A Dialogue Concerning the ONE Chief World System: Heresy and Anathema to Follow

by Scott Creighton

Back in 1642, a man died in his home in which he had been under house arrest for the previous 9 years. His crime? He argued and taught a theory that this planet revolved around the sun and therefore wasn’t the center of the known universe. Obviously, that man was Galileo Galilei and he was tried and convicted of heresy by the Roman Catholic Inquisition in 1633.

Galileo was given a choice: recant and renounce your theory in public or be crucified. He chose the former and thus, the first “debunking” of a scientific heresy was born.

Galileo Galilei was brought before the Inquisition for heresy, but abjured his views and was sentenced to house arrest, under which he spent the rest of his life. Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy”, namely of having held the opinions that the Sun lies motionless at the centre of the universe, that the Earth is not at its centre and moves, and that one may hold and defend an opinion as probable after it has been declared contrary to Holy Scripture. He was required to “abjure, curse and detest” those opinions” Wiki

There are a number of issues that are considered heresy today. You simply aren’t allowed to speak of them without being shamed, shunned or even excommunicated from various societal communities.

  • 9/11 Truth
  • JFK assassination
  • Global Warming scam as mechanism to impose global control on industrialization
  • Election fraud via electronic voting machines
  • War crimes committed by Bush and Obama
  • The advancement of the New World Order as “globalization”
  • The history of the corrosive effects of free market enterprise
  • The CIA’s fascist efforts across the world since it’s inception
  • “ISIS” as a proxy army run by CIA against Assad government
  • Vaccines may cause autism in a certain percentage of children
  • The privately owned central bank system at the core of the Global War OF Terror
  • Neo-feudalism
  • The One Party “democracy” here in America
  • Criminal Israeli policy toward Gaza and the West Bank and their crimes against humanity

Some might say that I am drawing a false equivalency by comparing what happened to Galileo to what is going on today, but I think I’m not so far off.

Back then, the Roman Catholic church had it’s “experts” as well who all stated, the vast MAJORITY of them, that the church’s opinion on the science was the valid one and that Galileo’s writing presented a direct threat to the stability of the community and thus it posed a threat to the “national security” of the country. After all, without a strict adherence to the doctrines of the church, the people would regress to an animal state, observing none of the church’s laws and chaos would ensue. There would be rape and pillaging and people mating with sheep and society would crumble under the weight of … the truth. So of course, for the Greater Good, Galileo had to recant under threat of torture and murder and thus, the first debunking of a scientific theory was born.

It’s a funny thing about heresy and, more to the point, anathema: they can have a drastic effect on the advancement of science like nothing else can. Not even your glorious “free markets” can do that.

Is it really so surprising that the vast majority of scientists back in those days spent so much time and effort proving the universe revolved around the Earth? Even if they weren’t crucified for agreeing with Galileo’s theory, they would be excommunicated and professionally shunned so they would end up destitute paupers begging on the side of the road.

And THEN they would be crucified.

Today we have a similar system in place, minus the Crucifixion part of course.

In fact, with “the internet of everything” and the soon to be implemented “cashless society”, the system of repression they are setting in place is potentially far, far worse.

While the message has always been “you better get your mind right, boy”, today they are actively constructing a system that will be able to monitor and categorize your discussions, comments, Tweets, “likes”, page views and even your thoughts so they will be able to determine if your mind really is right, or if you’re just going through the motions: going along to get along.

Speaking or writing heresy is one thing: quietly thinking it is another. Thought-crime in other words.

“It’s not enough to fear Big Brother… you have to love him.”

Scientists who question the orthodoxy of man-made Global Warming are denied grants and professional advancement.

Architects and engineers who question the official collapse story of 9/11 are labeled “terrorist sympathizers”.

Teachers who simply raise questions about various American Gladio operations are fired from tenured positions along with other professors who speak out against Israel’s policies toward the people of Gaza and the West Bank.

