In the Name of Propaganda: RT’s Blatantly Dishonest Propaganda Piece About Turkey, “ISIS” and that Stolen Syrian Oil

by Scott Creighton

RT has outdone themselves when it comes to their ongoing propaganda campaign in pursuit of support for the Greater Kurdistan project.

The historical revisionism present in their latest “documentary”, In the Name of the Profit. Liberated Syrian Town Reveals ISIS Oil Trade Secrets, is simply stunning. It would put CNN and all their fake “news” videos to shame.

Their video opens with a Kurdish fighter talking to RT who admits he’s been in Syria “fighting ISIS” for “4 years”. That’s pretty amazing considering the fact that “ISIS” didn’t exist until 2014 ( on June 29, 2014  to be exact). I guess we were supposed to forget that.

However, what has been going on for four years is Kurdish militants taking land and resources from the Syrian government and claiming it for themselves.

“Last month, as the Free Syrian Army took over areas of the Syrian-Turkish border, a power vacuum emerged in northeastern Syria. It was not the Free Syrian Army that filled the vacuum, but instead the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the most heavily armed Kurdish faction in Syria. In early August, the Wall Street Journal reported that “Kurdish political parties and paramilitary groups have almost completely usurped the Syrian state apparatus,” taking over municipal buildings and vital infrastructure, providing security, and controlling the distribution of resources.

Although the prospects for an independent state in Syrian Kurdistan remain dim, unprecedented Kurdish autonomy will likely result from the conflict. The implications extend beyond Syria’s borders as various governments and non-state actors have strong, and often conflicting, interests in the political fate of Syria’s Kurds and the territorial integrity of the Syrian state.

Turkey, Iraq, and Iran are alarmed by the prospects for greater Kurdish autonomy in Syria, primarily due to unresolved tensions with their own Kurdish communities. On the other hand, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, the state of Israel, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey welcome a semi-autonomous Kurdish state in Syria.” Ekurd Daily, Feb. 9th, 2012

Even the US ambassador to Turkey has admitted the Kurds are ethnically cleansing areas in Syria and Turkey to serve their own needs:

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey has called on Kurdish rebels to lay down arms and end violence in Turkey.

Ambassador John Bass also said Thursday that the United States does not provide weapons to a Syrian Kurdish militia group, which is affiliated with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party – or PKK.

Bass said Washington was sensitive to Turkey’s concerns over the Syrian Kurdish militia group and opposed any efforts by the group to change the demography of northern Syria “under the guise” of battling the Islamic State group. It was a reference to Turkish accusations that the Syrian Kurdish group is purging the area of Arabs and Turkmens. WBAL

Ethnic cleansing of Syrian areas by the Kurds “under the guise of fighting “ISIS”,”  That’s what the US ambassador to Turkey said.

And now here we have RT presenting a “documentary” lionizing the Kurds (and demonizing the Erdogan government of Turkey)  under the guise of fighting “ISIS”, saying they were the victims… and not the actual aggressors. Which they were.

AS we slide into the next stage of the Greater Kurdistan nation building exercise, RT has become the greatest disinformation site on the planet (aside from Prison Planet perhaps)

“Exclusive and unprecedented footage, along with (Kurdish) witness accounts, was filmed by the RT Documentary crew only ten days after the town of Shaddadi in Syrian Kurdistan (what was that about ethnic cleansing?) was liberated from Islamic State terrorists. The area surrounding the town is well known for its vast oil reserves and extraction activity that for months was reaped by ISIS command to generate revenue.

Following Kurdish soldiers around the destroyed and abandoned homes, RT Documentary found documents which showed a direct link between Turkey and Islamic State fighters operating in Syria. The jihadi paperwork included an entire pile of foreign passports with Turkish entry stamps, and booklets encouraging jihad against the the Syrian government, printed in Turkey.” RT

Notice how RT calls this town part of “Syrian Kurdistan”? Does the Syrian government or the Syrian people recognize that official declaration? Hell no. In fact, Russia had to threaten Assad back in Feb. of this year if he continued to say he was going to liberate ALL of Syria from the various factions that have occupied parts of it. That means, the Russians (RT?) are determined to let the Kurds keep “Syrian Kurdistan” for themselves. And it would appear they mean to help demonize Erdogan and Turkey in order to prepare for the next phase of the Greater Kurdistan project.

This video from RT is ridiculous. I mean aside from RT finding “the documents” lying on the ground in a pile just waiting to be discovered like a video of a fat bin Laden confessing to 9/11, this is totally mind-numbing propaganda.

