“Decision” 2016! Proves the Adage: If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

by Scott Creighton

The freak show that is “Decision” 2016! just got a little more surreal (or a little more revealing. However you look at it). Check these out:

Over in Wyoming, in the Forgotten Caucus, Bernie Sanders pulled off yet another win. That’s 8 of the last 9 for the elderly firebrand if anyone is still counting. But… guess who got the most delegates?


Bernie gets more votes: Killary gets more delegates. THATS DEMOCRACY AT WORK, FOLKS.

Yep. Bernie won by over 11% and yet Hillary Clinton got about 20% more delegates (don’t do the math. I suck at math)

How’s that for democracy in action?

With election rigging like that, who needs electronic voting machines like they have in the big primary states Hillary keeps “winning”?

And before you go all “conspiracy theorist!” on me, yes, it’s well known they are stealing the elections by rigging the primaries via the electronic voting machines. Hell, even controlled opposition Amy Goodman has been forced to cover it:

Wasserman makes a good argument in that interview but fails to mention the best example of how this system is best used. Alvin Greene.

That’s a case where a strong Democratic candidate for the S.C. senate seat, Vic Rawl, was opposed in the state’s primary by a nobody named Alvin Greene. He acted like a complete retard but he had a degree from the University of South Carolina and had been working as an intelligence officer for the military is South Korea before suddenly returning home to play the role of Lenny from Of Mice and Men in the primary contest.

With no real campaigning and no advertising, SOMEHOW Alvin Greene won the primary only so he could lose to the Republican candidate and allow him to hold onto his seat.

Alvin Greene:NoooooOOOooooOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOo!” Aug. 16th, 2010

Alvin Greene:GooooOOOOooooOOOOoooooOOOooooOOOOo!” Aug. 16th a few seconds later, 2010

Alvin was given all kinds of face-time on places like CNN to do his “full retard” act prior to the 2010 election and of course, the Republican won without having to rig that one.

The primary contest was so obviously rigged, the Rawl took it to court before the South Carolina Democratic Party. They did this prior to the general election.

Alvin Greene didn’t even bother to show up but several expert witnesses showed how the primary had been rigged so Alvin would win in spite of the fact that he was pretending to be an idiot and no one knew who he was.

Here’s a little twist: the Democratic Party big wigs ruled in favor of Alvin Greene in spite of the fact that the evidence of electronic voting machine rigging was overwhelming.

After this, “Alvin” went on to make a big ass of himself whenever he could in public. He even got himself a felony charge in the process by accosting a white woman at a local college. Alvin Greene is black. How’s that for making sure you will lose an election in South Carolina? Be a black man and make lewd and aggressive sexual advances toward a young white woman.  Yep. That’ll do it.

He could only have made it more obvious if he had been wearing a shirt on that ABC News interview that said “I Love Sharia Law”

This was 6 years ago folks. Six years ago the election rigging via primaries was made so painfully obvious few dared even cover it but there it is.

And of course, if you will notice, the Democratic Party of South Carolina went right along with the act allowing Greene to be their candidate instead of Rawls. Do you know why? Because Rawls wasn’t a New Dem. He wasn’t a neoliberal dem and the Republican candidate was all about that neoliberal ideology, so his own party tanked his candidacy in favor of someone from the opposing party who just happened to share the same economic ideology they did.

Back to today.

Over on the Republican side of things, it seems clear the Powers That Be have decided to run a contested convention this year as The Donald’s lead seems to be slipping away.

Televangelist Cruz is making a “surprise comeback” as he delivers every line he speaks with the authenticity of a snake oil salesman from 1850.  Or, should I say, with the authenticity of Alvin Greene circa 2010.

Do Republicans really want this hated fraud to be their representative in the general election? Are they really just voting for him in order to keep Trump from being their man?

Of course not.

Once the 1st ballot ends up not providing them with a clear winner and after a bit of a theatrical show of confusion and division, party elites will offer up a “responsible” candidate, probably someone who was in the election process earlier, and that will be their nominee in spite of the will of the Republican voters.

It will be him verses the ebil Killary and as this summer drags on, more and more of her sins will be exposed setting into motion a narrative which will explain why so few Dems get out and vote in November.

Or they will blame the Sanders crowd for being “ideologues”  (I’ve already heard Chris Mathews using that line) and not coming out to support Killary, which of course, most wont.

And that ladies and gentleman is how you will get the next President of the United States ‘elected’ into office.

Who that will be is anyone’s guess but I’m still betting on Jeb. They are going to stick someone in during the fiasco of the contested convention and after all, the Bush family has done it’s part in the neoliberalizing of America and “attention must be paid” as the story goes.

Either way, this is democracy in America today. Your vote doesn’t matter.  Mr. Twain had it right all along.

