How the New York Times Whitewashed a Gruesome Videotaped Israeli Execution (B’tselem video included)

(Could you imagine how much coverage this would have received from the MSM had the soldier been Iranian, North Korean or Syrian? For the record, this is what a real execution video looks like so compare it to the fake “ISIS” ones if you like.)

from Alter Net

…The NYT chose this headline “Israel Soldier Detained in Shooting of Palestinian” to cover a crime that was filmed—and, had it not been recorded, one that would otherwise likely have gone unnoticed. The crime is composed of two disturbing scenes, both equally severe (and painful): In the first, an Israeli soldier executes a motionless and injured young Palestinian man in Hebron by a bullet in the head from point zero, and the other soldiers carry on as if nothing happened. And in the second, Israeli medics and soldiers ignore the injured Palestinian (before he was shot the second time) and leave him lying on the ground as if he were a piece of trash.

(video after break. It is disturbing)

The problem, though, is not only with the headline; it’s also with the 900 word and 18 paragraph article, which gave the major weight to Israeli military propaganda.

This is logical, no? Because usually in journalism, if a criminal committed a crime, for example a murder or rape, the article would give the the major weight to the murderer of course, rather than to the victim.

The victim, in our case, is the least important thing in this article. We should be thankful they mentioned his name and age.

Out of the 18 paragraphs, 12 paragraphs (570 words) were allocated to the military and Israeli official statements (the first six and the last five are among them). Only one paragraph is allotted for a Palestinian spokesperson (56 words), and another three for an Israeli speaker for B’tselem (113 words).

After each claim that arises from the video (and mentioned modestly by the NYT), there is a bunch of Israeli official statements commenting on it.

[read more here]

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