John Kasich Speaks in the Voice of Gladio During CNN Town-hall Meeting

by Scott Creighton

John Kasich, the “responsible” Republican candidate, went full Gladio yesterday in his town hall meeting with Anderson “Mockingbird” Cooper and no one noticed because of The Donald’s abortion comment.

Some of you might recall, Gladio was an operation after WWII where we created stay behind terrorist groups in various European nations who used acts of terror to destabilize countries that our business leaders thought were drifting too far to the socialist side as a reaction to defeating the fascist Nazi invasions. Bombings, kidnappings, mass shootings… it was all on the table and they created fake terror organizations in order to undermine the confidence of the people that they had in their government. That was the point. It’s not ‘conspiracy theory’, it’s history.

And it’s apparently history that is repeating itself.

KASICH:  … Secondly, of course, I think, Anderson, that we need really good worldwide intelligence.  I think that the lemons we’re seeing can be turned into lemonade and I think a president of the United States can rally the civilized world to destroy these folks who are intent on destroying us.

And secondly, we talked about NATO.  That was another thing I talked about.  We need to change NATO from not just a military organization, but an intelligence-gathering and also a policing organization that works across boundaries.

… Now, look, it’s really important that we get these countries to pitch in and do more.  They’ll never do as much as we want.  I mean, I lived through a whole time when we would push them, pressure them.

Part of the problem is it’s their governments over there.  You know, there is too much socialism, there is too much political correctness.  That’s why they didn’t even catch this thing in Brussels.  And you know that the screw-ups that we saw with the intelligence. CNN

“Lemons”? People are dying in terrorist attacks and he’s calling them “lemons” and thinking OUT LOUD how we can profit from these attacks and their suffering by making “lemonade”?

I have repeatedly written that the point of the Brussels false flag attack was to implement a kind of USA Patriot Act across the whole of Europe and to force left leaning nations to get on board the fascist train with the rest of the Westernized nations prior to the TTIP being dropped on the people of Europe like the Miracle of Chile was dropped on the people of that nation back in ’73.

Here we have the “moderate” choice in the Republican primary field basically calling for fascism across the whole of Europe because, as he puts it, the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium are the fault of “socialism”

I wonder if he thinks George W Bush’s failure to catch 9/11 before it happened was because of all that “socialism” he and Dick Cheney practiced.

That, folks, is Gladio. Pure and simple. The root of Gladio was to either force left leaning nations to move to the far-right or replace them altogether. And that is exactly what “moderate” John Kasich is talking about.

This is an outrageous statement coming from a contender to the crown and no one notices. No one cares. Unbelievable.

The people of Europe should be terrified when presidential candidates in the sole superpower start channeling Gladio again and the only thing American citizens care about is what The Donald says about abortion.

The people of Europe should be terrified. The people of America should be mortified.


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2 Responses

  1. Kasich is no moderate. They’re all tools and puppets. He’s just not as boisterous as Trump, which by comparison makes him seem “serious.”

  2. This will make him the puppetmasters’ VP choice. Meet the new dick; same as the old dick.

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