Big Pharma Vexes De Niro: Forced to Pull “Vaxxed” from Tribeca – Can’t Be Allowed to “Undermine the Public Health”

by Scott Creighton

“We have just witnessed yet another example of the power of corporate interests censoring free speech, art, and truth.” Vaxxed, the movie

This is a sad story. It’s a morality play which shows what happens when you sell out to Big Business, corporate America.

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Parent of child with autism, Robert De Niro, has been forced to pull an anti-vaccination documentary “Vaxxed” from the schedule of his own Tribeca Film Festival

“A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival lineup after it was met with fierce criticism… The documentary claims that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concocted a conspiracy to cover up the “true” reason for America’s rising autism diagnosis rates: vaccines.”

All De Niro wanted to do was screen the film in order to encourage further discussion on the subject. Apparently that wasn’t to be allowed even in a “fringe” film festival setting. De Niro said just yesterday: “Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined,”

But when you are talking about vaccines, Big Pharma’s massive money making scheme, especially at a time when they are pushing for making about 17 or 18 vaccines mandatory for the entire population (not just the kids folks), even the Raging Bull doesn’t get to present an alternative view of the dangers of these things on the basis that simply discussing the growing evidence might “undermine the public health”

Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik wrote that the prestigious Festival was “sullying” its reputation by hosting the film. “Careless actions such as those of the Tribeca Film Festival don’t contribute to ‘dialogue and discussion,’ as the festival’s PR would have it; they just spread misinformation and pseudoscience and undermine public health,” he wrote.” Huffington Post

That’s the big talking point Big Pharma and their supporters are using as their slogan for making all these vaccines mandatory for every kid in the country: not bringing your child in for the vaccines will undermine the “public health”. It is almost medieval sounding, isn’t it? And yet, you have educated left-wingers at places like Tribeca repeating it as if it’s gospel.

The whole point of vaccines supposedly is if your kid gets one, then he’s protected from whatever the vaccine is for. So if Kid “B” doesn’t take one, he might get mumps or whatever, but your kid will not. That’s the whole point.

But then again, that really isn’t the point, is it?

Because if Kid “B” does just fine without the vaccine, like 99.9% of the unvaccinated kids do these days, then OTHERS will question whether or not they want to spend the money on the 17 or so MANDATORY vaccines they are being forced to give their children… especially if their is a link to something like autism detected.

And that’s the point. That’s why it has to be made mandatory for all kids so there is nothing to compare results to and that is why people like Robert De Niro can’t be allowed to present the other side to the argument, especially if it’s relatively well researched and presented like it is in Vaxxed.

And ESPECIALLY if the presentation includes showing the collusion between the CDC and Big Pharma to cover up the possible connection between vaccines and autism.

Now, imagine what the story would be out of Flint if it talking about the government cover-up of the lead in the water supply wasn’t allowed. I wonder how many films being screened at Tribeca this year deal with that.

Why is that allowed? Because they are covering up for STATE crimes… not CORPORATE ones. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the privatization of water systems is the ultimate goal.

It hasn’t been reported yet, but I am sure that Big Pharma got their friends at AT&T to yank Robert’s chain and force him to withdraw the selection from their schedule. Yep. AT&T is the major corporate sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival since 2011 and are now their “Presenting Sponsor” with their logo right next to Tribeca’s on the top of their webpage.

“Our relationship with AT&T reflects a shared commitment to New York and the cultural community,” said Robert De Niro, co-founder, Tribeca Film Festival. “We’re very grateful for their support of Tribeca.”

This is what you get when you sell out. Just ask Amy Goodman over at Democracy NOW, Robert. She’ll tell you.

You may have started the festival for the right reasons, but Big Business owns it now and you do, show, what they tell you to or allow you to. And that’s a fact.

The makers of Vaxxed have put out a statement on their website. It reads in part:

“To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC.” Vaxxed, the movie

You can contact them here to find out where you will be able to watch it. But my guess is, it will be banned across this country from one side to the next. Big Pharma is pushing for mandatory vaccines. That’s trillions of dollars for them every year and a guaranteed profit margin from now until the end of time. And when you think about it, when you consider how they fully expect to use the TPP and the TTIP to replace socialized medicine across the globe with their for-profit model, they fully expect to be mandating vaccines all across the Asia Pacific and the European Union not that long from now. After all, there is “public health” to think about.

