#DropOutHillary – Hillary Clinton Should Concede to Bernie Sanders Before The FBI Reveals Its Findings

by H.A. Goodman, Huffington Post

Millions of Democrats are voting for a presidential candidate linked to an FBI criminal investigation. These voters either don’t know there’s been a year-long FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails, don’t care, or would vote for Clinton even she faced Espionage Act indictments. Potentially our next Commander in Chief will be interviewed by the FBI soon, as will her top aides. This state of affairs would never take place in any other leading democracy, but American politics is unique.

Bernie Sanders has political momentum, grass roots support throughout the nation, and defeats Donald Trump by a wider margin than Clinton. Sanders has surged to within several points nationally of Clinton, despite being over 50 points down not long ago. In contrast, Clinton lost astronomical leads to both Obama and Sanders, and doesn’t keep polling leads. Furthermore, Trump won’t watch his tone about emails, and every other scandal associated with both Clintons. The pedestrian polling lead Hillary Clinton currently holds over Donald Trump isn’t set in stone; Trump is already ahead of Clinton in a recent poll.

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6 Responses

  1. the ONLY way that shillary will go away is if she has a Clintonesque “mysterious death”

  2. I cannot imagine a funnier prospect than a buffoon running against a convict. Amerika deserves no better than this! Ha ha ha

  3. All hail Hildebeast, the greater of two evils!

  4. Excellent – Bernie is finally making the winning strategic argument! Really want to be SURE you get that Supreme Court justice? Hillary is too great a risk. Bernie is far more likely to beat Trump and he’s more liberal and less corrupt. Pretty obvious what we have to do.

    It’s great that he’s talking directly to the delegates – it’s a persuasive argument. The guy can pull it out if we make the same arguments. He’s just more likely to win and he’s a better candidate. Hillary isn’t going to work out.

    • hillary will nominate a pro-corporate, right-wing justice so that argument falls flat in a second. she’s more republican than Trump is.

    • I cannot shake the idea that they are working together in one of the greatest Good Cop/Bad Cop shows since the Cold War.

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