Neoliberal News of the Day: April 13, 2016 – Nude Trump Edition

by Scott Creighton

Hillary Clinton is busy defending her support of the illegal coup in Honduras back in 2009 – “Clinton justified the move despite opposing advice from her top aides, who urged her to declare it a military coup, and to cut off U.S. aid, as some emails leaked in July revealed.”

There have been 59 journalists murdered in Honduras since Hillary’s coup – “Since the 2009 U.S.-backed coup that removed President Manuel Zelaya, 59 journalists have been assassinated in Honduras, with four of them being murdered just in 2016 alone.”

More evidence of collusion between “ISIS™” and our glorious new Freedom Fighters, the Kurds – “At least 150 Kurds from the Kurdistan Region have left the Islamic State (ISIS) and other Islamist groups over the past two years and some of them are under detention by Kurdish security forces, a religious affairs official disclosed.” (are these deserters who found out the Barzani clan wanted them to kill and maim civilians in their ethnic cleansing operation and refused to participate in it?)

Kurdistan: Rise of a Nation (yep) – “Recently Iraqi Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani announced that “the time has come for world leaders to rethink the boundaries of the Middle East and for the Kurds to have a state of their own in the region.” “In Iraq and in Syria where the state’s authority is collapsing, the Kurds are grabbing their opportunities.” (And what are we doing in Turkey? Destabilizing it of course… so the state’s authority there will collapse and allow the Kurds to grab more land opportunity)

Good turnout in the Syrian elections in spite of it being called a dictatorship – “The People’s Assembly elections for selecting 250 members from over 3,500 candidates from across all Syrian provinces began at 7 AM on Wednesday April 13th, with voters beginning to arrive at the voting centers early in the morning.”

Meanwhile… US-backed “moderates” continue killing civilians – “A source at the city told SANA that terrorists detonated an explosive device they had planted inside an electricity utility pole in Corniche neighborhood, injuring two civilians and causing minor material damage.”

Donald Trump says the GOP primary that he is currently turning into a Freak Show, is a disgrace –  “It’s a disgrace for the party. And Reince Priebus should be ashamed of himself. He should be ashamed of himself because he knows what’s going on.”

While no one is looking, Kiev starts shelling Donetsk again – “The settlement of Alexandrovka came under fire at night. Two houses were damaged by shrapnel, their roofs were hit. No civilians were injured or killed,” Donetsk News Agency quoted Zhukovsky as saying.

And yes… sadly… there is a nude painting of Donald Trump to rival that of Hillary Clinton.What a wonderful election this has turned out to be.

BEHOLD… it is the final sign of the apocalypse!

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