Russia’s commissioner for human rights issues statement regarding US “punishment” for attack on Kunduz DWB hospital

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Officially the ruling from the US is it was the result of : “unintentional human errors and equipment failures

UPDATE: CIA-backed opposition leader in Syria, Mohammed Alloush, calls for a tribunal to try Assad for this new war-crime attack on a Aleppo DWB facility while saying nothing about the admitted “mistake” that took place back in Oct. of last year in Afghanistan.

Whoever carries out these massacres needs a war tribunal and a court of justice to be tried for his crimes. He does not need a negotiating table,”said Mohammed Alloush. What he didn’t say, what doesn’t really need to be said, is “whoever carries out these attacks needs to be tried by a war tribunal unless of course it’s my paymasters at the CIA and Pentagon. In that case, a letter of reprimand for the “mistake” is just fine.”

UPDATE 2: Hows this for shameless irony: the State Department said the attack on the DWB facility in Aleppo is “similar to strikes conducted by the Assad regime in the past

Really? So Assad attacked the DWB hospital in Kunduz? Really? Oh wait, no… that was the Obama Regime, right?

In the wake of yet another attack on a Doctors Without Borders (DWB) facility, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s commissioner for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, has issued a statement regarding the US’s so-called “punishment” of 16 low-ranking servicemen for the prolonged sustained attack on the DWB facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan back in October of last year.

“Washington says sixteen military servicemen, including commandoes, have been disciplined for attacking a hospital of Doctors without Borders in Kunduz, Afghanistan, which caused heavy civilian casualties. It is nakedly clear that this measure is absolutely laughable. Clearly, Washington has failed to find the strength to properly punish those responsible for the tragic death of civilians.

Certainly, disciplinary punishment is mockery of justice, the more so, since Kunduz is far from the first civilian facility to have been destroyed during the Afghan campaign.

Let us recall the air strikes against Afghan weddings and hospitals. There have been many such cases – in Afghanistan and Iraq. Regrettably, not a single person has borne serious responsibility for these absolutely unlawful actions. Nobody has been punished for that, just as for torture in CIA secret jails.

This sort of double dealing does no credit to the US legal system. Such actions by Obama are poor consolation for those who lost their relatives in Kunduz.” Konstantin Dolgov, TASS News Agency

If you recall, back in March of this year, I wrote about how President Obama’s idea of “punishment” for the attack on the Kunduz medical facility (a recognized war-crime not only according to international law but also according to US military code) was to put a letter of reprimand in the file of those 16 service men and women.

It has been reported by witnesses that during the attack on the DWB facility in Kunduz, staff members were targeted and shot while fleeing. Other horrific details have emerged since the initial story broke and subsequently vanished down the memory hole.

The video has never been released from the US gunship that carried out the attack back in October. One can understand why when reports such as these are out there.

No one will face criminal charges for the Kunduz massacre. The LA Times has detailed the “punishment” as described by the Pentagon:

“One officer was suspended from command and ordered out of Afghanistan. The others were given lesser punishments: Six were sent to counseling, seven were issued letters of reprimand, and two were ordered to retraining courses.” LA Times

Retraining courses, some counseling and seven letters of reprimand. Not one demotion. Not one day in the brig. This is your “CHANGE” administration’s idea of justice for those burned and decapitated victims in Afghanistan who thought they were safe because they were in a recognized medical facility.

The Pentagon makes it clear they say it was a “mistake” that the facility was targeted. It was no mistake. The Taliban had been surging in the area and our glorious military leaders saw the DWB hospital as a target of opportunity.

Considering how they got off Scot-free for the attack in Kunduz, makes you kinda wonder about yesterday’s Aleppo doesn’t it? After all, what do criminals do when they aren’t prosecuted for the their crimes? They repeat them until they are.

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2 Responses

  1. Russian military spokesman already said no Russian airstrikes in section of Aleppo and Syrian army said not working in the area of hospital that was hit. However, Russia says a “anti-ISIL coalition” aircraft was flying in Aleppo at the time and it was the first flight in a long time for that unnamed country. Plus one must remember, MSF is NOT allowed to work in Syria, so any of their “hospitals, personnel”, etc. are illegally in the country and putting own lives at risk. They only seem to have hospitals in areas occupied by Nusra, just like the infamous White Helmets. But NOBODY will suffer for these actions except the Syrian people themselves.

  2. When they get going with the Kill List, there’s bound to be more of these kinds of nightmares for Americans to sleep with

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