Talentless Hack Patton Oswalt Says You’re a “F*cking Child” if You Don’t Vote For Criminal, Warmonger Hillary Clinton

by Scott Creighton

Little funny man Patton Oswalt says you are a “fucking child” if you don’t suck it up and back warmonger and career criminal Hillary Clinton once she “wins” the Democratic Party nomination for president this year. Sounds like he might just be getting some of that Clinton super PAC Correct The Record money.

During a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Oswalt made it clear, he supports Bernie Sanders, but if you don’t switch gears and vote for the corrupt, money-grubbing, sell-out Hillary Clinton once the finally rig the primaries enough for her (and her Super Delegates) to “win” the nomination, you’re just being “childish”.

Q:I know that you’ve been a big supporter of Bernie, and I have no interest in getting you embroiled in any Facebook-trending whatever, but I wonder what you think about the Republican side, Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump — if you had to choose, what world would you less like to live in?

A:Oh, fuck that. I mean again, I’m not one of these “Bernie or bust” people. I will vote for whoever the Democrats nominate against either of those two psychopaths. I think they’re both equally dangerous and backward-facing for this country.

Q:Yeah that’s been one of the — just among even my friends, people have been talking like, “You know, if it’s Hillary then I would rather have Trump become president, and I’m just like “What are you…”

A:Well, then you’re a fucking child.

Personally, I don’t vote for known liars and people who have already been proven to deliberately hide and destroy documents that might prove just how criminal their activities are. Plus, she’s admitted to being close friends of known dictators like Egypt’s Mubarak and that thug they put in charge of Kosovo not that long ago.

And that’s too say nothing of the coups and “humanitarian interventions” she ran on behalf of Big Business while serving as Obama’s Sec. of State.

Ever wonder how much money her husband skimmed off the top of that multi-billion dollar Haiti Relief Fund she put him in charge of? The people of Haiti never saw a dime of it.

And do I need to mention she has flat out refused to put an end to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global(ist) Initiative while she serves as president? Just imagine the kick-backs she will rake in with that little scam.

Hillary Clinton is the worst possible candidate of all the remaining candidates primarily because, if the winner is a republican, the timid left, the complicit, bullshit, timid left like Mr. Oswalt up there, will be ready to take to the streets again to protest all the stuff they used to protest under the Bush administration, but somehow forget to get pissed off about under ObamaGod.

Personally, I think blind allegiance to a party in-spite of a candidate’s proven neocon/war-mongering/criminal/dishonest history, is a bit “childish”.

Frankly, I have yet to see Donald Trump bomb the people of Libya or hire mercenary terrorists to destabilize Syria as of yet. And as far as I know, Ted “The Evangelist” Cruz has yet to run an illegal email server from his bathroom or destroy State Department documents before a FIOA request could be filed.

So, yeah, if Bernie isn’t the nominee, I’ll take my childish ass somewhere else come election day. And hope as many of you do as well.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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2 Responses

  1. I’d say Oswalt has it backwards. If you support Bernie, it makes no sense to support a completely different candidate — regardless of party. It’s not about party. It’s about truth, justice, freedom. If you’d rather support a label than an idea, then you’re a “fucking child.”

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