So sit back have a beer and watch the show. Or better yet… don’t. Let them have their little roadside production. They’re going to do what they do no matter what we say or think. Back in 2000, 2004 and 2010 they made that perfectly clear to anyone paying attention.

What do you do when your spoiled child throws a tantrum on the floor of a store because he wants you to buy him something? You ignore him. And that is what we should do. Either that or write in a candidate. Here’s one:

16 Responses

  1. That’s why I am writing in Vermin Love Supreme. He actually has a real platform beyond the free pony and teeth brushing silliness.


    Once I decided it was all entirely circus and the act of voting merely a placebo effect, I have been able to laugh off the ridiculousness and enjoy the clown acts.

    I’m hopeful we will see some spontaneous human combustion in the upcoming final acts. I’d vote for Hillary to be the first torch bearer.

  2. Reblogged this on Dreams of Liberty and commented:
    This is just ridiculous. Every voter is their own delegate.

    This has to stop now. Specially if Trump is robbed I can see this turning into a revolt.

  3. Oh God help us. The rabbit hole does not seem to have a bottom. I knew that grabbing the red pill and blue pill simultaneously before Morpheus could stop it and chasing them down with a fifth of bourbon was probably a bad idea … The world is drunken chaos.

  4. Reading, Writing. Arithmetic. Those were pretty solid. Even we could see the mistakes we made when we were shown.

    Art. Science. Well, we had to have the gift or the interest.

    History. Civics. Those were the head scratchers for a lot of us. Whenever they saw that going on, they went to ‘true or false’ answers to their tests

    • Hi Roy.

      Yeah, I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore. They don’t waste time with Art or Music or Civics or even much Reading Comprehension for most high school students these days. It’s all about the Math and Science. Need good employees don’t ya know. And the ones who don’t show an aptitude for calculus or C++, well, there’s always the trade schools or the military, right?

      I saw a study which showed a baby born 20 miles from another has a life expectancy that’s 13 years longer, simply due to economic environment. Bet they don’t teach that in your average high school civics classes these days. I wonder how long it will be before some charter school’s team name is the “Proles”

      Unfortunately, the students there wont be granted the education to know what their mascot name really means.

      • Hi, Scott.

        I don’t think it was so much the teachers. Teachers I’ve seen coming new to their jobs came to them excited, planing to teach.

        Whatever happened to their plans, I believe, came down from a higher level, but a level that lives in shit and loves it.


        Ours was a copper mining town, most of it’s ore coming out of a big open pit operation. At 3:00 pm of 26 straight days out of every 28, they ‘blasted’. The sky would darken some, and the air smell heavy of something like a mixture of dark yellow piss and sulfur.

        They paid good money, but all that other stuff might be catching up with me now

  5. No matter if Trump “wins” or “loses” at the scripted convention,this is a great opportunity for the TPTB to split the repubs,and form a controlled opposition third party,if they are so inclined.If Trump is just a foil,then he most likely will leave politics after this is over,and go back to his showbiz(and other things)career.This will leave the disaffected without an apparent leader,(maybe the C.I.A. could come up with someone, if they wanted to keep this going))and interest in an “alternative”(many times fake,I know) to the two party system could of course collapse like many times before.

  6. With all deference to fellow Missourian, Mr. Twain, I must confess that I did vote for Bernie Sanders in the past Missouri Primary. Here’s why:

    I decided to break my rule against ever voting in a national election again, ever. This Democrat primary I went to the polls and cast my vote for Bernie Sanders for the Democrat Party’s candidate for President. When you see exactly why I am doing that you will understand how it represents no repudiation of my stated election boycott.

    I know the degree to which the oligarchy is now so firmly entrenched that there is no longer any possibility of dislodging it by conventional means such as petitioning our representatives, voting, or even participating in pre-approved marches or demonstrations. Why then am I encouraging all cynical, progressive, anarchist friends to vote and even get out the vote for Bernie Sanders?

    It already looks like Bernie is well on his way to leading Hillary. In spite of eschewing big corporate donors, and a virtual press black out, it looks like he could win the Democrat primary were all the votes to be counted. Ah but there’s the rub.

    This will not be the first Democrat presidential election where the Party insiders ignored the will of their rank and file. I have watched that happen too often. You don’t need a crystal ball to know who the nominated candidate will be. We have known that for at least four years now. The candidate the Party will be nominating will be Hillary. She was promised it.

    The upcoming Party nominating convention will be as dramatic a ‘teaching moment’ as was the ’68 Convention in Chicago.
    The refusal of the Party to wake up and smell the napalm resulted in a sound defeat for Hubert Humphrey. He was nominated against the outcry of half the Party and most of the nation. The war had to go on no matter who the president was, no matter if the whole country went up in flames. Once again the Democrats think they can veto the will of the people, people who are fed up with the business as usual Democrat hypocrisy via war, trade, corporatocracy, environment, Wall Street, health care, spying, education, justice, press freedom, infrastructure, etc.

