21st Century Gladio: EU admits plot for FEDERAL superstate and describes Brussels attacks as an ‘opportunity’

from Express UK

Gianni Pitella, leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament, claimed the attack’s on the Belgian capital’s metro system and airport showed the need for even closer integration of the 28 member nations of the bloc.

He also called for a “European Intelligence Agency” (subordinate sister agency to the CIA) to be set up to strengthen the EU’s defenses against extremists.

Critics warned that his outburst laid bare the ambitions for an European super-state held by many EU supporters and highlighted the long-term dangers of Britain staying tied to Brussels.

Mr Pitella’s remarks came in an interview with the EU news website Euractiv.

He said: “Paradoxically, the terrorism threat and the migration crisis could turn out to be an opportunity to finally turn Europe into a fully political Union.

“The sooner we realise that we all need greater European integration, the better we will be able to protect citizens’ security and freedom,” said the politician, whose Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats is the second biggest political grouping in the European Parliament.”In front of tragedies such as those that took place in Paris and Brussels, European leaders should put aside their national selfishness and be ready to think and act differently.”

Mr Pitella said that EU leaders “must deliver a European Intelligence Agency” to improve cooperation between European spy networks in the fight against extremism.

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2 Responses

  1. Oh man oh man – OK. I appreciate the downsides to the EU as an undemocratic political block, and I appreciate your take on the clandestine manipulation/control of Gladio-style incidents to bolster the power of the police state and intelligence industrial complex in Europe and elsewhere.

    But pleeeease don’t tell me you on side with Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, The Sun and The Express and have bought into the pro-Brexit b.s. propaganda from Murdoch, Farage and the other swivel-eyed right-wing loons 😦 😦

    This one is close to my heart as I’m a UK citizen myself. Sure, the ultra-federalists like Gianni Pitella are in their own way a bunch of a**holes but their pro-integration agenda is and has been for decades out in the open and a matter of public record, and these comments trying to spin the Brussels/Paris attacks and refugee situation in favour of an integrationist agenda are hardly the “shocking revelation” of a “secret brussels plot”.

    The integrationists are trying to put a positive spin on things because they are at the moment in a state of panic about the fact they are losing badly in the current political climate here in Europe. Schengen is screwed now, and right-wing isolationist Eurosceptic parties are on the rise everywhere.

    You really think the manipulation of the refugee situation (“weapon of mass migration”) and what are quite probably Gladio-style intelligence manipulations behind the recent attacks are designed to *strengthen* EU integration ?!?!

    TBH I’m a bit shocked to see you linking to the Express here.

    As far as I can tell (and I admit it’s hard to analyse) the intention of these events is the precise opposite of what’s suggested by these desperate comments of the integrationists – namely we are witnessing an attempt by a strong power block in the American foriegn policy establishment, (Neocons, Murdoch etc) to break the power of the European foreign policy establishment by breaking up the EU through a series of “soft” color-revolutions.

    Divide and conquer and replace the EU with a loose association of Nationalistic right-wing “neo-liberalised” night-watchman/libertarian states that are more subservient in economic terms to corporate power under the ISDS/TTIP model, and in security terms to NATO, the aim being to remove the obstacles to US foreign policy aims that coordinated EU foreign policy has been throwing up recently. For example, the opposition to economic sanctions against Russia, the groundswell of support for recognition of Palastinian statehood, ambivalence on Syria etc…

    It seems to me at least, that the gambit here from a US foreign policy perspective is to objectively weaken their strongest ally, western Europe, in exchange for greater control over the actions of that ally on the international stage, a kind of short-termist, destructive beggar-thy-neighbour move born of a desire to bolster US hegemony for as long as possible in the emerging multi-polar world and to clientalise Europe in the struggle with Russia and China, rather than letting a more independent stronger Europe serve as a bridge between the three poles.

    Certainly the refugee situation and Brussels style attacks provide plenty of fodder for the pro-Brexit media to whip up xenphobia amongst the voting public in the UK, and at the moment they seem to be winning.

    Hopefully the palace, which represents the more traditional small-c/paleo conservative Euro-aligned establishment will send the Mi5 guys round to quietly fix the referendum result in favor of the status quo and the Murdoc/Neocon led color revolution will fail. OK I’m joking, but only half-joking about this…

    Willy, can you clarify your position on Brexit? Do you really think it would be a good thing?

    As you can tell, I clearly don’t – I hold the opposite opinion. I still think you’re one the absolute best truly independent journalists out there and greatly appreciate your work, so this is of course all in the spirit of constructive criticism…

  2. BDS another great example – as you just pointed out yourself…

    “EU orders consumer warning labels on goods produced in Israeli occupied lands”

    Another good reason for neo-cons/neo-libs to want to break up the EU and silence it’s foreign policy establishment…

    I mean c’mon – if Rupert Murdoch wants something that badly, it can hardly be a good thing, right?

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