The New York Purge: 63,500 Young Democratic Party Registered Voters Wrongly Purged from Voter Roles in Brooklyn Alone

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton, the pure fascist who gleefully declared “Iraq is a business opportunity” back in 2011, officially “won” the New York state primary by a 58% to 42% margin (1,037,000 to 752,000). Exit polls and opinion polls leading into the contest had it much closer, but still showed a slim Clinton victory.


Bernie won the vast majority of precincts in New York, only to lose the popular vote?

According to those exit polls, Hillary won the “black”, Hispanic and “female” vote by wide margins. Bernie won the “white” vote (60% of voters) by a 51%-49% margin and the “male” vote by about the same number.

Here’s a very interesting statistic:


More elderly voters than young voters? Really?

When I first read that number, I was amazed. Young people are flocking to Bernie. At his rallies, online, on campus, young people are showing up and signing up for this contest. The New York Times even wrote in Feb. that young voters were motivated this time around and promised to have a deep impact on the primary season. Yet suddenly, they seem to be missing in action at the ballot booth. Well, not missing in action on the Republican side… just the Democratic one.

Turns out, there is a reason for that: many young, Democratic voters with a history of political activism or voting in previous primaries… have been mysteriously purged from the voter rolls.

“Another 63,558 registered Democrats in Brooklyn were mysteriously unregistered in recent months, and therefore stripped of their right to vote in the primary. No city or state election official could explain why to WNYC public radio.” Salon

Anyone else reminded of Florida 2000 and the purge of black voters to the tune of 60k or so of them?

“We’re getting reports of 63,500 [just in] Brooklyn dropped from the voter role,” Nelson confirmed. “The scale of this is probably bigger than any of us know at this time. It is a developing situation. It’s happening in New York and it’s happening elsewhere throughout the United States.”

“Do you think there’s something nefarious happening here?” Chariton asked Nelson, adding, “the main people I’m hearing from are young voters.” AlterNet

In total, over126,000 Democratic voters were purged from the voting pool in Brooklyn by the New York Board of Elections for various reasons… according to them.

“Of the 126,000 Democratic voters taken off from the rolls in Brooklyn, Ryan said 12,000 had moved out of borough, while 44,000 more had been placed in an inactive file after mailings to their homes bounced back. An additional 70,000 were already inactive and, having failed to vote in two successive federal elections or respond to cancel notices, were removed.” CNN

Board of Elections Executive Director Michael Ryan said “We’re not finding that there were issues throughout the city that are any different than what we experience in other elections.”

However, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, that is entirely untrue.

“New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s voter complaint hotline had “received more than 700 complaints from voters across (New York state)” before 4 p.m., Schneiderman spokesman Nick Benson tweeted. The same office, he added, had heard only around 150 on the day of the 2012 general election.” CNN

According to CNN, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has failed to offer a comment on the developing situation.

So what do you do when you’re Hillary Clinton and were expected to crush the pesky little bug that was the Sanders’ presidential campaign a year ago by a vast majority and yet find yourself in a neck and neck race which is costing money and credibility by the shovelful? Well, you figure out who is putting the turd in the punchbowl as it were, and you purge them.

Election Justice USA is filing a lawsuit today to try to rectify this growing trend. They first noticed in happening in Arizona and they claim they are getting reports it’s happening in other key states which are yet to hold their primaries.

They tried to file an injunction yesterday to force the Democratic primary voting locations to accept voters in their closed primaries if they disputed the party affiliation the Board of Elections had them assigned to. The judge blocked it.

As this is a developing story, I will continue to update it as the day goes on.

Every day this woman gets more and more like George W. Bush, doesn’t she?

UPDATE: Turns out more than 3.2 million New York voters have been denied the right to vote in New York because it is one of only 11 closed primaries in the country. Green Party members, independents… none of them can vote in the state. Can you imagine the landslide victory Bernie would have won had it been an open primary and those tens of thousands of young people not been purged?

“a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know, where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see.” John Masefield

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2 Responses

  1. The whole system had gotten to be a cesspool that needed to be drained, and they saw Bernie coming with an auger but knew that Hillary had the plugs and knew how to use them.

    After all, she’d done it for them in Big Money many times over, all over the world

  2. I hope all these young voters will be good and P.O.’d when Bernie tells them to vote for Hillary.

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