    I believe about as certainly as I do the sun will rise tomorrow that Hillary will be the candidate in the general election no matter how few votes she gets. Why then am I asking everyone to vote for Bernie? Do I enjoy dashing people’s hopes in this way?
    I want the people’s hopes dashed as completely as possible. I want them to see, as I have, exactly how unrepresentative our government and the Democrat Party have become. I want them to feel completely cheated, completely disenfranchised, completely turned off of our ‘democracy’ so they will begin looking at other alternatives to the whole stinking process. I want to make the fraud as obvious as possible. I want every man woman and corpse in the Cook County Cemetery to turn up at the caucuses and the voting booths in their state to vote for Bernie. I don’t want this to even be a close primary.

    Only by forcing the Democrat oligarchs to totally and flagrantly ignore the will of the people will we get a large enough mass of people ready for revolution, ready to start shutting the whole fucking system down. After Hillary gets the promised nomination, I want the people to be so pissed off that they will never want to have anything to do with either Party ever again. I want the door slammed so hard on the Democrat Party that, in the words of Herr Goebbels, “The universe will tremble.”

    • I was going to vote for him in the primary down here in Florida a couple weeks ago but then it turns out my photo ID has a different address than my voter registration card so that means I would have had to go fix one or the other before I could vote. I didn’t even know that was an issue til my mother told me and by then it was too late to do anything about it.

      I don’t see contributing to the primary process as being naive though, in spite of what I know to be their corrupt system. I wont vote for Hillary or Trump (of Jeb?) in the general election though and I kind of hope the numbers turn out to be historically low. That’s really the only message voting allows us to send anymore hence the “get out the vote” campaigns.

      I think they see voting as a kind of focus group for them. To gauge how well they are able to manipulate the masses. High turnout means success like attendance at any business opening. Low turnout means they are losing their grip. And that is what I hope we show them this time around.

      Honestly I don’t want too see the hopes of young people dashed, as you put it. It’s going to happen just like it happened to all those Obamaites who wanted “CHANGE” back in 2008. They are going to get out there and protest soon enough anyway. The question is, how many of us old farts are out there with them.

      Honestly I don’t think it is a close primary already. I know they are rigging the numbers in favor of Killary in the primaries and you can tell that by how close they are in states where she “won”

      I really would love to see the exit poll numbers in those states to be honest, but I know that’s not allowed after electronic voting machines came into play. Funny how that works ain’t it?

      • Willy or Roy,

        It is refreshing to find someone who gets the value of an election boycott. If I understand you correctly, you see it as a wake up call to get the oligarchs to respond to pressing needs that are not being addressed by either candidate. Sadly as Hedges has pointed out there is a diminishing influence the liberal middle class has on implementing the changes social protests and boycotts may demand. My reasons for a boycott are less sanguine. I see it as a way to implement a revolution and a start a chain of actions that will begin ultimately to dismantle/destroy the industrial state. The revolution will not be pretty or even habitable for most people but necessary to save the earth. Sustainable communities such as the one I am attempting to build in my own town here in mid-Missouri will be the only entities to survive and even prosper in a failing economy and an increasingly dysfunctional centralized federal government. Of course James Kunstler predicts that all this is quite likely to happen in the next ten years even without an election boycott. The stinking, sinking Ship of State will not last no matter what we do. That does not mean it will not do a lot more damage to the world before the final demise.

        You might enjoy reading Mark E. Smith’s essay on voting boycott. It lists all the reasons for NOT voting for illegitimate governments and refutes all the usual cliches connected with the lesser of two evils arguments.

        “Boycotting elections alone will not oust the oligarchy, but it is the only proven non-violent way to delegitimize a government.”

        “You’ve Got to Stop Voting” – by Mark E. Smith
        6/22/2014 1 Comment


        • I appreciate your thinking, deboldt, and your willing putting it out here, but I’ve got to tell you I’m going to vote for Bernie anyway. Can’t make it clear enough to tell you all the reasons why. I think my reasoning is ok, but my try to write it out will suck, and some bright someone is bound to slash it to bits.

          I’ll just say that his whole platform just rings with me. Haven’t heard anything like it from any major US candidate ever before, so I’m going to get behind him.

          Besides, it’ll only be one vote

  7. Scott, what do you think of Robert David Steele?

    • A libertarian who went on the Alex Jones show? Former CIA as well? Sounds perfect, right? I’m just kidding. I don’t know who he is. I would need to watch some of his interviews and read his book before I formulate an opinion of the guy. He’s not running this year is he? I remember him running years ago… 2012 maybe? What do you think about him?

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