Bernie Wins West Virginia as Rancor for the Proletariat Builds

by Scott Creighton

These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine

The fear of the dictatorship of the proletariat is real.

Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia primary yesterday by a rather large percentage, something like 51% to 36%. It’s significant because Hillary Clinton won that primary in 2008.

Bernie didn’t cut much into Hillary’s delegate count lead though. Officially, he garnered 16 delegates while Hillary took home 11 but Wikipedia claims he took 18 of the pledged delegates while she took 11. The Wiki page goes on to show that she got 6 of the 7 unpledged delegates (or Superdelegates) meaning the overall account was 19 to 17. A difference of 2 delegates.

Overall the pledged delegate count currently stands at 1,716 to 1,430, a difference of 286. The Superdelegates are the real problem though with Hillary holding 523 to his paltry 39. Superdelegates are establishment party insiders who are there to make sure a real populist doesn’t rise from the ranks of the lefties to run the country. They were motivated to create this rigged system after a peanut farmer from Georgia moved into the White House.

Can’t have that in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Kentucky and Oregon are next week and it looks as though Bernie may win every contest this month with the exception of Guam and that would be a big deal. But not in the minds of the talking heads.

I’ve noticed a trend developing in the media right now with all these establishment cheerleaders pretending to be journalists saying that West Virginia was expected to ‘fall” to Bernie because of high poverty rate and Hillary’s various comments about the coal industry dying off.

Bernie supporters, as well as Trump supporters, are routinely being relegated to the ranks of “disgruntled globalization losers” who are bitter about not being included in the great free-market love-fest the millionaire TV personalities are enjoying right now. Surely it wont be long before they start talking about how all us proles are going to mess up a good thing for the rest of the country as their fear of the dictatorship of the proletariat boils within them.

1910 – back in the good old days

The numbers are distressing the elites and the petty bourgeoisie who serve them. On both sides of the isle of the fake divide in our one party system (the fascist Business Party) the masses, the proles, have given notice that business as usual is not going to be accepted any longer.

Funny isn’t it how all that talk of riots at the Republican convention if they imposed a different nominee on them was the precursor to Lyin Ted dropping out of the race suddenly and without real justification. I thought God told him he was going to be president?

Now the talk is about the Dems having a contested convention of their own and the pundits are openly reminiscing about the troubles back in ’68.

Bernie, to his credit, has refused to give in, promising last night to take his campaign all the way to the convention floor. He says he wants to let the voters decide and then try to hold the Superdelegates to voting with the majority of the states they represent.

So far, Bernie has won 20 contests while Hillary has won 23 or so (don’t quote me on that) and if the Superdelegates had to vote along with the majority of the voters in those states, Bernie would certainly be a lot closer to winning than he is right now.

You know, I would be more willing to buy what Bernie is selling if didn’t deliberately stop going after Hillary on her nature of deception, her war-mongering career and her openly criminal behavior as Secretary of State. Instead last night, he decided to start repeating the same BS that the pundits are using to demonize the billionaire faux-populist on the right.

If Sanders is planning on trying to shift his supporters to Hillary Clinton in the next month or so, he’s got a monumental task ahead of him (and he will fail) and he may very well be underestimating their commitment and intelligence as most as the talking heads are doing right now.

As I watched his speech last night I was struck by just how tired and worn down he looked as he regurgitated the same old lines, pausing for the same applause points he has for the past 6 months. It’s a routine. Like a not-so creative comic using the same material night after night in town after town.

And he shouldn’t have to be doing that.

There are revolutions brewing against globalization and free trade all across the globe right now. From France to Saudi Arabia to Syria to the Asian Pacific, people are mobilizing by the millions too say they oppose the very economic model our elites are fighting to enshrine with this new election.

Bernie needs to give his audience a sense that they belong to something larger than just a presidential primary. He needs to make sure they understand their place in history… but he’s not.

Instead, he’s backing off Clinton and attacking the proletariat supporters of Donald Trump, a group Sanders supporters should naturally be aligned with, minus a few minor differences.

Yes, there is a more overtly xenophobic undercurrent to The Donald’s message. But essentially, it is the same: globalization does not advance the working people of this, or any other country and these fascist trade bills are going to make things much, much worse for us in the very near future (though Donald doesn’t say he opposes them, just wants to ‘renegotiate’).

Of course Trump doesn’t talk about single payer healthcare or free tuition for citizens at public universities, but that’s not too say his supporters wouldn’t back both of those once they understood how much money they will save them in the future.

As far as the black and Hispanic voters not turning out for Trump, I hate to be the one to mention this, but they aren’t currently beating down any doors to go vote for Bernie either.

Point is, Bernie shouldn’t be giving Killary a pass while adding fuel to the fire burning under the disgruntled in this country, whether they support him or Donald Trump.  And if he continues with this trend I fear our initial assessment of Bernie’s campaign as being one of “sheepdog for Hillary” may unfortunately be coming true right before our very eyes.

Talk about “feeling the Bern”

Now is not the time for Sen. Sanders to be handling Clinton with kid gloves.

She is not progressive, she is regressive.

She is not a liberal, she is a conservative.

And she is not trustworthy, she is a proven liar and a fraud who has openly profited from her time in office like few before her and that is a fact.

Undeniable fact.

Yes, the rancor being leveled at the proletariat is building and it will almost certainly continue to a fevered pitch before long. Let’s hope Sen. Sanders doesn’t start adding to it, though I fear he already is.

It’s time for the real Bernie Sanders to stand up. We have.

These are the times that try men’s souls and the summer revolutionary and the sunshine populist will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his people.

We’re watching.

Please help keep us up and running if you can.

Speaking truth ABOUT power since 2007

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  1. It’s time for the release of the new sophomore textbook, American History 101, but something is different this year. Sales are down and a major publishing industry magazine has shouted, “Print Is Dead!”

    Nickostatos Greenberg is the latest in the long line of family members to head the publishing house, the biggest employer in a small town. Nick has to figure out a way to jazz up the new book and sell some history in order to pass down a successful legacy to his children.

    He’s ready to try anything. But what can he do? What would make history interesting?

    Tell the truth?


    I took this off the back cover of Mike Paleck’s, “AMERICAN HISTORY101, Conspiracy Nation”

    in case anyone’s interested


    This is not perfect either but it does hint at some Bernie flaws.

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