“Hillary Clinton is a terrific person… (who) works hard and does a good job” Donald Trump, 2012

by Scott Creighton

Hillary Clinton is a terrific person… (who) works hard and does a good job” Donald Trump, 2012

As Hillary Clinton was wrapping up her stint as Secretary of State back in late 2012, The Donald was singing her praises saying she was “terrific” and did a “good job” in the position. He also said he and the Clintons were long-time friends and he respected Bill as well.

Now that Trump is the presumptive nominee of the republican party, just thought I would toss this out there.

Remember when those two Bonesman ran for the White House back in 2004? Get the same feeling here? You should. It’s just a show folks.

Trump has said he is going to pick a VP candidate who has political experience and can get stuff done in Washington. Hmmm. I wonder if he’s thinking about tapping a Bush for the job? After all, who’s more of a political insider than a Bush?

Here’s a video of Trump endorsing Killary’s work back in 2012. Expect this to be turned into a Hillary 2016 campaign ad in the VERY near future.

3 Responses

  1. Am disgusted to see the New York Times trumpeting Trump’s win in Indiana, while assigning no separate story (or headline) to the fact that Bernie trounced Hillary.

    Or, “Killary”–I like your nickname.

    And every time the NYT mentions Bernie, it does so with the reminder that he is “predominantly supported by whites.” Much more accurate would be to say he is “predominantly supported by youth.”

  2. And the rich, they will not count the bones
    Thinking just leave well enough alone

  3. Too early to tell. Can say he was talking business rather than political interests at the time.

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