Watch President Obama Pretend to Drink Flint Water and Then Tell Parents to Give it To Their Kids

by Scott Creighton

President Obama went to Flint yesterday to stage a little photo-op scene with him pretending to care about all those poor working-class folks in the city having to bathe and cook with the brown water coming out of their corroded pipes.

At one point the president did a little “stunt” as he called it, pretending to take a sip of water that he admitted had been “filtered”

As you can see, even after filtering, President Peace Prize didn’t want that poisonous shit to touch his lips, but he told all the residents of Flint they should basically buy some filters, serve this crap to their kids and shut up about the water.

The people of Flint didn’t take that very well.

“It’s ridiculous,” exclaimed Jaquita Gable, an auto parts worker from Flint, after hearing Obama’s remarks. “He told us the water is fine. He also said there are only a few pipes that need to be replaced in Flint. Obama did the same as all the rest of the politicians who have come here. He wants to sweep this under the rug. He might as well have stayed in Washington, DC. He figured, ‘Let me talk to them, let me shut them up.’ He told us to use filters, drink the water and go home and be quiet. The main thing you could clearly hear is that there is no money for Flint.” WSWS

Obama downplayed the seriousness of the situation at one point saying the kids of Flint “will be just fine” and then went on to say he ate paint chips as a kid, so Flint parents shouldn’t worry about their children drinking water with toxic levels of lead in it. Holy shit.

“In his trademark folksy and patronizing manner, Obama urged the people of Flint to resume drinking the city’s water, despite test results showing the persistence of dangerous amounts of lead. At the same time, he dismissed the serious short and long-term effects of the poisoning of Flint children by lead-tainted water. “The kids will be just fine,” he said.”

LeeAnne Walters, an activist whose actions played a pivotal role in exposing the lead poisoning of Flint’s water, told the World Socialist Web Site, “Obama’s speech was a complete atrocity. To sit there and tell a city of 100,000 that lead poisoning from drinking water compares to Obama eating paint chips as a kid is incredible. To compare drinking lead poisoned water to paint chips is like comparing apples to toxic waste. We were devastated. We were told our kids don’t matter—not just my kids, but all the children here. We’re talking about the long-term effects.” Shannon Jones

Do you think he was eating paint chips when he was being raised by his rich white banker grandparents or when he was living with his USAID-employed mother who was actually working for the CIA in Indonesia?

He didn’t eat any paint chips. The guy is still a lying piece of shit 7 1/2 years into his presidency. And he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about poor people in this country, black or white.

His stupid little fake sipping stunt is a perfect metaphor for his presidency. He knows damn well he’s not going to let that shit touch his lips but tells the poor people of Flint to serve it to their kids and shut up about it. What a fucking tool he is.

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4 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. He should be water-boarded with Flint water…

  3. Thanks, Scott … I agree 100%. I can’t wait until this sub-dood gets out of Dodge and hits the golf course where he belongs.

  4. This shit is disgusting in the magnitude of pre-Revolution France. The disconnected oligarchy could ignite quite a fire if they become even more publicly stupid. Finding out about this – the president of these United States literally made me feel sick to my stomach and despairing for the future of this doomed country. What an ass.

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