#ImWithHerAndDickCheney : The Republicans for Hillary Movement is Growing

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday I wrote since The Donald has become the presumptive nominee of the Grand Old Party for Grandiose Old White Guys, suddenly there were an awful lot of their party members deciding to jump on the Hillary bandwagon.

That trend has grown (groan?) in the last 24 hours.

Mark Salter, a former speechwriter for John McCain, tweeted support for Clinton Tuesday after Trump peddled an unsubstantiated story by the National Enquirer linking Cruz’s father, Raphael Cruz, to John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  In an email to MSNBC, Salter said he considered Clinton “the more conservative choice and the least reckless one.” ”

Jamie Weinstein, senior editor at Tucker Carlson’s conservative news website Daily Caller also suggested he’d support Clinton over Trump, writing an op-ed Wednesday titled, “Hillary Is Preferable To Trump Just Like Malaria Is Preferable To Ebola.””Malaria is curable”

“And in an essay for the Federalist, staunch conservative (and five-time undefeated “Jeopardy” champion) Tom Nichols explained his rationale for supporting Clinton over TrumpAlter Net

Aside from the fact that Hillary is more conservative that the image that Donald Trump is currently projecting, the strategy here is that of the old Hamilton rule which is the same idea many of us had back in 2008 and 2012 when we figured out now President Obama was a neoliberal in liberal clothing.

Frankly, since it’s pretty much a given that the DNC will continue to rig the primaries and install Hillary as the nominee, I would much rather see Donald Trump as the winner in November than her. And it’s very much because of this idea.

Trump will not oppose these so-called “free trade” agreements. The guy has his clothes made in China and Mexico. He was fined something like a million bucks in New York for using cheap, undocumented labor. He ships in immigrants in Florida to serve his interests down there. And he makes no bones about doing any of these things.

If the TPP and the TTIP are signed and become the ONLY LAW of SEVERAL lands, Trump’s businesses stand to make a considerable fortune and he’s not going to interfere with that. And he’s not going to oppose interventionist policies demanded by the Big Banks and other corporate interests. He’s just not.

Essentially, Donald Trump will be no better or no worse than Hillary Clinton in the White House in terms of the policy choices made for the president by those that really run things. He’s a fake reality TV star for Christ’s sake. He’s going to take his orders and go out and pitch the product like he did every week on TV for 12 years. And that’s it.

What will be different though will be the left will finally be allowed to get back out onto the streets and protest these very policies they have been silent about under the left cover of President Peace Prize.

That’s the Hamilton Rule. And that is exactly why many republicans are saying they will support Hillary instead of Trump.

Now of course, that will change as Trump changes. His lofty rhetoric about trade deals and getting billionaires out of politics will be gone soon enough. He will become more hawkish as we get closer to the general election.

Yesterday I mentioned George Will’s op ed which argued that in order to save the soul of American conservatism, they needed to work to make sure that Trump lost all 50 states. Come November, my guess is, George will be on-board the Trump-train.

But I don’t think we should be on the Hillary-wagon. She’s not going to move left to win the general. She’s going to move right, just like her logo suggests.

So actually, I think we should take a page from Mr. Will’s column and work to make sure Hillary Clinton loses all 50 states. If we want to save the liberal ideology of the Democratic Party, we have to.  Eight more years of this reactionary “progressivism” will pull the left so far to the right, we may never even understand what it once meant to be liberal. New Deal dems will be considered “extremists” even more than we are right now. Hell, they might even finally getting around to deeming empathy a mental illness as the Ayn Randians take full and total control of the country.

If we are going to save liberal ideology, Hillary Clinton has to lose in November. I mean, it would be helpful if Bernie won the nomination, but we all know they would never let that happen.

Right now, Trump is the best thing that could happen for us. Get him in office so we can get back out on the streets where we should have been these past 7 years and lets get this thing going.

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  1. hamilton as a rothschild PUPPET just like shillary and cheney

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