And of course you have comments like this one left yesterday on my article about Robert De Niro being forced to cancel a showing of an anti-vaccine documentary during a film festival he started himself (De Niro is the parent of a child with autism):

“I have done an amazing amount of research over many years, but i have not come across any study besides the one done by the doctor from England who admitted the study was not performed scientifically and he had made up most of the data. He has since been stripped of his degree. The only other citations I have found are all opinion pieces and not based in scientific reality. ” aerwynflynn

Anathema or the “exclusion from the society of the faithful because of heresy“, is a very real thing in our global society today. Having run a website like this one for the past 8+ years and signed my real name to my work, I can certainly attest to that. So can people like James Tracy, Cynthia McKinney, Phil Donahue or Norman Finkelstein just to name a few.

We are being conditioned to accept the notion that we must have faith in our leaders and the global system they are currently working on creating and if we don’t, if we ask questions about the events that are shaping our lives and our futures or we ask questions about the orthodoxy of the “science” that forms the foundation of various Geo-political agendas they are pursuing, then we are labeled as heretics, as “conspiracy theorists” and cast out from society to fend for ourselves.

What’s more frightening is the normalization of the notion that it’s acceptable to silence those who raise questions about such topics in the interest of “national security”

When informed debate is no longer in the interest of the Greater Good, you have to be concerned.

Take yesterday’s article for example.

When I posted it, I didn’t do so because I come down on the vaccination debate one way or the other. If I had to admit now which side I agree with the most, I would say the anti-vax position because I don’t believe anything should be mandated by the government for purchase from private businesses. Especially when the legislation enacted to do that gives those same for-profit companies blanket immunity from lawsuits resulting from harm caused by those products. I also know for a fact that any company is going to do cost benefit analysis of their product and if it causes problems in a small percentage of their clients then they would weight that against the cost of fixing it and the lawsuits rising from it, and if they profit more from keeping things the same, that’s what they do. Since they are immune from being sued, I guess that makes their choice easier, doesn’t it.

And there are trillions of dollars to be made once Big Pharma gets laws making vaccines mandatory across the country.

I also know for a fact that vaccines have been used for extremely nefarious purposes in various other countries in the past and you cannot deny that.

But in the end, I am single and do not have children. So I don’t know if I would vaccinate them or not and thus I can’t say 100% that I am against them. I am against them being FORCED on people, on children, by for-profit companies and the fascist governments that work for them. But beyond that, I am neutral.

That said, yesterday’s article wasn’t about the vaccine debates. It was about silencing debate and how medieval that makes our society look.

Take for example another quote from that same commenter yesterday. Look at the vitriol and hostility she uses to make her argument. It’s not science-based. It’s emotional. Almost hysterical.

“I hope you all understand that all this VERY I’ll informed “Anti-Vaxx” movement puts everyone’s child at risk. You do realize that what you are really saying is that you would rather your child be DEAD or be horrifically paralyzed than possibly (yet has been proven safe over and over again so remember there is no risk) be diagnosed with autism.

That is the most heartless, terrifying, hateful things to even think about your own child. What good and loving parent would prefer the death of their child? And how inhuman do you really need to be to feel no shame or remorse if you cause the death of someone else’s child?” aerwynflynn

Such is the level of discourse something this important in our country is reduced to. How shocking is that? What are we to expect later? Burning conspiracy theory witches at the stake? Exorcisms to drive the radicalization demons from the extremists?

And don’t think it’s just this one slightly off-center reader who resorts to this kind of breathless fear-mongering to silence debate. It’s the standard go-to propaganda from the peddlers of the status quo as well:

Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik wrote that the prestigious Festival was “sullying” its reputation by hosting the film. “Careless actions such as those of the Tribeca Film Festival don’t contribute to ‘dialogue and discussion,’ as the festival’s PR would have it; they just spread misinformation and pseudoscience and undermine public health,” he wrote.” Huffington Post

Having an open discussion about the facts surrounding PRODUCTS that are being FORCED into your child’s body is now considered “undermining the public health”?

What’s the message here: “Just give Junior the damn shots and shut up if he gets autism. It’s for the Greater Good.”?

My point with the article was to show how commonplace it’s become for our society to ban various ideas if they are deemed too “dangerous” for the status quo.The Huffington Post was practically cheer-leading this censorship. What’s next for them? A good old fashioned book burning party  and “progressive” bake sale?