Just imagine how much that is worth. We’re talking Wrath of God money.

So yeah, uppity De Niro and his autistic kid don’t get to present any other side of the story other than Big Pharma’s side (pharmacide? can that be a word now?) not even at his own little film festival which no one gives a shit about except a bunch of petite bourgeoisie leftists in New York who fancy themselves as “out of the box” thinkers. Guess not.

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36 Responses

  1. The study linking autism to immunizations has been debunked.

  2. Nature doesn’t lie. Science tells us there is no connection with autism and vaccines. Currently the science is leading us to realize a correlation between air pollution and autism. Be skeptical and wise with resources.

    • How are vaccines nature shit brains? And science tells us blah blah what? You feel smart enough to speak on science’s behalf? Damn you guys suck at your job

  3. I hope you all understand that all this VERY I’ll informed “Anti-Vaxx” movement puts everyone’s child at risk. You do realize that what you are really saying is that you would rather your child be DEAD or be horrifically paralyzed than possibly (yet has been proven safe over and over again so remember there is no risk) be diagnosed with autism.

    That is the most heartless, terrifying, hateful things to even think about your own child. What good and loving parent would prefer the death of their child? And how inhuman do you really need to be to feel no shame or remorse if you cause the death of someone else’s child?

    • ridiculous and unfounded assertion; no parent would say any such thing. your analogy offers a dishonest choice.

      • To say that you will not vaccinate your child because you erroneously believe it might give your child autism, you in fact mean you are willing to expose your children to deadly childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, and polio. Both measles and mumps have a high mortality rate, and polio can leave you hooked up to a ventilator for the rest of your life. Can you imagine being 7 years old and finding out that is your life? How can you allow your child to get the measles at 6 and watch them die simply because you were so prejudiced you passively allowed these terrible things to happen. I don’t believe for one moment that Anti-Vaxxers even think about the horrible repercussions of their non informed decision.

        • do you know how many kids have come down with measles, etc, in spite of having been vaccinated? but we’re told vaccines are “effective”…

          pressure has been put on our gov’t reps to make more & more of these vaccines mandatory before a child can attend school. we’re told the unvaccinated child puts others at risk. if vaccines are effective, then why would a vaccinated child be at risk when exposed to unvaccinated kids?

          people are concerned about vaccines because they are increasingly aware of the harm they have done to friends, family, neighbors, etc. and when they have personal knowledge/experience with these things, they aren’t as likely to believe the disinformation being put out by the profiteers. keep in mind the same media that promotes vaccines are also in bed with big pharma.

          as the parent of an autistic child i don’t believe vaccines are the SOLE cause of autism — but they are certainly a contributing factor. and autistic kids who continue to receive vaccinations generally suffer from increased impairment. this is of great concern to families like mine, since the state is trying to force more of this junk all the time.

          if vaccines were truly safe and effective we wouldn’t even have this debate.

          • I don’t understand what you mean when you say vaccines are harmful to friends and family. Also more kids come down with these diseases because more kids are not being vaccinated, which causes the disease to grow stronger as it spreads, thereby putting more strain on the immune system, even of one who has been vaccinated for a weaker version of the illness.

            In reference to your claim that autistic children become worse after receiving subsequent vaccinations, I would like to point out that those claims are subjective and not universal. My very good friend is a mother of two autistic children and neither one has had any further issues as they continue to receive their vaccinations.
            Could you to cite credible sources, from active scientists, medically accredited doctors (not including the one from the contested film above as he has no medical license so he is not a doctor) and I will be more than willing to check them out if you are willing to extend the same courtesy.

            • i was simply stating that more people have become aware of these issues as more people are adversely affected by vaccines. if they have not experienced these situations first-hand, they may know of them from friends, family, neighbors, etc.

              obviously, not everyone is affected in the same way in regards to vaccine injury, so of course the claims are subjective rather than universal. the same can be said about the entire vaccine debate, since not all vaccinated children are autistic. but the fact remains that a certain percentage of kids are at risk from these vaccines and there is the possibility of greater impairment for an autistic child who continues to receive more vaccinations.

              i don’t wish to be discourteous, but you’ll have to do your own digging into this issue. there’s plenty of information out there, but don’t expect those with a conflict of interest to tell you the truth.

