Why I Support a Cruz or Trump Victory in November

by Scott Creighton

(this is a comment I left for someone this morning)

I’ve noticed the language used to describe Sanders supporters is getting harsher and harsher with every primary or caucus he wins. The language being used by the fake left that is.

They are described as “idealists” and “naive” because what they want, essentially what we all want, is supposed to be out of reach and not realistic in this country.

And to me, that coming from Hillary’s people and the MSM (all working off the same talking points memos by the way) says a lot about what they want this country to become. What they expect it too become.

If you listen, you can hear the Lewis Powell memo in their voices.

Chris Mathews is practically rabid at this point in his disdain for Sanders and his supporters. He’s not even trying to hide it anymore. He’s starting to sound more like Rush Limbaugh everyday.

“No… we can’t have real universal healthcare in this country like all the other Westernized nations!” “No! We can’t have free public education anymore!” “And God knows, we can’t really break up the Big Banks and bring back Glass-Steagall!!”

MSNBC even dug up Barney Frank yesterday and had him in a screaming match with an economist saying we couldn’t do anything against the Big Banks and we had no reason to.

What a sell-out that POS turned out to be.

It’s a very educational moment in our history, isn’t it? And the longer it goes on, the wider the divide between the factions of the left: the young and idealistic are siding with the left leaning of the proletariat against the “pragmatic” petite bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie elites of the Democratic Party.

In four more or eight more years, this divide could become permanent leaving the real liberals way out on the fringes, relegated to the territory of what the fascist right talking heads like Paul Joseph Watson (and Mussolini) call the “radical leftists” and that would certain make it easier for them to be demonized and rounded up like they have in pretty much every coup and regime change op our CIA has run for the past 60 years or so.

In my opinion, the left in this country needs some spiritual universal healthcare right about now and I figure the best medicine is an infusion of top-down fascism. Kinda like an antivirus.

That’s why I wont vote for Trump or Cruz, but I also wont vote for Hillary.

Yes, as I have written, Sanders has his issues, but at least on some of the main economic issues, he’s got the right ideas and has held them for most of his professional life. I give him credit for that and I give him credit for at least taking a swipe at Hillary, if not really attacking her all out, like he should be doing.

My position is clear on the subject of the upcoming election: we don’t have a real candidate to vote for on the left with the exception of Jill Stein perhaps, and so rather than continue with the dangerous left cover approach we have suffered with under ObamaGod, I would rather see a republican take office. That way the left would finally come back together and get out and protest like they should have been doing these past 8 years (they stopped when Obama became the nominee)

As soon as Hillary and Barack are “off the table” you will see the pragmatic side of the left embrace all the things they claimed were not realistic these past few years like they never gave up on them. They will become anti-war again. Anti-globalization. They will march in the streets right along with the naive left once again and even start financing these movements they look down their noses at now.

That’s the only way things are going to be accomplished. That’s the only way anything political has ever been accomplished. After all, we got our big “CHANGE” political revolution back in 2008 and how did that work out?

The “political revolution” Bernie keeps promising has got to move outside to the streets where it becomes uncomfortable and messy. I’m not talking about a Soros funded “Black Lives Matter” puppet show, I’m talking about a real, grass roots movement to fundamentally change how this corrupt system works and to stop it from taking us where it is headed.

And who better to motivate the rehabilitation of the left than televangelist Cruz or the TV star billionaire?

The establishment on the right is afraid that these guys represent the death of their ideology by either “shooting or poison” as Lindsey put it a while ago and I couldn’t agree more. They are the universal healthcare the left needs desperately right now and there is no other way to look at it. Four more years of left cover will decimate us.

The best thing for the left right now is Ted Cruz or The Donald, which is probably why they wont win.

9 Responses

  1. I agree with most of what you say. Our “left” leaning candidates don’t lean nearly far enough for me. But then I like some of the ideas James Corbett and Larken Rose put forward, such as voluntaryism. So I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do when November comes around.

    • I have my issues with Corbett, that’s for sure, but not as many as I have with that other “do away with the state” advocate and Cointelpro “activist”, Adam Kokesh. Is he still running for president 2020 on the “do away with the federal government” platform or has his guilty plea on those two felonies curbed his enthusiasm a bit?


      You do realize that doing away with the state is the ultimate goal of corporate fascism, right?

      • [this is “fer realz”… once again. The professional troll who wont take “no” for an answer. He’s been banned MULTIPLE times and I remove his comments when he leaves them.]

  2. While I agree with a lot of the points you raise here, I’m not optimistic that things would change. After eight years of Bush we ended up with Obama – not a big improvement.

  3. Yes, Scott. This is the clear thinking I come back for again and again.
    The Right establishment only wants to make sure it can continue to rule side-by-side with the Left establishment … the Washington Consensus, don’t ya know.
    And both establishments know Hillary is the right man for the job.
    Cruz is unelectable. The DT(s) however … maybe.
    And if that happens, then we do have a chance, a Hope, if you will … (but I’ll never vote for the DTs).

  4. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/04/08/why-trump-will-bust-out-the-usa/ I think a national bankruptcy/financial collapse,coupled with an unpopular war(staffed at least in part by conscripts) would be the events to get the American populace into the streets in protest.Unfortunately this might coincide with an attempt,using recently passed emergency powers, to establish an overt military dictatorship here,long a cherished fantasy of the fascist right.

    • i’m figuring they’ll blame the collapse on some foreign entity & ramp up the “america, fuck yeah!” propaganda for the next war. people always seem to fall for it.

  5. This conversation is in terms of left and right, which both truly are fake constructs. We understand and remember this, right? That’s why only a certain one of either Sanders or Trump is acceptable. That’s a clear argument, right?

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