Neoliberal News of the Day: May 2, 2016

by Scott Creighton

– May Day is rarely described as what it is, here in the United States. We’re told it’s a celebration of Spring or something when it’s actually an international day to pay tribute to workers. This is why yesterday I was not surprised to see a number of violent clashes taking place at May Day celebrations around the world including Seattle and Paris. As this country drifts further and further to the far-right fascism of neoliberalism, we are bound to see more of this kind of conflict playing out on the streets.

May Day in Seattle, 2016

The establishment did their part to marginalize the cause by sending the usual serving of agent provocateurs to Seattle to disrupt the anti-vulture-capitalism protest.

Shades of the Battle in Seattle?

– Prime Minister Abadi’s Shiite death squads took a break from killing and raping this weekend so they could hang out in the Green Zone of Baghdad pretending they were a “protest”. They “stormed” parliament (meaning they walked in while Iraqi security did nothing to stop them) after all the MPs left the building and staged some photo-op scenes standing on desks, breaking stuff and generally waving around flags much like “ISIS” does when they stage their little photo-ops. They are “demanding” Abadi and parliament implement the wishes of the IMF in a faster and more austere manner. Now they have left peacefully without a single one of them being arrested by Abadi’s forces. Hmmm. After social media and various pundits noted how they were allowed in without resistance from authorities and people began to write about how it looks like Abadi was using them to push parliament to impliment his pro-IMF technocrat plan, seems like they decided to have some guards shoot off a few rounds over their heads and pop the tops on some smoke canisters. But that was all for show as well. A little damage control in real time. They took off late yesterday in order to ensure parliament could get back to work this morning approving all those neoliberal technocrats Abadi has agreed to giving complete control of the country to.

– Bernie Sanders is looking like he is going to contest the primary election results at the Democratic Convention in a couple months. Yesterday he said he would EXPECT the unpledged “Super Delegates” to vote the way their individual states voted on the first ballot and hinted he might even challenge party rules in order to force them to do it. This is going to be a rather bizarre ending to this freak-show of a primary season they’ve staged for us. We are looking at a general election featuring two of the most unpopular candidates the various parties could have produced (Trump and Hillary) and violence is already starting up, not just on one side, but on both. Toss in what is being described as the pending FBI Primary (Hillary’s pending adjudication from the feds) and it looks like our “democracy” is hitting rock bottom. Some are saying Joe Biden could step in if Hillary is indicted. I guess they would stick anyone in there before they allow us to “vote the wrong way” like they did in Chile back in 1970.

– In Brazil after the “impeachment coup”, some are waxing nostalgic for the good old days of military dictatorships. Ah the stability. Ah the growth. Ah the disappeared and the torture chambers. Good times (for a few)

Our moderate terrorists killed 6 more people in Aleppo yesterday.

– CIA chief John Brennan gave a rare public interview yesterday in which he called “ISIS™” a “phenomenon”. He was speaking with Chuck Todd, corporatist mouthpiece for endless wars, on the occasion of the staged “killing of bin Laden” psyop that took place 5 years ago.  Brennan never sounded more like the Witch King of Angmar than he did yesterday.

Either the Witch King or John Brennan of the CIA. Hard to tell the difference these days.

The so-called “White Helmets” in Syria are being called “heroes” by the complicit media here in the states. They are nothing more than a CIA/USAID funded rebranding of al Qaeda and al Nusra. It’s “ISIS™” with a facelift. So fo course, they are being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. The abject stupidity of the propaganda amazes me sometimes. It really does.

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