The person leaving the comments I cite above drives home the point that such censorship is not born of scientific debate but rather an emotional appeal, perhaps even a hysterical emotional attachment to that notion of the Greater Good.

How much of our scientific evolution was stunted by the Roman Catholic Inquisition, you think? From 1542 to 1858, the Roman Catholic Inquisition crushed almost all scientific advancement. As many as 75,000 cases were brought before them resulting in 1,250 death sentences and countless instances of recanting ideas, theories, studies and teachings.

One of those was the notion that the sun was the center of our solar system and the earth orbited around it along with the other planets. That idea was “debunked”… along with various other theories.

How long do you think the great Corpocratic Inquisition will last? What heresies will it eradicate in the meantime and how many more will suffer the modern day anathema of the Internet of Everything information age?

House arrest? If we’re lucky.

With all the advanced technology and the knowledge that comes with it available to us, I ask myself how will history judge us as a nation and as a people, as we run full-speed into what appears to be the next Dark Ages.


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  1. It is possible that the commenter you cited works for the “government” or big pharma. So he/she is either ignorant/arrogant about the truth or a dis/mis-info spreader. Of course, big pharma has enough money to pay a lot of people to follow the issue on various sites that may discuss such issues and make sure their comments put down any honest discussion. But an ignorant person can become educated and, in that case, could become less arrogant, unless his or her arrogance/fear is so strong that it blocks out any desire to know the truth.

  2. Dissecting the screed of the professional trolls on that last article is worthwhile.
    For awakened people who have been reading and commenting for 10 years or so at alternative news sites……,their tactics and methods are easy to spot.

    Topic by topic, they use whatever they have, and on vaccines they have a two step dance.
    One, always claim science is black and white and on your side..
    Two pander only to fear and emotion in your arguments.

    Doctors and nurses are split on vaccines, not 50-50, but at least a quarter of both groups are against. This is the debate that counts.
    The greaseball trolls are worthless and offer nothing of value.


    That article has quite a list for people to consider. No doubt the trolls will dismiss the source, claim science and write hysterical responses and pepper the board. The often use volume and play for space on a board too, but everyone here knows that.

  3. Galileo said, “My critics will not look through my telescope”. The CDC would not let you look at the data linking autism to vaccines. This is how disinformation sways opinion. Misinformation, or lying, is another important vector.

    Scott, I have been around since ejection from Kall’s site for truthers’ 9/11 heresy with some Obama cynicism thrown on top.

    You did the best original blog theorizing with your work on detcord. In fact the only two demolition industry people interviewed about 9/11, Jowenko and Loiseaux, both mentioned detcord as how the industry would rig the buildings to pulverize the floor slabs. I did have a position in demolition contracting and think I understand how they would approach a job like blowing up lower Manhattan. The would use the surest standard methods and explosives.

    Of course, in any group, we can find issues where you and I and others do not agree. Generally I have not been censored here and respect the forum for that.

    How you play the game depends on how well you understand who operates it and what their motives and intentions are. To think that you could reconfigure your truth to please the regime, even if you wanted to, and you don’t, is a fallacy. There is nothing you could do to please the operators of this system because we and they are polar opposites. They hate our very existence enough to work night and day at global destruction, denying us heaven on earth, making life hell for their enemies, 98% of humanity.

    To see the redistributive hierarchy and the game it plays, one would simply need to follow the money from its private pseudo religious issuance through its high priests in the chosen down to the Bilderberg level of political operators, and from there to the dumbed down population that illogically so resonates with their own self destruction, that they will pile on the heretic bashing, to please an ideology which will never be pleased with them and their conformity.

  4. Sorry but the biggest fake religion today is the holocaust. That should be number 1.

  5. “House arrest? If we’re lucky.”House arrest?Only if the private,for profit,prison system develops a “serve your sentence(work for us) from home” plan.Come to think of it,that would keep the prison population numbers(good PR for the government) down,while still making the law enforcement/security firms money.And,just what are “court costs” going to consist of in our new dark age?Let’s see,retrieving a file from the NSA,seizing any assets the accused has in their possession upon “conviction”,and a bribe for the judge.Did I forget anything?

