Obama Goes Full Regime Change Terrorism in Syria with Russia’s Tacit Support

by Scott Creighton

Obama’s moderates bringing democracy to Syria

There has been a new cease-fire agreement reached between the US and Russia regarding the brutal fighting in Aleppo, Syria. This 72-hour agreement comes at a time when US-backed “moderate” terrorists have been shelling the Western part of the city without pause for several days and just after a refugee camp was hit by something. “Activists” say it was some kind of airstrike while the Russian military says it looks like it could have been some of those massive homemade mortars the “moderates” (like al Nusra) have been lobbing into civilian areas throughout the country.

More likely than not, the attack on the al-Quds hospital and the shelling of the refugee camp were the work of our “moderates” designed to produce gross mortality rates and enrage public sentiment against the conflict in Syria, if not the freely elected government of the country. What we are seeing is something very similar to the end of the Libyan regime change operation when US and coalition forces bombed the country mercilessly until the will of the Libyan people broke. The only difference here is our peace prize “winning” president and his military advisers are using mercenary terrorists like those in al-Nusra (al-Qaeda affiliated) instead of French bombers.

The 72-hour cease-fire agreement Russia has signed onto doesn’t do the Syrian people any good. The terrorists employed by the CIA wont adhere to it. They never do. All it will do is allow them the opportunity to regroup, reload and dig in deeper in areas south of Aleppo that they secured during the last cease-fire agreement.

Russia seems to be aiding the US and their new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, in the effort to force the government of Syria to accept a break-up of the country. They have said as much in the past and even warned Assad that he had better allow the Kurds to have part of Syria “or else”. I guess we now know what “or else” means.

The Western media will never focus on the brutality of our unconventional warriors in Syria. They never do. But the real story is out there, if you look.

This past Thursday, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said he was angry that President Assad refused to surrender Aleppo to our al-Nusra terrorists and called for the Syrian people to hold fast and retake the city. Toner said Assad was pushing “his agenda”. Is it a freely elected president’s “agenda” to defend his country from terrorist invasion? If so, I guess that is what he’s doing.

Toner also called on Russia to help their efforts to keep Assad and the Syrian military on a short leash. Assad had made it clear to Putin that they had no intention to let CIA-backed terrorist have Aleppo.

In a telegram sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Assad said the Syrian army would not accept anything less than “attaining final victory” and “crushing the aggression” in its fight against militants in the city of Aleppo and elsewhere in the country. Press TV

The Russian/US agreement on the new cease-fire came a day or so after that telegram was sent.

A senator from Virginian, Richard Black, made it clear to Sputnik that the US is working diligently to prevent Syria from retaking the city from the terrorists they have been supporting throughout this 5-year regime change operation.

“It is clear to me that what is happening is we are trying desperately to slow down the Syrian army’s advance, which is on the verge of crushing al-Nusra and liberating Aleppo once and for all,” Sputnik

In what has got to be one of the most dramatic reversals of momentum in any recent armed conflict, the Syrian people are now starting to loose this war of aggression being waged on them by President Peace Prize. Three months ago we were talking about how this regime change operation was nearly over. Focus by the globalist war-mongers was shifting to places like Yemen and Libya and our mercenaries were being shuttled out of the country on route to new “civil wars”

But when the Russian’s slowed their air campaign against the CIA’s boys in Syria, things started shifting. More civilian targets like the al-Quds hospital and the refugee camp were targeted and public sentiment started to shift. The propaganda of those attacks served it purpose and now the regime change operation seems to be back on the front burner.

Russia’s tacit assistance to John Kerry and John Brennan couldn’t be more obvious at this point. Instead of targeting al-Nusra and al-Queda in Syria, they seem content to do everything within their power to prevent the legitimate government of Syria from doing just that.

I don’t know what Russia got for their 30 pieces of silver, but their behavior as of late has been despicable. Almost as despicable as Obama’s.

UPDATE: In order for the Syrian part of Greater Kurdistan to take shape, Aleppo must be handed over to the Kurds. So it doesn’t suit the Russians to allow Assad to keep the city as part of Syria. These two maps will show you what I am talking about.

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4 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. The masons F.D.R, Truman, Churchill and Stalin cooperated during WW2 and they are still controlling both sides in every war.

  3. “I don’t know what Russia got for their 30 pieces of silver, but their behavior as of late has been despicable. Almost as despicable as Obama’s.”

    I would say not of late, that’s their diplomacy or national interests in working. As remainder Russia abstain during voting of US sponsored resolution of Iraq occupation, and this is just one example of many in recent past.

    Syria’s (still) legal state structure would collapse long ago without Iran support.

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