U.S. ambassador to Turkey Admits Kurds Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing in Syria (and Turkey?) “under the guise” of Fighting “ISIS™”

by Scott Creighton

Yeah. Let’s arm these Kurdish “freedom fighters” so they can ethnically cleanse northern Syria! They look trustworthy, don’t they? They don’t look ANYTHING like the previous thugs we’ve use like al Qaeda or the Contras!

I’m a “conspiracy theorist” I am told because I have been writing for quite a while now about the Greater Kurdistan project and the attempt by various globalist entities to achieve their desired goals in the “New Middle East” project by breaking off pieces of Iraq, Syria and Turkey in order to form a brand new country run by a clan of neoliberal puppets who are currently acting dictators in Iraqi Kurdistan, the Barzani clan. That makes me (and the few other independent journalists covering this project, like Penny) a “conspiracy theorist”

Today, Amb. John Bass, made a statement which deserves some attention:

The U.S. ambassador to Turkey has called on Kurdish rebels to lay down arms and end violence in Turkey.

Ambassador John Bass also said Thursday that the United States does not provide weapons to a Syrian Kurdish militia group, which is affiliated with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party – or PKK.

Bass said Washington was sensitive to Turkey’s concerns over the Syrian Kurdish militia group and opposed any efforts by the group to change the demography of northern Syria “under the guise” of battling the Islamic State group. It was a reference to Turkish accusations that the Syrian Kurdish group is purging the area of Arabs and Turkmens. WBAL

Imagine that. The US ambassador to Turkey admits that the precious new “freedom fighters”, the Kurds, are actually trying to “change the demography of northern Syria” (and of course, by extension, Turkey) while pretending to be fighting “ISIS™”

What does “change the demography of northern Syria” translate to? “Ethnic cleansing

And WHY do we ethnically cleanse certain areas? Well, we do that in preparation of nation building. The same reason it has ALWAYS been done (right Israel?)

Here are some more of Obama’s Kurdish Freedom Fighters! Notice they never show you what they are shooting at? EVER FUCKING WONDER ABOUT THAT?

This ambassador doesn’t seem to be up on current events. It’s well known that our State Department, military and intelligence agencies support the new “freedom fighters” in “Syrian Kurdistan” and Iraq and we supposedly use them for the fight against “ISIS™” to this very day.

The PKK, meanwhile, is not showing any sign of stopping its attacks. It seems to rely on a newly founded, indirect “alliance” with the U.S. through the People’s Defense Units (YPG), the Syrian Kurds who have become the “useful idiots” for Washington in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)Hurriyet Daily

It’s been well known since late 2015 that we have been arming the Kurds in Syria as they’ve been ethnically cleansing northern Syria “under the guise” of fighting “ISIS“. That is not a controversial statement.

The United States will supply arms, equipment and air support to Syrian Arab and Kurdish groups already fighting the so-called Islamic State (IS) on the ground in Syria, the White House and Pentagon announced Oct. 9. al Monitor

So we have been arming the Kurds and using them as our new “Freedom Fighters” in Syria.

Of course, the Republican candidates hadn’t figured it out by then, but they were all for it.

We need to arm directly the Kurds… The Kurds are the greatest fighting force and our strongest allies,” former Florida governor Jeb Bush said, answering a question regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposal to halt Muslim immigration to the United States. “We need to be arming the Kurds. We need to be fighting and killing ISIS where they are,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded, to a question on the campaign in Syria and Iraq.

We seem to be afraid to give the Kurds weaponry,” Ben Carson, noting that Kurdish forces had been successful in eradicating the Islamic State from northern Sinjar, Iraq: “Do the same kind of thing that we did with Sinjar a few weeks ago, working with our embedded special forces with the Kurds, shut off the supply route, soften them up, then we go in with specials ops followed by our air force to take them over.” Brietbart

Forgive me for pointing this out, but it seems “the guise” of them (the new Kurdish Freedom Fighter darlings) fighting “ISIS™” isn’t coming from the Kurds themselves as much as it’s coming from the Obama administration and the war-mongering Republicans.

The Turkish ambassador can protest all he wants, but it seems pretty clear that we have been supporting and arming our new proxy army in Syria WHILE they have been busy ethnically cleansing northern Syrian making ready for what is happening right now: Syrian Kurdistan (take notice of the last sentence):

Fehim Tastekin this week examines the declaration of “the Federal Democratic System of Rojava and Northern Syria, [which] would have a population of about 4 million and would incorporate Rojava’s three cantons — Jazeera, Kobani and Afrin — as well as Tell Abyad and areas in northern Aleppo province that have been recaptured by Kurdish forces.”

Tastekin explains, “This structure is being worked out by the Kurdish political movement despite Turkey’s threats. The Kurds are leading the creation of popular assemblies in places where Kurds are in the majority and the creation of constituent assemblies (councils of elders) elsewhere. For example, the first congress of the Sheba region convened Jan. 28 and declared that it only recognizes the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) set up by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Arab and Turkmen groups, and the Democratic Syrian Assembly that was formed to send a delegation to the Geneva peace talks. Also, after ridding Tell Abyad of IS, the Kurds established a 113-member assembly and an executive council made up of seven Arabs, four Kurds, two Turkmens and one Armenian. … Despite its enmity toward the PYD, the Kurdish National Council, supported by Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani, is pro-federalism for a model.” al Monitor, April 3, 2016

Today, in spite of Amb. Bass’s denial, Washington and Russia share a common interest in seeing Condi Rice’s “new Middle East” spawn in the place of part of 3 different sovereign states: Iraq, Syria and Turkey. This has been the plan for a very long time and it continues today as it is apparently the real legacy President Peace Prize intends to leave behind.

Ralph Peter’s version of Condi Rice’s New Middle East from 2003.

Greater Kurdistan. Free Kurdistan. (Israel?) (Oh no. Did he go there?)It’s all the same. A left-cover nation building exercise which depends on plenty of new Freedom Fighters, a lot of ethnic cleansing and the golden silence brought about by calling anyone who dares talk about it a “conspiracy theorist”

Once again, President Obama is continuing right along with the Bush/Cheney plan for total hegemony in the Middle East. Just one more in a long list of Bush policies President CHANGE has adopted as his own.

You can argue all you want about the need to regime change Erdogan but you can’t argue that Greater Kurdistan is the plan and he stands in the way of it. So when you write about Recep being Satan or Hitler, just remember what you’re doing, and who you are doing it for.

Yep. Once again, the conspiracy theorists got it right and had it right all along. Cudos to you Penny. Go f*ck yourself Lendman.

And that’s all I got too say about that.


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  1. it makes me wonder if the Kurds are another patsie for the war mongers

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