  6. Yes all this that you wrote is true. But than what? Wast majority of bipedal so-called humans are just plainly stupid. Try to talk with someone about Gladio for example, 95% have never head of it, if you continue…to explain what’s behind it a listener will think about you as a lunatic.

    Italian university professor Carlo M. Cippola is inventor of “law of stupidity” and the first one is:

    “Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.”

    I sometime think that upper echelon of the deep state have absolute right to hate commoners – wage earners aka slaves, because they ARE stupid.

    • We are all stupid sometimes. Because we are intentionally misinformed. The most “good” people are always the most susceptible to manipulation because they want to trust and believe those with the ambition to be their “leaders”. Maintaining a sense of compassion towards those who attack you for trying to enlighten them is a major challenge, but absolutely necessary if present day humanity is to survive this overwhelming drive toward a new feudalistic dark ages. Patience, clarity and resolve to resist emotional responses is essential.

    Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake

    • That’s interesting. She was standing 15 feet away from the bomb that blew people’s legs off and she was not only unharmed but was not even stunned enough to keep her from going about her business snapping photos? How unusual. It takes a powerful explosion to blow limbs off. And no photos of the bomb area or the severed extremities? She seems to have foregone the most important shots for some reason.

    • Good one, Neretva. What alot of scripted mulling about in just two minutes of smoky hokey. Her happy delight slipped out at one point in her spiel. Where do they get these people from, kookland? Here is the champion ‘helper’ though, insanely happy on the ‘worst day of her life’-

  8. you forgot chemtrails…

  9. Central banks aren’t privately owned. That’s a loonertarian myth being pushed by big business interests to confuse you about the monetary system and who holds the power of government money creation.

    It’s the politicians that spend government money into existence and tax it away.

    And they get away with never spending enough by telling people scary stories to divert their attention from the facts.

    • have to disagree. central banks are privately owned, the same as any commercial bank. the only thing the people own is debt.

      • You are confusing ownership with a monopoly. Central Banks do have a monopoly:


        The US central bank, aka the Federal Reserve, is “owned” by the Federal Government aka the US taxpayers.


        Hope that helps.

        [edit: hi fer realz. Welcome back. Needless too say, this comment is gone as well. Changing your name doesn’t mean you aren’t still banned. See ya. And look at that… fer realz, proven for-profit troll, comes back in and chimes in on the central banking issue, saying they aren’t privately owned. Hmmm…. for the record, he also tried to comment on the vaccine thread saying people need to stop drinking the “anti-vax Koolaid” because in reality, he says, the autism numbers aren’t REALLY going up, just more kids are being diagnosed with it these days….]

        • Bullshit!

          Citing Wikipedia as a source = troll or idiot, you pick.

          • [edit: hi fer realz. Welcome back. Needless too say, this comment is gone as well. Changing your name doesn’t mean you aren’t still banned. See ya.]

        • I could find nothing that says the U.S. taxpayers “own” the Fed,as you state.Taken from your second Wikipedia link. “A member bank is a private institution and owns stock in its regional Federal Reserve Bank. All nationally chartered banks hold stock in one of the Federal Reserve Banks. State chartered banks may choose to be members (and hold stock in their regional Federal Reserve bank), upon meeting certain standards. About 38% of U.S. banks are members of their regional Federal Reserve Bank.[71] The amount of stock a member bank must own is equal to 3% of its combined capital and surplus.[72][73] However, holding stock in a Federal Reserve bank is not like owning stock in a publicly traded company. These stocks cannot be sold or traded, and member banks do not control the Federal Reserve Bank as a result of owning this stock. The charter and organization of each Federal Reserve Bank is established by law and cannot be altered by the member banks. Member banks, do however, elect six of the nine members of the Federal Reserve Banks’ boards of directors.[30][74] From the profits of the Regional Bank of which it is a member, a member bank receives a dividend equal to 6% of their purchased stock.[17] The remainder of the regional Federal Reserve Banks’ profits is given over to the United States Treasury Department. In 2009, the Federal Reserve Banks distributed $1.4 billion in dividends to member banks and returned $47 billion to the U.S. Treasury.”[75]

