a lot.”

He pointed out that the Jewish people had suffered up until the foundation of Israel. “We have many of the same enemies around us and we are struggling for our state.”

Elements of this story appeared in most conversations I had in Kurdistan, in northern Iraq, last year. Some men claimed to have Jewish cousins. They were eager to show photos of Jewish houses in Aqrah, where some peshmerga we met were from. In Amadiya there were stories of “holy Jewish graves” from times of old. In the town of Alqosh there is the grave of the Jewish prophet Nahum, which some Jewish groups have shown interest in helping preserve and encourage visits to.

Hussein Yazdanpana, the leader of an Iranian Kurdish party that is in exile in Iraqi Kurdistan and has been fighting Islamic State, is enthusiastic about Kurdish-Jewish ties. Meeting him at a frontline observation post west of Kirkuk city, he spoke about the Holocaust and the shared suffering of Jews and Kurds as well as common values such as freedom and democracy.

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