Neoliberal News of the Day: April 23, 2016

by Scott Creighton

1.  “former human rights advocate” Samantha Power runs over a small child in Africa – foreshadowing?

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, took a feel-good PR trip to Cameroon a few days ago where her motorcade promptly ran over a small child and killed him as the neoliberal Power and team were racing through the country at over 60mph. Power, wife of Cass Sunstein, another favorite of mine, felt “real bad” about running over a child, so she got her PR team together and they decide to take some pictures of her with some other little African kids whom she hasn’t run over as of yet.


Image taken hours after Power’s motorcade ran over a different little photo-op prop.

Power, who once called Hillary Clinton a “monster“, is described by the Boston Globe as a “former.. human rights advocate“.  “Former” being the active word I suppose. Of course, what she really was, was an embedded journalist/cheerleader for such imperial missions as the destruction of Yugoslavia. She covered that “humanitarian” mission for the Boston Globe.

2. Brazil’s slow motion coup still underway – but don’t call it a coup

President Dilma Rousseff was at the United Nations for a celebration of a landmark global warming agreement of some kind the other day and she addressed the assembly, saying little about the slow motion coup being attempted on her by the opposition that has lost 4 straight presidential elections in her country. All she said during her speech is the people of Brazil had defeated authoritarianism in the past and will likely do so again.

Dilma did, however, address the situation in a press conference afterward during which she said “In the past, coups were carried out with machine guns, tanks and weapons. Today all you need are hands that are willing to tear up the Constitution.”

The opposition, frothing at the mouth at the prospect of finally taking control of the country in spite of that little thing called “democracy”, has gone on the offensive regarding international opinions of their little coup. They don’t want the rest of the world to see it as anything but them standing up for “truth, justice and the American neoliberal free-market way”

“I don’t want it to seem like I’m conspiring to take over,” Mr. Temer said in an interview on Thursday, insisting that he was not plotting a coup, as Ms. Rousseff has called the campaign to oust her. New York Times

Temer, the current VP who will take over for Dilma, is a pure neoliberal. He is already talking about downsizing the Brazilian government, replacing the heads of state-owned businesses (making ready for the fire-sale of privatizations) and cutting spending on every social program he can lay his hands on.

Meanwhile, the Business Party opposition in Brazil has sent a couple sycophants to D.C. in order to get them to help with the coup as quickly as they can.

“Sen. Nunes is meeting with the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and Ben Cardin, D-Md.; Undersecretary of State and former Ambassador to Brazil Thomas Shannon; and attending a luncheon on Tuesday hosted by the Washington lobbying firm Albright Stonebridge Group, headed by former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Bush 43 Commerce Secretary and Kellogg Company CEO Carlos Gutierrez.” Intercept

Both Temer and Nunes are under investigation for being corrupt. I mean really corrupt. Not “fudge the budget” kind of corrupt that is getting Dilma impeached, but real, money in the pocket, bank accounts overseas, selling out constituencies kind of corrupt. Notice how the “moderates” of both parties are represented here in the states? That’s the Business Party folks. And like Mussolini said…

It’s pretty easy to see that both of their political careers will be over if Dilma beats this trumped-up charge. This kind of motivation serves the neoliberal masters of the universe quite well, don’t you think? We always seem to seek out the biggest crooks and criminals when we are looking to install a little “free market” ideology somewhere. I wonder why that is.

3. New President Peace Prize Rule of Engagement Says Military Can Bomb Target if they Expect Up To 10 Civilians Killed

No one is going to bat an eye if some drone pilot kills 10 kids at a party somewhere in Iraq or Syria, says the president who was awarded the Peace Prize for what they claimed he would do “later”.  It would be better if a pilot only slaughtered 5 infants, but up to 10 is acceptable. 15 might get your wrist slapped and 45 is a big boo-boo.

Since last fall, without any public acknowledgment by the US government and military, US warplanes have been bombing civilian areas in Iraq and Syria under loosened rules of engagement, the US Defense Department announced Wednesday.

Under the new rules, US forces may attack any area considered to have a “non-combatant value” of 10, that is, a likely fallout of fewer than 10 civilian deaths.

Given the current volume of airstrikes, the expanded rules of engagement imply that the Pentagon may murder thousands of civilians every month. WSWS

I can just imagine the conversation after a strike:

Commander: What the hell happened? 23 kids were killed when you hit that playground next to the power plant! WTF was that?!

Pilot: Well, I thought it was likely 13 of ’em were faster.

Commander: Oh. Well, Okay then. That settles that. Here’s a medal. Good work you hero, you.

Target one guy and kill up to 10 civilians. And that’s Okay here in the land of the Big PX.

Sometimes I’m glad my career Navy father didn’t live to see this shit.

4. Putin Stepping Up Campaign Against John McCain’s and the CIA’s “moderate” Terrorists

Quietly, Russia is sending more support into Syria to help the legitimate government of the country defend themselves against our “moderate” terrorists who are supported by us, NATO, Iraqi Kurdistan and Israel predominantly. I mean, after all, it is Israel who gets the lion’s share of the stolen Syrian oil, right?

5. Saudi Arabia, oil production and 28 pages of bullshit

President Peace Prize flew over to Saudi land to have a little chat with the world’s richest oil dictators in order to get they to reconsider slowing their production just a bit so the price of the black gold could go up a bit per barrel. That didn’t work out so well.  Both Russia and Saudi Arabia seem to be in a race to see who can extract the most liquid gold from the ground while tanking the market value of the shit.

Meanwhile, the 28 pages of nothing are still sitting there in some hole in the bowels of the capitol waiting for Bernie Sanders to grow a pair and go read them. And what was a huge topic of conversation in the MSM and the fake “alternative” news sites for a week or so, has petered out.

60 Minutes did some fluff piece about the 28 pages two days ago and Bill Maher said “we attacked the wrong country” based on the content of the 28 pages he hasn’t ever read (what an idiot), but aside from that spin, the story is already dead.

Want to know why that is? Probably because, seeing as how the joint congressional investigation report mentions Saudi Arabia about a hundred times that weren’t redacted, my guess is, those 28 pages involve a DIFFERENT country. One that couldn’t POSSIBLY be mentioned in relation to 9/11.

Either way you look at it, the 28 pages story is dying on the vine. Like most other disinformation propaganda campaigns, it ran it’s course and now it’s gone. Bye bye.

There you go. There you have it. Some of today’s neoliberal news. Have a nice Sunday. Play with your animals. Play with your kids. Have a nice one. Gotta walk Church. He’s not pleased with me right now. I don’t blame him.

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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