          Legal status of regional Federal Reserve Banks[edit]

          The Federal Reserve Banks have an intermediate legal status, with some features of private corporations and some features of public federal agencies. The United States has an interest in the Federal Reserve Banks as tax-exempt federally created instrumentalities whose profits belong to the federal government, but this interest is not proprietary.[76] In Lewis v. United States,[77] the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated that: “The Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA [the Federal Tort Claims Act], but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.” The opinion went on to say, however, that: “The Reserve Banks have properly been held to be federal instrumentalities for some purposes.” If the Fed were owned by the Government why would they have to “return” money to the U.S. Treasury?See also here http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-owns-the-federal-reserve/10489

        • Scott,I made a comment here that was lost.Can you find it?

        • utter bullshit. do you think the rothschilds, rockerfellers, jp morgan, etc, started a bank they would not control?

          as i said before, the only thing owned by “we the people” is the debt created by the central banks. in the end we’ll wind up as debt slaves with worthless currency while our creditors (the banks) will own the REAL wealth of this nation — gold, timber, mines, oil, etc.

          the federal reserve is not owned or controlled by the u.s. gov’t and is in no way part of the gov’t.

          • Mercury and Mudhole are right.

            “The regional Federal Reserve banks are not government agencies. …but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.” — Lewis vs. United States, 680 F. 2d 1239 9th Circuit 1982

            • No they’re not right..

              Judges are people. They get things wrong all the time.

              • Care to sight any case law in support of your argument?

                • Read the Federal Reserve Act and learn some macroeconomics. Case law has nought to do with it.

                  • Thank you!Great minds are so rare these days.Your worldly knowledge,command of the language,and above all,the great sense of humility you have expressed in numerous posts in this thread,have convinced me.Yes,I will read the Federal Reserve Act.Yes I will learn macroeconomics.I am soooo ready to “stop worrying” and hopefully, avoid the black pit of gormlessness.

                    • “gormless”?

                    • Look, you’re being misled by the neoliberal powers that be. Government money and bank credit are different and government ‘debt’ is not like private debt.

                      The government is the issuer of the currency.

                      Government liabilities are non-government assets.

                      The maths is straight forward.

                      If you don’t want to learn, fine. Stay with the Tea Partiers and assorted right wing fruit loops and gold bugs.

            • yep. the banks that make up the central bank system receive payments every quarter based on the profit margin the central bank generated, so yes, they are a for-profit, privately owned system and not a branch of the government. They are SUPPOSED to be part of the government, but they privatized it long ago, like they privatize everything these days.

              • @willyloman

                I thought you are smarter than that!

                The Fed is simply an agent of the Treasury. The Fed follows the Treasury’s instructions to credit any account, anywhere, for anything.

                Get this!

                Congressman Sean Duffy: We had talked about the QE2 with [congressman] Dr [Ron] Paul. When – when you buy assets, where does that money come from?
                Ben Bernanke: We create reserves in the banking system which are just held with the Fed. It does not go out into the public.
                Duff: Does it come from tax dollars, though, to buy those assets?
                Bernanke: It does not.
                Duffy: Are you basically printing money to buy those assets?
                Bernanke: We’re not printing money. We’re creating reserves in the banking system.

                Michael Hudson:
                “The Federal Reserve is private in name only. Its heads are appointed by Washington, but Wall Street has veto power over it (as it has over the appointment of major Treasury and other regulatory agency officials). So the problem is not that the Fed is technically owned by its stockholders, but that Wall Street has gained overpowering control over government itself.”

