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  1. I don’t think the elites care whether a democrat or a republican is elected. They intend to get what they want from Trump or whoever on that side of the business party as you say. They’ve got a situation now that’s going to cause a whole lot of angry “citizens” no matter which way they go. But I don’t think they care as much as they should about that either because they’d most likely welcome the chance to wipe out a bunch of us if the opportunity presents itself.

    I’m hoping they’ve underestimated us and we will be able to counteract most of their attempts at these shenanigans.

    • Our power rests in not handing our money over to them. That’s what powers their engines, that’s what use to stop them. Stop buying their shit! Go back to basics, recycle, reuse, renew the earth! Take a good hard look at who makes the stuff you buy, then avoid the big names.

      • Not *Really*, since “they” control a vast weaponry beyond your imagination. But you are on the right track – if enough people stop buying “their shit”, they will get agitated. If enough people have the courage to continue “not buying their shit”, their hand will eventually be forced and more and more will expose themselves. It will not be comfortable for anybody, however.

  2. The Clintons left the White House more than 16 years ago. Why bring them back ?

    • What they did there was also a catastrophe for the future.

      Repeal of Glass-Stegall. DOMA. DADT. NAFTA. All things we’ve been struggling AGAINST ever since.

      NEVER again will I vote for a Clinton.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about Trump. The imperial establishment that controls both parties wants Clinton at this point. They see Trump as a loose cannot, whereas Hillary will safely continue the status quo and give them everythng they want and then some. Even the Koches want her.. Assuming that Obama hasn’t gotten us into World War 3 with Russia and China by next January, and we do get Clinton, at least it would be nice not to have voted for her, right? With Obama we found his “hope and change” was total bullshit, right? With Hillary we have no excuse. Forget about it, spend your time organizing a general strike against war and corporate fascism.

  4. The ‘Bernie of Bust’ movement is the Ralph Nader of 2016 and will have exactly the same result.

    • the election of 2000 was stolen, lest you forget. Perhaps the “Nader of 2016” will actually be Killary, since most people of conscience will not vote for a criminal and war-mongering republican who pretends to be a democrat. after all, how did she do back in 2008?

    • No, my friend, it won’t. Nader ran against the Democratic party, just as he was running against the Republican party. He split the vote.

      Bernie is running from INSIDE the Democratic party, in order to change it. First of all, he CAN’T split the vote. He has liberal democrats, AND independents. He’s actually bringing them together. In order for him to get the democratic vote, the only people he doesn’t have, are people who are a whole lot easier to reason with becase you’re on on their side. He warned people not to underestimate him. Let’s don’t be those people.

      He’s going to win.

      • I hope you’re right. I’ll vote for him, but it’s really just a gesture. I don’t think voting has any influence on our current “elections” anymore. Not traditional voting anyway. Votes are counted behind closed doors and the ballots that are counted come in the form of money, promises, influence, threats and personal ambitions. I’m not sure the votes of the average citizenry are actually even counted — at all.

  5. And that slogan is absolute bullshit. Anybody who is stupid enough not to vote because of their anti-Hillary hysterics doesn’t have the stomach for the long road. I’ve been involved in U.S. politics one way or a another since I was 10 years old. In that time I’ve seen MANY ‘last only hopes’ come and go. You do what you have to do and make the change you can. BERNIE RAN AS A DEMOCRAT FOR A REASON. It was to stop shortsighted crap like this from happening.

  6. HRC cannot unify the party that with her leadership, got us here. HRC supports and embodies the cancer Bernie Sanders is the cure for and has been trying to infuse his prescription for decades. The frackers of the party can’t fix it. That’s what happens with ill fated intent.
    It’s surreal and profoundly disturbing, as the Sanders light peaks through the storm, that our nation has become, in my view, everything it created a Constitution and laws to prevent. I feel like I could be living in ancient Egypt, under the thumb of Pharaoh’s who value labor not humans, slaves not people who suffer. True, we wage slaves have benefits and can shop till we drop, but challenge a company that poisons the food or injects toxins into children or ravages forests, killing the wild things that live there….and be on a terrorist watch list for interfering with commerce, the anointed Gd of American values.
    Bernie Sanders is a modern day Moses, called upon to help set the stage for a mass Exodus from both parties that turned on those people who pay for government. We’ve been looted, fleeced, taxed without representation, and OUR hard earned money is used in a reverse robin hood system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. It’s a sickness called Empire and we’ve become part of this abusive relationship . Like we advise women in abusive relationships, it’s well past time to GET OUT. I’ve had it with party politics. NO WAY to morally run a nation whose Golden Calf values ended up causing an environmental crisis unprecedented in human history.
    Bernie and Jane have my best interests at HEART, heart that is missing from politics like wisdom is missing from judgement.
    The world LOVES them because their INTENT is righteous and they can be TRUSTED to do what is good, kind, healing and protecting, with our help, of the entire population facing extinction if we continue to deny and ignore human caused environmental crisis affecting every species on this gift we call home. I FEEL the Bern because he is light and love, peace and compassion. His supporters KNOW this !!!!The rest is that man behind the curtain, exposed, with the wind knocked out of his almighty sails.

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