              • I have done an amazing amount of research over many years, but i have not come across any study besides the one done by the doctor from England who admitted the study was not performed scientifically and he had made up most of the data. He has since been stripped of his degree. The only other citations I have found are all opinion pieces and not based in scientific reality. I merely wanted to see where you have gotten your information from. I stand firm in the scientific process. You expressed earlier that you didn’t understand why children who have been vaccinated also become sick. Perhaps this video will be informative. It is done by a board certified pediatrician. I hope you take this information in the spirit of education.

          • I would also like to include in the citations any current medical journals that have published a report in the last two years.

        • Neither measles nor mumps have high mortality rates so clearly you’re not well informed yourself.

          The debate will not progress while screamers like you run the emotional blackmail tactics that you are.

          • You show yourself to be less than educated. I cannot understand parents who would make such a drastic and potentially fatal decision based upon an opinion that science has concluded is wrong.

            Here is my source. Recently published in the highly accredited medical journal. Where is yours that is based upon science and not religion or subjective opinion? Where is your data on the mortality rates of childhood diseases? There is mine.

            As for being a screamer, when it comes to this I think we need more people attempting to talk sense into Ill informed adults who are affecting not only their child’s life, but potentially my own. People who scream fantasies and call them facts are the ones to be truly scared of.

            • I’ve had measles. Most of my friends at school had them. Loads of kids I knew had mumps. None of them died.

              One of your links does not address my post and the other is broken.

              And you are an extraordinarily rude and offensive individual.

              ‘Science’ doesn’t speak or conclude. People do. For all sorts of reasons. And scientists are changing their views based on new evidence all the time.

              So take your abuse and shove it you gormless twat.

    • worse than De Niro…at least he was ready to show the film and let people decide
      meanwhile Japan has banned MMR

    • uh… this is from your website:

      “I am a Hellenistic practitioner that deviates a bit from a Reconstructive path. I rely quite a bit on UPG’s and established Mythos. I am humbled to serve two Patrons: Aphrodite and Hermes.” aerwynflynn

      Uh. I’m sorry. Do I misunderstand? you worship Hermes? You have altars to Hermes and Aphrodite in your home?

      “So our move was rescheduled due to red tape insanity. Since we had pretty much has everything packed, neither one of us wanted to unpack anything for the week we still had to stay here. That included my altars.” aerwynflynn

      Okay. That’s all well and good, but you come here talking about the science being settled and the fact that, as you say, none of these reports are based in reality and you conclude that based on your “amazing amount of research” yet, I find this on the front page of your website, written only a couple weeks ago:

      There is something swirling around in here. Making us both edgy. Since our new date isn’t that far away I don’t want to unpack the altars just to pack them back up again in a day or two.

      I talked to my SF about it. She recommended a protection spell that she had used recently. Put lemon slices with black pepper (I added sea salt) in ALL corners of your house, saying a cleansing spell. We talked about the energies in here and I decided that I would make a deal…leave us be until we leave, then have at it.” aerwynflynn

      You ran around your house shooting lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt in “ALL” corners reciting a “cleansing spell” and then had a chat with the evil spirits, cutting a deal with them to leave you alone until you left?

      Uh… I’m… uh… I’m not really laughing. Okay… yeah, I’m laughing.

      Worship whatever you want. I don’t give a damn. Worship a sponge if you like. At least you’re not worshiping neoliberal free market ideology. So to me, that’s a good thing.

      But if you run around your house spritzing it with a seafood marinade and chanting magic incantations to protect you from the invisible boogyman, don’t come here trying to talk about science. Okay?

      At least, if you do, make sure that WordPress doesn’t automatically attach your website to your name when you leave comments.