                • you should be smart enough to see through bernanke’s bullshit. they don’t “print money”, they just “create reserves”? hahaha — simply the difference between paper money and money on a computer screen credited to an account. either way, the citizens of this country are stuck with the bill.

                  the fed is “simply an agent of the treasury”? more bullshit. “the fed follows the treasury’s instructions to credit any account, anywhere, for anything” — and of course they’re happy to do so, since they are owed interest on every dollar spent by the gov’t. or haven’t you noticed the ballooning nature of our debt and the fact that even the interest on that debt is becoming too large to pay — which is why we’ve seen all the recent fights over the debt ceiling.

                  michael hudson’s statement “the problem is not that the fed is technically owned by its stockholders” is an admission that the fed IS owned by stockholders and is therefore privately owned. but don’t look too closely at those details…

                  • You’re right mercury7.The Fed buys assets with credit(ledger entries) effectively creating money,if not actually printing it.

                  • you are like those who use emocions in lack of coherent thought and argument. Instead you use “bullshit(ing)” left and right without addressing topic and knowledge of the matter. Or even worse your approach is a Reductionist one.

                    Too close to trees?

                    • actually, i addressed the subject with the facts at hand & more or less proved that what bernanke & co said is bullshit. but believe as you will & express shock & outrage when we inevitably wind up in the same situation as greece.

                      for every dollar printed by the federal reserve, the citizens of the u.s. owe those same banks one dollar + interest. and you don’t understand the inevitable outcome of this arrangement?

                    • p.s. — you’re clearly either misinformed or a piece of shit troll. who’s side are you on? go back to cnn — they love the central banks. please quote some more of bernanke’s lies & diversionary statements….

      • You’re entitled to your own opinions. But not to the facts. Central banks are arms of the government and they have very little real power. They’re just accounting operations.

        So called government debt is a non-government asset i.e. private domestic and foreign sector savings.

        You can’t be on both sides of the balance sheet.

        You can stop worrying.

        • Correct. It is just fantasy (border line with stupidity) when I see and read that the FED is “private” institution. Where is FED’s president is coming from and who are they? Who are the members of FOMC? From the Mars or Jupiter? Opinion for Supreme Court is highly valuable in this society, are they independent as they love to present themselves?

          Second thing, let’s assume that the FED is “private” and as we know the FED is printing money (among other things), what does the FED do with all that paper/cash? The FED is buying the Treasury Notes, without ability to put all that shit in circulation the FED is dead horse, it needs the Government. The funny thing while almost everybody thinks about the FED as a private I think of so-called the Government as private. It is plutocratic and oligarchical, no connection with the people therefore it is a private.

          • the fed needs the gov’t the way a tick needs your blood. of course it needs the gov’t — it only exists to profit from our gov’t’s need for money. the fed is buying up more treasury notes because no one else is & the sinking ship would go down much sooner without that intervention.

            i’ll ask again: do you think mr. rothschild & co went to the trouble of founding a bank they would not control and that would not benefit their interests? re the rothschilds especially — how do you think they made their money to begin with? oh yeah — it was the network of european banks that are now interwoven with the fed.

            • The money that pays taxes and buys government bonds (that you call debt) is spent into existence by the government.

              Reserves are government money that only the government can create (by public spending or loaning to banks) or extinguish (by taxation, charges or bank repayment).

              You are very, very wrong about how the system works. If you understood its workings you would understand why the Fed is just an arm of the government.

              It is effectively a subsidiary of the Treasury and is in fact junior to the Secretary of the Treasury.

              All this anti Fed stuff is misdirecting people to bark up the wrong tree.

              It is a ploy of big business to confuse you into acting against your self interest.

              • ALL of that money “spent into existence by the gov’t” IS debt as it is the central bank that creates those dollars — and that bank is owed those dollars + interest from the citizenry. that’s why there is the constant need for economic growth, since there has to be ever more capital chasing debt that grows exponentially.

                the fed certainly works with the gov’t but is absolutely not part of the gov’t.

                but anti-fed sentiments are a “ploy of big business”? that doesn’t even make sense — how would promoting those ideas benefit big business? i’ve never heard a single business entity come out against the federal reserve system.

                • Thank you again

                • ” and that bank is owed those dollars + interest from the citizenry”


                  Why would they propagate the myth?

                  They’ve got you believing that government net spending is your liability and therefore deficit spending is bad.

                  That means less social spending, higher unemployment, less government services.

