Moving Moms

by Scott Creighton

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been writing much these last couple of days. That’s because I’ve been helping my new roomie move in and get settled here in the homestead. My dear old moms has moved in. She’s cooking a pot roast as I write this… at 10:30am…. breakfast pot roast.

Just so you know, I’m not giving up or deliberately cutting back on my work here, just been a little preoccupied the last couple of days. I need to get back into the rhythm of writing and responding to emails and that will happen over the next day or so.

(BTW… thank you William and Ann. I will be zapping an email to you guys later today.)

Hell, I might even try a video again (Windows wont update older operating systems like 7 Professional that I use because they want to force folks to switch to 10, which I refuse to do. So, my older video card and motherboard have issues and I get the blue screen of death when I try to render videos. Been like that since before Christmas when the Windows 10 push started in earnest. But, I figured out, if you lie to Windows and say you will upgrade to 10, the first thing it does is update your current operating system… and they you just cancel the upgrade after the update. hee hee hee. Fuck Windows.)

I’ve finally finished setting up her room and my office/BR and have a few more kinks to work out today but we’re getting there.

Anyway, just letting you know. I’m not running away, just digging in I guess. With Grandma Janet. So say a little prayer for us and hopefully I wont end up on the 6 O’clock news with some neighbor saying “he seemed like such a nice man…”

12 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work. Your posts are always welcome at my IN Box!

  2. Thanks Scott. Yum, breakfast pot roast! We will await your Panama Papers insights.

  3. Hey Scott,

    Enjoy the home cooking!

    • [this is “fer realz”… once again. The professional troll who wont take “no” for an answer. He’s been banned MULTIPLE times and I remove his comments when he leaves them.]

  4. Scott – just wanted to say thanks for explaining what is going on when FR tags your walls – much better than “comment deleted” or “removed by moderator.” I hate censorship, but from what I’ve seen from your blog, you have always been up front with all of us skeptics, the transparency is much appreciated. Not to mention, it’s kind of a compliment every time someone spends real, actual money to try to undermine or distort your message. Anytime FR stops by I take another look to see what possibly could be irritating his employer(s).

    I’ve noticed your writings reflect a contentedness not seen from you in all the days (7+ years) I’ve read this blog. Please extend my thanks to your mom. Believe it or not, your mood has more influence on the readers’ world outlook/sentiment than you would think.

    • Hi. First of all, thanks for reading and sticking with the website all these years.

      I guess I should have posted editorial remarks about other comments he left like I did with these rather than just removing them. I think I did explain it a couple of times, but you are right, it does make more sense letting readers know why I am having to removing his trivial little snipish comments over and over again. I will keep that in mind the next time he shows up with another persona.

      I don’t know that I feel contented. I guess it might look that way because they haven’t staged another American Gladio event recently or launched another humanitarian intervention some where in the Middle East as of late (Turkey will be the next one, I’m sure). Our two little “trade agreements” seem to be on the back burner until the lame duck congress and Obama is practically out the door, so that little break keeps my blood pressure down a bit I guess.

      I am trying to avoid playing into the divisiveness of the current presidential WWE Smackdown event. I guess you’ve noticed I’m not taking real shots at anyone except Killary and that’s only because it looks like she might be the heir apparent (though… I hate too say it… but I wonder if they still aren’t playing for a Jeb Bush White House with this upcoming contested convention???)

      As for my personal life, things are WAY up in the air right now and I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next few months. Could be really bad and I haven’t mentioned that much at all but I will once it goes one way or the other.

      I’ll tell you one thing that does have me feeling a little better about the world we live in, and that is the success of the Sanders campaign. I know he’s not a real socialist and I know in the end he will stand next to Killary and lend her his support… I understand all of that. I know his record of supporting interventions when done by fake liberals is atrocious. I get all of that. But, people have to remember, years ago when I was posting his senate rants, few people took any notice back then. He was saying the same stuff, but no one got, or if they did, they just brushed it off thinking it was “pie in the sky” idealism. Today, we see he’s not “fringe”… his ideas aren’t “out there”… they are held by a majority of left, which is pulling them back to the real left. And even Killary is having to mouth the same words in order to maintain an appearance of relevancy.

      Of course you know I’m from the Chris Hedge, Bruce Dixon school of thought regarding this and that is too say his candidacy is doomed due to the rigged election system and the corporate DNC neoliberals and his “political revolution” is therefore a pipe dream. He is right. The system is corrupt to it’s core. So much so, you can’t change it from within. That’s just a fact. Look at last night. He won WI by 14% and only scored 3 more delegates than she did. And with her “super delegates” build in election rigging gimmick, those 3 earned delegates mean nothing… right along with the will of that 14% of the WI voters.

