Paris Terror Suspect Called “Radical Islamist” by the Likes of Trump et al, Never Read the Koran and is an Idiot

by Scott Creighton

(just a quick note)

Donald Trump yesterday at the neocon announcement of his Kissinger approved foreign policy:

“… we’re in a war against radical Islam, but President Obama won’t even name the enemy… Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words radical Islam… ” Donald Trump

Salah Abdeslam, one of the key patsies of the November Paris attacks, was recently described by Belgian authorities as he was being turned over to the French. This is how he was described by Sven Mary, Abdeslam’s attorney:

He said the young extremist had scant knowledge of Islam. “I asked him if he had read the Koran, which I have done, and he said he had read his interpretation on the Internet,” the lawyer said.having “the intelligence of an empty ashtray — an abysmal emptiness.Washington Post

Abdeslam isn’t a “radical Islamist”.. he’s an idiot, a soulless opportunist who was probably recruited by the CIA in some local jail, to serve in our “overseas contingency operation” a.k.a. the destabilization campaign in Syria.

These are exactly the kinds of folks whom they target for potential employment. And if they screw up or leave the project before their contractual obligation is fulfilled, they are rounded up and designated “radical Islamist terrorists” in whatever country they flee to.

These are usually petty criminals, arrested in various “friendly” countries, and given an opportunity to serve the masters of the universe by heading over to Syria (or Libya or Yemen) to kill and maim civilians in what’s called “irregular” or “unconventional” warfare.

A recent study cited by the Washington Post points out that these “terrorists” aren’t what they used to be:

“This characterization of the terrorist suspect sketched by his attorney fits in with preexisting analysis by European counterterrorism officials, who see the current wave of violent extremists emerging not from a position of ideological fervor, but criminality and antisocial behavior.

A report by a Brussels think tank cited by WorldViews in March observed how Abdeslam and his peers’ “acquaintance with religious thought is undoubtedly more shallow and superficial than their predecessors’…

The study noted the distinction between an earlier generation of “radical Islamists” and the current crop of “Islamized radicals.”  Washington Post

Abdeslam’s criminal background is well extensive and well documented. Two of his associates, Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Ahmet Dahmani, were known to have been to Syria and supposedly fought with the “moderate” terrorists in that country.

Abdesalm cruised around Europe for a couple of years to nations which saw a large number of “moderate” terrorists recruited during that time frame (2012 -2014) and he could have been serving as a facilitator getting others to go there rather than fighting himself. His history is unclear.

Whatever the case may be, the “ISIS” radical Islam story doesn’t hold water anymore unless of course you are talking about the scripts of all those fake beheading videos. But of course, they’re just scripts, probably written by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The myth of “radical Islam” is fading fast. Someone should let Trump know.

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  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. Let’s hope his advisers read this and explain it to him.

  3. I’ll bet these are the same types committing “assaults”, and “rioting” at train stations,swimming pools and migrant “camps” in Europe,which are then blamed on Moslems.Funny thing,when white folks commit crimes,their religion is never mentioned.I don’t think I have ever seen a video of “Islamist radicals” that looked genuine.Watch this from 60 Minutes Australia the “attack” starts at about the 15 min mark.I saw this posted at the fake alternative site WRH under the name “portos” which is the fake alternative site is my comment which they declined to publish. “This report mixes the themes “We need to help them” with “They are dangerous”.A great example of cognitive dissonance programing.In addition,the “confrontation” with the “gang” looks scripted to me.The guys covering their faces are actors,paid thugs or intelligence agents.The assault on the poor innocent on the scooter looks fake as hell. I notice she showed none of the alleged injuries, from this “attack”.She said her camera man was run over,where was that in the video? More strategy of tension from C(BS).”

    • lol. the crippled guy on the mobility scooter takes out the worst of them, and the camera crew and TV star just walk away as the entire gang retaliates against the crippled guy. holy shit that’s funny. They don’t even bother to wonder about his welfare as they film the follow-up in the car as they escape. he’s probably getting ass-raped as they drive away with their moneyshot. that’s so funny.

  4. The “attack” is at 12:30 in the vid not 15 min,my bad.

  5. Hilarious and ludicrous to you and me,but the war forever,chest beating crowd will absolutely inhale this stuff without hesitation.The subject of “Radical Islam/ISIS is literally a bottomless pit of BS.I could post links all day.

    • oh yeah, it’s endess. Paul Joseph Watson has been doing the Islamaphobia thing for a while now. that guy hates on the Muslims, “ISIS” and refugees any chance he gets. Had Paul been around in the ’50s, he’d have been going off about the “darkies” every day. There’s always a market for that kind of shit.

  6. The ISIS (ISIL, IS or whatever) bogyman is predicted to strike in Stockholm Sweden in a near future. ISIL and Vlad the terrible Russian is threatening us so we must join NATO (the real malign terror cancer of the world). When will this bad scripted horror/action b-movie end…

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