      [edit: do you really do 900mg of lithium a day as you say in your article from Feb. 5, 2016? Just curious]

      • Good job for researching me. Yes, I do have an alternative religious lifestyle. However, religion is an subjevtive OPINION on how you believe you should live your life. I’m not ashamed of my religious beliefs, otherwise I would not have written about it on a site that could be accessed by the general populice. Thank you though for attempting to shame me to get me off topic with quotes that have nothing to do with vaccines or autism, or referenced any research I have done into both.

        I would like to point out that during this time you are referring I was terribly sick with a horrible sinus infection. Do I think negative energies caused this? No. Sinus infections are caused by allowing mucous to become blocked in your sinuses to the point infection occurs. Did I spray my nose with lemon juice while screaming “BEGONE DEMON!”? No. I went to my doctor and obtained the necessary antibiotic to cure my infection.

        Why is it no one who has responded here has not just given me even a token link? In the amount of time you spent pulling quotes out of my opinion blog in a childish attempt to make me feel humiliated, you could have at least linked me to another opinion blog that was a voice to your side of the issue. I find it sad and concerning. To me it seems as if you know that every scientific study disproves your opinion, yet you simply choose to ignore it.

        But as always it devolves into ridiculous tactics to distract from the issues.

        • clicking on the link you included with the name you use to sign in does not qualify as “researching” you.

          And speaking of making outrageous claims that have nothing to do with the subject at hand, do you remember your first comment? Let me remind you:

          “You do realize that what you are really saying is that you would rather your child be DEAD or be horrifically paralyzed than possibly (yet has been proven safe over and over again so remember there is no risk) be diagnosed with autism.

          That is the most heartless, terrifying, hateful things to even think about your own child. What good and loving parent would prefer the death of their child? And how inhuman do you really need to be to feel no shame or remorse if you cause the death of someone else’s child?”

          “ridiculous tactics to distract from the issues”? Yeah. that’s about the size of it.

          If you need me to spell it out for you:

          Your outrageous claims about parents choosing the death or illness of their children over autism is remarkably insensitive to the millions of parents of kids with autism. It’s as if to say it’s their own fault. A variation of blaming the victim.

          Then you go on to say they are in fact “inhuman” if they get informed on the subject and make a different choice than you apparently have or will make if you have/will have children.

          That’s a pretty extreme position, don’t you think?

          Basically, you don’t have an opinion. You have a fanatical viewpoint which justifies whatever hateful comments you decide to leave. so no, I don’t think my exposing your other fanatical viewpoints is off-base at all. In fact, I think it puts all of this into a rather tidy perspective, if you ask me.

          The purpose was not to “shame you” as you certainly try to shame others who don’t adhere to your personal view of the vaccine debate. If I wanted to do that, there are lots of other things you wrote on your website that I could have quoted. That’s for sure.

          The purpose was to show your convenient adherence to “science” when it suits you. for example: What scientific qualities does lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt contain that will drive away imaginary spooks and specters? How about the scientific principals of “petitioning” Hermes to fix your personal economic problems?

          But again, I simply clicked on the link you provided when you signed in. I do that for many readers who leave links back to their websites. It’s considered polite… not “researching”

          As for the mention of lithium. That’s my bad. I am familiar with it’s use treating major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia but was not aware of it being used regularly to treat bi-polar disorder and major depression. Therefore I should not have included it as an addition to my comment. My apologies. Of course, all I was doing was asking you about it and why you were taking it. Seems like a large dosage and I do know it can cause serious side effects.

          I have a quick question: you say “I’m not ashamed of my religious beliefs” and that is all well and good and as it should be. As I have already stated, I don’t care what you worship, just so long as maybe there is a tinge of scientific reason smattered in there a little if you are going to come here professing to be the voice of scientific reason, right? And I don’t think spraying your house with lemon juice and negotiating with invisible guys qualifies… and that of course is my right to have my opinion.

          But you did just say you are not ashamed of your religious beliefs, right? Well what about that article you wrote about those borders you brought into the apartment you lived in for a year? Did you not write that you moved your shrines to your two Gods when they moved in? Put them in a closet or something out of sight? Did you not write that? Did you not also write that your “SF” had to talk you into returning these shrines of yours to their original places? What was that about, because it certainly sounds like you were ashamed of your religious beliefs.