The Kurds stole that area of Syria for themselves just as soon as the US State Department started the regime change operation in Syria years ago. They did the same thing there that they did in Iraq in 2003 when “W” and Dick illegally invaded that country. And have been pumping stolen Syrian fuel from the ground ever since.

Syrian Kurds have been stealing Syrian oil ever since they claimed part of the country for themselves. They’ve been taking that oil and transporting back down to “Iraqi Kurdistan”, loading it up on trucks marked as the Kurdistan Regional Government and eventually selling it super cheap.. to Israel.

That’s why the US never bombed all those massive oil tanker convoys they saw leaving “Syrian Kurdistan” headed for “Iraqi Kurdistan”

Of course, it wouldn’t do to have our new Freedom Fighters reported as stealing Syrian oil from the Syrian people, so when the Russians did bomb a couple of the convoys, the story of “ISIS” being the ones stealing the fuel had to be developed. But that is all it is, a story.

IS sells Iraqi and Syrian oil for a very low price to Kurdish and Turkish smuggling networks and mafias, who label it and sell it on as barrels from the Kurdistan Regional Government.

It is then most frequently transported from Turkey to Israel, via knowing or unknowing middlemen, according to al-Araby‘s investigation…

Al-Araby has obtained information about how IS smuggles oil from a colonel in the Iraqi Intelligence Services who we are keeping anonymous for his security.

The information was verified by Kurdish security officials, employees at the Ibrahim Khalil border crossing between Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, and an official at one of three oil companies that deal in IS-smuggled oil.

The Iraqi colonel, who along with US investigators is working on a way to stop terrorist finance streams, told al-Araby about the stages that the smuggled oil goes through from the points of extraction in Iraqi oil fields (and Syrian oil fields) to its destination – notably including the port of Ashdod, Israel. …

Once in Turkey, the lorries continue to the town of Silopi, where the oil is delivered to a person who goes by the aliases of Dr Farid, Hajji Farid and Uncle Farid.

Uncle Farid is an Israeli-Greek dual national in his fifties. Al-Araby

There is a reason the stolen oil is transported via old Kurdish smuggling routes: because it’s being stolen and smuggled by the Kurds… not “ISIS”. “ISIS” is too busy making fake videos to help Obama justify invading Iraq once again.

What ISIS has done is to use the old networks that have smuggled oil from the Kurdish Regional Government without any consideration given to Baghdad’s sovereignty over that oil. This had been a point of contention for decades, since the Kurdish region began to exercise autonomous control of the north. Kurdish oil was sold to smugglers who would cart them in tankers across the border into Turkey. In Turkey the trucks would run the length of the country to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan. From Ceyhan, which is a port run by the Turkish government, the oil is purchased by transporters whose ships go to Malta, where the oil is transshipped to destinations such as Ashdod (Israel). This has long been a bone of contention between the Iraqi government, the Kurdish Regional Government and the Turkish government. It was documented by Tolga Tanış in his book Potus ve Beyefendi (2015). Tanis accuses Berat Albayrak, son-in-law of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, of involvement in this illegal scheme. ISIS has merely replaced the Kurdish Regional Government in the new arrangement.AlterNet, Dec. 2015

Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq all reject the US/Israeli/Russian plan for the formation of Greater Kurdistan. For that they must all be punished. “ISIS” in Iraq has always been nothing more than a cover for the US to reengage in the country in order to put down the legitimate revolution of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries and in Syria it serves the same purpose when it comes to the ethnic cleansing, the attacks on the Syrian government and the theft of Syrian natural resources carried out by our new Freedom Fighters… the Kurds.

This “documentary” is part of a tremendous propaganda effort put out there by RT to white-wash the actions of the Kurds in Syria while simultaneously demonizing Erdogan and Turkey, making ready the next phase of the Greater Kurdistan project.

It is disgusting to see just how far RT has fallen. They now rank alongside the New York Times and CNN as the most blatant propaganda outlets of the complicit media.

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2 Responses

  1. There’s an interesting video in Turkish but english subs called “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq”. It’s the story of how US troops in Iraq hooded and arrested a group of Turkish soldiers. US never apologized and Turkey never forgot. Just last week there was a guy in Turkey trying to put a hood over the head of a US soldier near Incerlik airbase. LOL

  2. RT is getting really pathetic with the rah rah Kurds propaganda- Sheesh!

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