New Polls Show Bernie Better Against Surging Trump than Killary (what a shock)

by Scott Creighton

The latest poll numbers from Real Clear Politics show Bernie Sanders beating Donald Trump by a much wider margin that does Hillary Clinton in every contest. In one poll from Ohio (a key swing state), The Donald actually beats Hillary by 4 points while Sanders beats him by 2. In New Hampshire, the difference is striking.

Tuesday, May 10

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 43, Trump 42 Clinton +1
Ohio: Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 39, Trump 43 Trump +4
Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 43, Trump 42 Clinton +1
Florida: Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Trump 42, Sanders 44 Sanders +2
Ohio: Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 43, Trump 41 Sanders +2
Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Sanders Quinnipiac Sanders 47, Trump 41 Sanders +6

Monday, May 9

New Hampshire: Trump vs. Clinton Dartmouth Clinton 34, Trump 29 Clinton +5
New Hampshire: Trump vs. Sanders Dartmouth Sanders 49, Trump 28 Sanders +21

These numbers are significant in that Donald Trump is gaining ground across the nation and if the Hillary folks still think the general election will be a cake-walk for them, they have another thing coming.

People are going to make a lot of these numbers. Most will say Trump is enjoying a bit of a bump due to the fact that he just secured the nomination. And that’s partly true.

But I think it goes deeper than that. The people of this country want change. On the left and the right the success of candidates Sanders and Trump make that perfectly clear. The republican and democrat party establishment want nothing to do with that change. They are quite happy with the way things are going right now with us suffering from more and more brutal austerity and them benefiting from it at a record pace.

Hillary clearly does not represent change at all. The Donald does so in a marginal way. Bernie, on the other hand, does give people hope that some change for the better will be accomplished under his presidency and thus, that belief, I feel, is reflected in these numbers.

The only reason Trump doesn’t beat Hillary in every poll at this point is because the left and much of the right, have been successful in demonizing him, something that he has been helping them with every time he opens his mouth.

Truth be told, in spite of his current numbers, if Hillary is his opponent in the general election, it’s his too loose. If he wants to win (as opposed to being the fall guy for a Hillary presidency) all he has to do is bring on some of the establishment republicans and tone down his hateful rhetoric and the voters who want change will flock to him, leaving the establishment’s choice, Hillary Clinton, in his wake.

Frankly, The Donald is the corporatist neoliberal’s wet dream. I have already heard numbers of talking heads referring to the office of the presidency as the CEO of the country and having a cult of personality CEO installed in D.C. is exactly what the free marketeers of this country have been waiting for.

This year it might be Donald. In four years, Bloomberg. After that the guy who runs Halliburton, Walmart or General Dynamics.

We just may have seen the last presidency not occupied by a corporate CEO and that may very well be the legacy of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Just some food for thought.

7 Responses

  1. “A choice based on our principles?”
    Only if our abiding principle is the lesser of two evils. No reason to rejoice getting Sanders elected–if that came to pass– instead of Clinton. No change in foreign policy, no improvement in our lives, just more palatable rhetoric.

    • yeah, all true, but at least we wouldn’t be electing a criminal… at least not one that’s ALREADY a criminal. and that’s something to be proud of, in a kind of pessimistic way I guess.

  2. Why do my comments keep getting eaten?

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