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  1. If Hillary steals any more votes she will have to be nominated. Not to do so would be undemocratic!

  2. Thanks, Scott. I’ve been all in for Bernie for awhile despite the fact that I might be being bu(e)rned.I think, though, the fact that they gave him so much resistance, points to him being for real.

    You were saying for awhile that he might just be in it to turn the disaffected left back toward Clinton. Maybe it was both: he thought he was for real, while the real powers were using him?

    I don’t know. I am bothered by some of his positions that you have pointed out. At the same time, he has given greater legitimacy to positions that have to be uncomfortable to the powers that be.

    In any case, the person that I will be wary of is whoever takes up the Bernie mantle–while being legitimized by the media–after this is all over.


    • I am still reserving judgement. We’ll have too see what he does if and when her political machine, the DNC, steals enough votes for her to secure the nomination. But one thing that’s going on with this #DropOutHillary hashtag movement is they are putting pressure on him not to support her if that happens.

  3. It would be tempting to vote for a non career politician just to cause chaos in America with Trump.
    But when I heard that Bernie is going to challenge corporate personhood, it’s a no brainer over hag hillary.
    Even though I tend to lean towards George Carlin’s view of voting:

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