      So the “political revolution” is nothing more than a skip down the yellow brick road, designed to bolster voter turnout and therefore give the IMPRESSION that democracy is alive and well here in the states, when it is anything but. What happens when Bernie gets to Oz? Does he pull back the curtain or stand in front of it raising the puppet’s hand? I guess we will find out.

      That said, it is refreshing too see a plurality of people in this country talking about things like “free trade” agreements and military adventurism and unfairly lopsided election processes here in the states. Seems like the limited scope of allowed discourse has opened up a bit. And that is a good thing. Of course, it wont stop them from enacting the TPP and the TTIP but it’s a good start.

  5. Give your mom a huge hug for me. I just lost mine unexpectedly at the grand old age of 87. An immigrant from Ireland in the early 50s… and an immensely warm and caring soul. As far as the panama papers…I smell a devious undertaking…within the bowels of the deep state.

  6. Scott – I too am moving my mother-in-law to a house behind mine. It’s nice to have good people close. Family and community are important these days. While we don’t always support you monetarily, we support your idea’s and stance on issues. I lost my 15 year old daughter to cancer 18 months ago, the support from family, neighbors, church and community help my family pull thru the hard time and that emotional support continues today. I dedicated a recent Rosary service to you when you were hospitalized. We gather on Sunday’s for that service.

    • Thank you very much. I am so sorry about your daughter. I cannot imagine the loss you must feel. Its good to know you had/have a strong network of support to help you and your family through such a difficult time. People are drawn to each other in times of crisis… personal or national. It’s in our DNA I guess. Maybe what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature”

      This is kinda what this website has always been about. Not just chronicling the fall of the Great Experiment but rather bringing people together who see the world the same way or at least, see elements of it the same way, and giving them a community to be a part of outside of the propaganda and divisiveness that is the corporate MSM.

      What offended me the most over the years of doing this is when I saw people come together to help one another and that support is stolen or derailed by those in power who have somehow detached themselves from that part of us that makes us human. The Clintons stealing the Haitian Relief Fund is one example or watching Obama and John Kerry install a coup in Egypt after the first election in that country provided them with not only a president of their choosing, but also a new constitution that set into law ideals of social justice and economic liberty for the people of the country. And all of that was washed away in favor of IMF austerity schemes by a dictator of our choosing.

      I hate to talk about political ideas in response to such a personal comment, but you know, a common theme that I always end up going back to is the notion that they set all of this in motion back in 71 with the Lewis Powell memo. He railed against the leftist ideology, the anti-corporate, anti-war wave of dissent that was rising in the country at the time. The point of that memo, that corporate manifesto, was too say they not only have to defeat the groups and individuals who are leading the charge against them, but they have to change the way the American people view each other and make it more in line with the cold callus way they view the world. The plan was to take charge of schools, newspapers and other influential institutions (like churches) and mold them into systems that would produce “right thinking” citizens. That was the birth of all of these corporate-backed think tanks who sit around all day long trying to think of ways to get Americans to stop listening to the better angels of their nature.

      Here we are in this one little corner of the “interwebs”. One little corner of 14 million corners and we find we are a community. We may have different ideas about one thing or another but something binds us together. And now we are starting to notice that our little corner isn’t as “fringe” as they used to tell us it was. In fact, given the success of the anti-establishment candidates in the current political side show, it seems to me our fringe is downright mainstream.

      All these years I have written that I know the plans of these monsters will fail and I know it will fail because of people like you and the networks of support you have. What they want us to be is not in our nature and it will never be in our nature. We are connected, one to another, in so many ways that are intangible to them because they simply lack the empathy to understand it. Try as they might to sound authentic (like Cruz and Killary?) they don’t speak the language, they just mouth the words fed to them by someone who thinks they understand them. It’s the blind leading the blind and we see through them.

      I think in some ways it’s instinct. We sense they are lacking something in their genetic makeup perhaps. Or we just know they are full of shit. Whatever it is, our networks grow stronger every day and though it may seem for a while that we are losing ground as they work to shut us off one from the other, the fact is, they are learning that they can’t. They are learning that they are losing in their 50 year plan to turn us into them.

  7. Scott,
    I submitted a comment last night but it never showed up. this happened before and i am not sure why. Not exactly a horrific injustice like amuricun foreign policy but rather curious where the comments end up!. thanks.

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