#ImWithHerAndDickCheney : Sanders Supporters May Not Vote Hillary, But Republicans Will

by Scott Creighton

Nothing says “moderate progressive liberal” like having far-right wing republicans tipping the scale of your presidential bid.

If Hillary’s fans are worried that the Sanders crowd wont get behind her candidacy this November, they can rest easy knowing that their candidate is also the candidate of the entrenched war-party of the neocons now that Trump is the last man standing after both Ted “The Televangelist” Cruz and John “My Feelings Matter” Kasich have both officially dropped out of the race.

“Were (Trump) to be nominated, conservatives would have two tasks. One would be to help him lose 50 states… (and) confine (Hillary) to a single termGeorge Will, neocon

I have faith that Clinton’s foreign policy would align with what I’m looking for, and she would have my vote.” neocon working for the American Enterprise Institute

#ImWithHerBen Howe

This is apparently a growing trend. Back in April, a Suffolk University poll showed that as many as 19% of the republicans polled said they would vote for Hillary Clinton before voting for Trump. And that was before all these influential neocons were jumping on board with Team Killary!

So don’t worry if the Sandanistas are too liberal to vote for a corporatist, criminal, lying war-monger like Hillary Clinton. The corporatist, criminal lying war-mongers of the other Big Business party will MORE than compensate for the loss.

There you go, Hillary fans! You can now proudly say #ImWithHerAndDickCheney

17 Responses

  1. Disgusting, but true.

    • its what I’ve been writing for years. she’s a republican. now she’s going to get republican votes. I’ll tell you the truth, I would be willing to bet she’s been getting republicans voting for her in the primaries already. in open primary states and even closed ones where they simply register that day as a dem. if they aren’t happy with the choices already, they certainly didn’t have to wait until Kasich and the televangelist dropped out of the race. my bet is, she’s been aided by republican votes since the primaries started or at least after Jeb and Rubio dropped out.

  2. Am I allowed to say this? I am not American but I have been suspicious from the beginning that Trump is only in this game to further Clinton’s ambitions. He is a ‘plant’, set up to fool the Republicans. Therefore, winning the majority to then go head-to-head with the obvious winner in the end being Clinton…because, afterall, no one wants a ‘psycho’ in power…right? Trump has been painted as the ‘crazy guy’ in the UK, so which ever party you’re with, Clinton seems to be the only real ‘safe’ option…although she, in my opinion, is just as dangerous as he is!

  3. Marie,excellent comment.

  4. Senator Warren: as an educated and well informed American, I’m sorry to say that BOTH parties have supported countless dictatorships around world, so they both fail entirely on the foreign policy front. On the domestic front, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fully owned by the corporate and banking elites and despite their endless rhetoric to contrary in order to gain votes, they represent big business and not ordinary people. No sane person, at least not one well informed, should vote for either of them.

  5. I am fully aware of Bernie Sanders’ bad points, but I’ll settle for it. Here’s a good effective argument to stop both Trump and Clinton – I’m hoping people make this argument go viral – it seems fairly indisputable and probably quite convincing even for the dumbest Hillary chump or the smartest Sanders critic:

    As of Trump winning Indiana and becoming the presumptive R nominee, Hillary just became the most dangerous candidate to support. By the polls, Hillary is in a dead heat with Trump and could very possibly lose to him. Sanders on the other hand consistently beats Trump by double digits in the polls.

    Because of that simple objective fact, it has now become not only irresponsible to support Clinton, it has become irrational from any standpoint. Why would anyone who wants to be sure of defeating Trump support a candidate who is far more likely to lose to Trump? It’s simply too great a risk – like a coin toss or playing Russian Roulette with a two-shot pistol.

    As to superdelegates, fear not: if they are really willing to chance losing to Trump they may not jump the Hillary ship. But that has just become far less likely. Once everyone goes viral with the simple objective fact that she is now clearly the most dangerous candidate – the one far more likely to lose to Trump, superdelegates will very likely jump ship to Sanders rather than risk such a devastating and easily avoidable loss.

    This is an astonishingly rare once-in-a-lifetime occasion where doing the right thing (supporting Sanders) is also the smartest and most strategic thing to do. Hillary is now simply far too great a risk.

    This seems a very effective strategic argument because it precludes any need to even discuss Clinton’s or Sanders’ policies or issues. She is simply far more likely to lose to Trump and that alone makes supporting her irresponsible and irrational.

    • that’s a good argument to make and it might have an influence on some Hillary supporters, but you know, I kinda think most of them would rather lose with Hillary than win with Bernie. It’s an identity politics thing. You would think that since Hillary has been moving to the left (faking to the left I mean) due to Sanders’ position being the most popular at this time, it would make sense to send the original up against Trump rather than a plastic photo-copy a.l.a. Hillary Clinton, but…

      My thing is, if you are going to make this argument, finish it off. If Hillary becomes the nominee and is already losing opinion polls when running against Trump… what’s going to happen if she’s indicted by the Feds on the email scandal? There’s 30k of those things she erased before turning over the others, in paper form (so no trace of editing or metadata attached with them). Each and every one of those is a potential game changing time bomb. She could literally be indicted a month before the election. Talk about your October Surprise. When they took the servers, those things are still there and the feds are going through them. And people are seriously talking about hanging our hats on her?

      Talk about irresponsible and irrational.

      • I don’t go into stuff like that with normal people because I’ve found it pretty counter-productive in practice, since my purpose is to actually achieve changing as many minds as I can. Since bourgeois Killary people largely seem to (falsely) construe themselves to be the responsible rational ones, I no longer go into any speculations with them because it just makes them ‘dig-in’ in my experience.

        My argument strips it down to essentially just an equation with no ideology or ‘position taking’ at all – basically just pure math, which makes it nearly impossible to refute or ignore. And I do it in a jocular fun demeanor so it isn’t threatening and it makes them feel smart to come around to it.

    • btw, they are all over this on Twitter

  6. What do you think of the notion that the power brokers are quietly organizing Trump’s replacement in the background to bring a last minute candidate in for the republican party? Thierry Meyssan suggests a warmonger like General Mattis might suit the MIC best right now and be a sure bet to feed the endless war machine


    • it’s possible. also possible is they convince him to pick Jeb for VP and shoot him 60 days into his presidency. Ever seen that done before?

      there could also be protests at the Democratic convention and massive Soros-backed BlackLivesMatter disruptions at the Republican one leaving some military strongman to come in and set things right by staging a coup ala the Business Plot of 1934.

      at this point I think anything is possible.

      • Yeah, I guess. Or just let Clinton win. All those scenarios lead to the exact same place for 99.9% of the country. The only things that vary are the spoils wrangled over by the architects.

        • There’s no question anything is possible and all bets are off. You have put your finger on it – all those scenarios lead to the same place. Basically you get global crime syndicate or global crime syndicate ‘lite’ with with Sanders. Livy and Plutarch inform us that this kind of scenario ends up in a Dark Age. Still, I’m trying to do a good job trying to actually convince people to vote for Sanders. It’s easy enough to try with my pretty-good simple stripped down argument (above) and there’s nothing to lose.

      • I’m thinking that if they’re going to supplant Trump their only possible option is someone like Bloomberg who comes off MORE staid and reasonable than Hillary – boring, competent, upstanding image, and toeing the line all the way. If they choose anyone one iota more radical than that Hillary will trounce them.

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