          I guess for that matter, one could also ask why you don’t blog under your real name like I do. I’ve been writing here for nearly 9 years and I stand by everything I’ve written.

        • as i’m “mercury7” you should believe what i say, since i’m more or less the same as hermes — HAHAHAHAHA, you twit. and you have the nerve to talk to people about “science”.

          go sprinkle some more lemon around your house; i’m sure that’ll guard against autism, too.

      • And I am also not ashamed (again obviously) to admit that I do take medication for my Bipolar disorder. I’m not sure why you think I would be ashamed though.

        • who said you should be? Lithium is a heavy duty mood altering drug. If someone came here professing to be an authority on any scientific subject but also, as it turns out, commented on their website that they smoked shit-loads of weed everyday, that has to factor into the equation, right? Like it or not, prescribed or not, goes to credibility. Sorry for your illness, but that’s a fact. A scientific fact. Confusion is a common side effect of lithium, is it not?

  4. De Niro could have put up this video in its place-

    I personally see a greater causality between the nuclear age and the rise of autism. Vaccination increased three times during an epidemic of autism, but ionizing radiation overburden has increased much more in the nuclear era, depending on the location. For example today in Fukushima prefecture there are hotspots hundreds of times normal background levels. In fact, people living near any nuclear power plants are regularly dosed with intermittent invisible plant emissions out of the vent stacks, that occur during normal operations, and would exceed the 3x background rise represented by the vaccination rate’s increase. The beach at San Mateo registered about five times normal background two years ago, resulting from Fukushima wastewater in the pacific currents. That is a long lasting terrain contamination due to cesium and strontium. Public relations is employed to keep a false narrative going of the routine inducement of autism in the population.

    Similar to autism, cancer rates have increased in the nuclear era since 1945. With the US Inc.’s shutdown of radiation monitoring after 3/11, the regime has also raised both radiation thresholds and their projections of a future cancer epidemic so you can expect more autism too, if there is no change in management.

  5. Regardless of what anyone believes about vaccines, the decision to censor/ban the film stinks.
    Censorship is the stuff of book burning Nazi scum. If the medical establishment and corporate medicine are as sure as they claim to be about their vaccines, then they should fear no film or book.
    The number of doctors and nurses opting out of vaccines for themselves and families is significant. So is the number who choose to stand up and speak about risks and damage due to vaccines.

    So whether or not the professionals on this board choose to admit that there is a debate is irrelevant. There is a debate within the medical community, one that is tainted with fear of having a career stalled or derailed for speaking against the big money side of the argument.

    • I will be writing a quick article this morning about this topic. I am glad you mentioned this in the discussion, as it was the point of my article.

  6. Folks leaving comments here keep mentioning those three vaccines as if they are the only ones. Right now, in Cali, this is the list of mandated vaccinations for kids starting school between the ages of 4-7:

    Diphtheria,Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTaP, DTP, or DT) —5 doses
    (4 doses OK if one was given on or after 4th birthday)

    Polio (OPV or IPV)—4 doses
    (3 doses OK if one was given on or after 4th birthday)

    Hepatitis B—3 doses

    Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)—2 doses
    (Both given on or after 1st birthday)

    Varicella (Chickenpox)—1 dose

    So when someone talks about vaccines in relation to “measles, mumps and Rubella”, remember, what they are really talking about is “measles, mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hepatitis B and Varicella”

    and that is just the list as it stands today. Big Pharma got the legislature to write in a clause that would allow them to add to that list when they needed to.

  7. I smell censorship. Don’t get me wrong on vaccines as I don’t support any fundamentalism, neither from the anti-vaxx nor the pro-vaxx (pro science) fractions. It still may be that the film is utter bollocks, but even if, it should still be shown and viewers may decide what to do with it; There’s no need for nanny-behaviour whatsoever.

  8. Here is the film’s producer explaining about the CDC fraud-

    I would just add I do not believe electromagnetic radiation (from cell phones) is a major or minor cause of autism. Ionizing radiation however is a much more powerful agent of autism. For this link there is evidence. For a discussion of the links between mercury, ionizing radiation, and autism, in cities which have data for them, check this out-

  9. A very good backstory on Thompson, Tuskegee, and CDC fraud-

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