The Donald Hands Killary an Early Election Present

by Scott Creighton

In 2008 the majority of the general population of the U.S. was angry about the illegal Iraq invasion and occupation. It was a point of contention on the right just as it was on the left. So what did the Republican Party decide to run against the Democratic Party nominee? John “the Flaming Warmonger” McCain.

In 2012 people were up in arms about how an out of control financial sector deliberately destroyed our economy so they could reap the harvest of unending bailouts and rampant banking consolidation schemes. Republicans and Democrats alike lost massive amounts of their 401ks and many even lost their homes in the recession/depression brought on by the hedge-funders and banksters. So what did the Republican Party decide to run against President Peace Prize? Mitt “the Mormon Vulture Capitalist” Romney.

Here we are in 2016 and the tide has turned against the billionaire class and the undemocratic influence they have in politics. It’s a major part of Bernie’s platform, so much so, even Killary is forced to get in on the act. It’s the major theme of the Republican front-runner’s campaign as well. But what is he? A billionaire. Trying to get into politics.

Anyone notice a theme developing here?

It wasn’t that different back in 2000 and 2004. In 2000 the people, even the left, were getting sick of Slick Willy so the Dems ran his VP, a man so lacking in character and personality, that deficit became his defining trademark. And in 2004, when over half the country was singing “how great we are because we killed Saddam” along with “Let the Eagle Soar” the “We’ll Put a Boot Up Your Ass”, when we were banning the sale of French Fries because the French didn’t support our illegal invasion of Iraq, the Dems decided to put forward a candidate who famously threw his medals on the steps of congress back when he still had a soul and was a hippy peace activist.

Today we have billionaire celebrity “reality” TV star and professional wrestler Donald Trump making ready to lose an election to the presumptive nominee from the fake left, Hillary Clinton and nobody bats an eye every time he does something to disenfranchise yet another large segment of the voting population.

How many times to you have to hear Killary say “he’s not a serious candidate” before you understand that’s he’s not?

She’s been quoting an American poet the last couple of days everywhere she goes, talking about Trump. “When someone tells you who they are, you should take their word for it”

I agree completely, but with a little twist: When someone on the inside tells you what’s going on, you should take their word for it.

Right at the time when it seems inevitable that Killary is going to be his competition, The Donald’s “campaign” (if you want to call it that) has entered the “let’s insult women as much as we can” phase. A couple weeks ago The Donald decided to threaten to “expose” Ted Cruz’s wife by laying out her Wiki page for all who cared to pay attention and then his campaign manager grabbed some reporter from Drudge of all places and did their level best to call her a liar with every breath they could muster until The Donald’s own staff release a video of his doing just that. The Donald stuck by his man. After all, who are his fans going to believe? Him or their lying eyes.

Then yesterday The Comb-over decided to step it up a notch and he said, off the cuff, that he would favor punishing women for having abortions.

That story is custom made for the first female president, don’t you think? I mean, aside from running against a war-monger in 2008 and a vulture capitalist in 2012, it don’t get any easier than that.

You notice no one paid attention to a couple of other statements made yesterday?

John Kasich uttered what I call “the voice of Gladio” when he said the following to Anderson “Mockingbird” Cooper at a CNN town-hall meeting:

KASICH:  … Secondly, of course, I think, Anderson, that we need really good worldwide intelligence.  I think that the lemons we’re seeing can be turned into lemonade and I think a president of the United States can rally the civilized world to destroy these folks who are intent on destroying us.

And secondly, we talked about NATO.  That was another thing I talked about.  We need to change NATO from not just a military organization, but an intelligence-gathering and also a policing organization that works across boundaries.

… Now, look, it’s really important that we get these countries to pitch in and do more.  They’ll never do as much as we want.  I mean, I lived through a whole time when we would push them, pressure them.

Part of the problem is it’s their governments over there.  You know, there is too much socialism, there is too much political correctness.  That’s why they didn’t even catch this thing in Brussels.  And you know that the screw-ups that we saw with the intelligence. CNN

No one noticed. No one cared. Blame the socialists for false flag terrorism across Europe while talking about changing “their governments over there” and no one bats an eye at that. But talk about potential penalties for abortions and everyone goes crazy in this country.



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4 Responses

  1. How low can the show go?

    With a recent poll showing almost 2/3 of Americans supporting torture, it appears as if all the election hate fear and rage is working.
    A whopping 82% of Republicans support torture and even the so called peace loving Democrats are over 50% in favor of torture.
    If people are really that dumb and evil they deserve both Trump and Hillary, maybe the winner could appoint the loser as VP.

    Also an interesting article at RT with Assad speaking clearly about Erdogan and his terrorist acts.

  2. First off, It wasn’t a ‘reporter from Drudge’…. Michelle Fields worked for Breitbart. Secondly, the crux of this issue isn’t whether she was “grabbed”, but that she lied about what happened. Fields claimed she was “thrown to the ground” aggressively by Lewandowski and that it was the ‘most traumatic thing thats ever happened to her’ other than her fathers death. From the videos released since Fields made these intial claims it’s very clear how she was “grabbed” was par for the course for any reporter covering a presidential candidate in a crowded venue. Not to mention the fact this is a candidate who’d been getting a barrage of death threats over the prior weeks thanks to the nonstop agitprop demonization by MSM. If Hillary, Bernie, or Cruz received even one similar death threat it would be reported nonstop. Honest brokers can clearly see that this was yet another in a long line of pathetic attempts by MSM and political hacks to demonize Trump by misrepresenting and/or exaggerating the situation, exactly like you’re doing here in this post.

  3. Well, no.

    More like a setup.

    I just love watching these media douche bags suffer.

    Will they run Bernie if it becomes clear Killary can’t beat ‘im?

    I dunno… but rest assurred these deep statershave all their bases covered.

    Then if all else fails they have war and assasination.

  4. Speaking of Killary’s missive concerning Trump’s unseriousness…

    What else would her magi-politicos tell her? She has too many enemies. Think of tarot. Trump has an occulted meaning.

    The fix is in but I think it’s for Trump. American elites need to retrench and he is the candidate to do it. Failing that Bernie could still pull it off if it becomes necessary.

    You have admire these master manipulators, on some level. Look at all the infighting. The only thing that seems impossible is a proper alliance of left and right, on the laundry list of things we can agree upon.

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