                  They’ve got you believing that your taxes pay for government spending so you’re taxes are ‘subsidising those less well off or unemployed or whatever.

                  So it’s a great tool for the rich to rort the system and create social division.

        • there’s no “both sides of the balance sheet”. “we the people” own the debt while the banks make off with the profits. or don’t you know our currency is based on debt?

          believe smucks like “neretva” if you will, but the fact remains that the citizens of the u.s. are responsible for that debt.

          • “there’s no “both sides of the balance sheet”.”

            There most certainly is. And the fact that you don’t understand it is where your thinking fails from the get go.

            The government is the issuer of the currency.

            The private domestic sector and the foreign sectors are users of the currency.

            So the government is on one side of the balance sheet and everyone else is on the other.

            The so called ‘government debt’ is merely the amount of government money that it has spent into the non-government sector but not taxed away i.e. it is the net financial assets of the non-government sector.

            Government bonds are merely non-government savings.

          • Oh, and flinging unnecessary abuse at people like you do doesn’t add to your ‘argument’ or make you ill-informed statements true.

            It just makes you look an aggressive right wing fool.

            • can’t tell you how amused i am at being called “right wing”. that’s a first, lol.

              re the “balance sheet”: gov’t may “issue” the currency, but it’s still provided by the fed, who does so for it’s own profit. when the debt becomes so large that the dollar is no longer viable, the people of this country will be faced with insurmountable poverty and debt servitude. the banks will then demand we surrender various assets as payment & they’ll come up with a new system for a new generation of suckers.

              anyway, i don’t think we’re going to agree on this.

              • Thank you

              • “can’t tell you how amused i am at being called “right wing”.”

                Well, you’ve bought into a right wing trope. And your thinking about the monetary system displays classic cognitive dissonance that the right wing generally has.

                All this stuff that you’re saying about the fed and money is all over the shop. You’re mixing liabilities and assets and putting them both on both sides of the balance sheet.

                There is mathematics that can’t be bent, that you’re bending.

                You’re being had by neoliberals and their neoclassical and Austrian pinhead economists.

                It’s in the interests of big business that the public keeps believing this nonsense. They’ve spent a lot of money and time to make it so.

                But it’s all a pack of lies.

  10. I happen to believe vaccines do cause harm to a percentage of children. I happen to believe this because I believe my child was harmed from them. He used to have bad reactions after he got them as a baby and toddler: high fevers and uncontrollable fits of crying. To this day he has had to live with learning disabilities and social problems, etc. I never understood why they had to give them several shots at one time. I have another son who got extremely sick after getting a flu shot, it was during the big manufactured H1N1 scare in 2009 and at the time I was very much asleep to the truth of the world, and fell for it and took him for a flu shot. He’s had ongoing health problems ever since then. I can tell you I am both saddened and angry that pure evil is running our world..this I truly believe. I only wish I had known then what I know now. I am ashamed to say I fell for pretty much everything..hook line and sinker. But then along came Batman and Sandy Hook…I no longer believe the lies.

    • speculator247,

      Please don’t feel ashamed. At some stage in our lives all of us have decided to lift the rock and see what’s under there and too often it’s been after we’ve made decisions we now regret. Our son developed intestinal issues with dairy and gluten at the age of three. No one on either side of the families have these issues. That does not prove vaccines caused these problems; however, if I knew then what I know now he would not have gotten them.

      God bless you and your family.

  11. The lies of Galileo et al should be at the top of the list. How ironic. Or is that heresy in these parts?

  12. @mercury7 aka emocions

    “p.s. — you’re clearly either misinformed or a piece of shit troll. who’s side are you on? go back to cnn — they love the central banks. please quote some more of bernanke’s lies & diversionary statements….”

    He, he, he…typical

    From “Reduction ad absurdum” to “Ad Hominem”.

    Well, since you have manipulative tendencies and jump from Private Fed to Debt it is you who should be watch CNN.

    • Dude, you have to understand that people are conditioned to think of money as a commodity,

      And they will fight you and abuse you rather than give that up.

      People don’t seem to know that for every debt there is a credit.

      Or that zero is a very important number.

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