The Brussels Attacks and those All Important Concentric Circles of Lies

by Scott Creighton

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

The official version of the Brussels attacks has changed so much from yesterday morning, it’s hardly even the same story.

One thing that strikes me as beyond odd is the fact that of the 31 people who were supposedly killed in the attacks, only a total of 3 have been identified from both locations. They are Olivier Delespesse, Leopold Hecht and Adelma Marina Tapia Ruiz.

CNN mentioned this live on the air this morning and when they said it, they explained the reason they hadn’t been identified was because the bombs did so much damage to their bodies, identification was “difficult”.

Did they not carry identification to airports in Brussels?

Plus, the CNN article only mentions three people who have been reported as missing.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the new airport aftermath video supposedly shot by cab driver Francisco Izquierdo, is a distinct lack of bodies in the terminal right after the explosion. CNN once again covered this glaring problem by suggesting they were all “buried under the ceiling tiles”.

There was the heart rending image of the little child standing there crying by herself in the middle of debris with people standing around behind her doing nothing to help her. CNN said “her mother lay motionless” but I didn’t see her mother lying anywhere.

And why weren’t those people nearby comforting the toddler? Human instinct would have made anyone go straight to that kid to help her in a situation like that, I don’t care if their own legs were blown off. So why was she standing there crying by herself?

And for that matter, what kind of animal is Francisco Izquierdo to simply pan over the injured crying baby and then continued on to record more carnage rather than helping the child? Izquierdo should be beaten in the streets by an angry mob. Your f-in video is more important than helping and comforting that small baby in that nightmare situation? Put your stupid phone down and HELP THE CRYING BABY YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD!

After Francisco pans over the baby standing there crying in the rubble, he literally TURNS HIS BACK ON HER to continue filming more debris.

The fact that he didn’t do what ANY HUMAN BEING WOULD DO IN THAT SITUATION leaves me wondering about the legitimacy of not only his “aftermath” video, but also this event as a whole. It’s a GLARING mistake, seemingly made by an overly ambitious film-maker looking for the max “hearts and minds” effect and not one made by a cab-driver who probably has children and grandchildren who would NEVER do something that inhuman in real life.

Alright, now that I got that out of my system, lets move forward and document some of the catastrophic changes to the official story.

When Brothers Aren’t Brothers and Pictures Aren’t Pictures

First of all, the brothers that we were told are shown in the now iconic image from the airport aren’t really the brothers and the third guy in the fishing hat isn’t who we were told he was, he’s now one of the brothers, that guy is still “at large” and unidentified, and the third guy, the bomb-maker, wasn’t arrested as it was widely reported yesterday, he blew himself up which is highly unusual for a bomb-maker in situations like this. Kind of a waste of talent, or so the MSM says.

Okay. You got all of that? Just in case you missed it, CNN has updated the article I quoted yesterday to reflect all the changes to the story. Either that or they replaced it altogether with the same IP location as the first article. Right down the old memory hole it goes.

The three men who are suspected of taking part in the attacks at Belgium's Zaventem Airport.

The brothers who aren’t really the brothers and the bomb-maker who isn’t really the bomb-maker

Police yesterday released images of the three men pushing trolleys in the airport shortly before the explosions went off. The two brothers were seen wearing gloves on their left hands only, while the third man was dressed in white and wearing a hat.” City AM

The identification of the two brothers, Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui, as the men on the left in the photo was first made by Belgium’s state broadcaster RTBF . I have a question: since there are no images of the bombers from the Metro attack, how did RTBF identify the other brother as part of this group if in fact, the man on the far left isn’t Khalid but rather bomb-maker Najim Laachroui, as the story now goes?

Here’s an interesting change in the story from the Independent:

Both were originally reported to have died in the departures terminal but new Belgian reports alleged that Brahim killed himself at the airport, while Khalid was on the Metro.” March 24th, Independent article

““Both were originally reported to have died in the departures terminal but updated Belgian reports alleged that Brahim killed himself at the airport on the Metro.” March 23rd,  The sameIndependent article

The implication there being the brothers were both at the airport and that Khalid died in the airport departure terminal when he blew himself up and his brother made it down to the Metro station after the bombings and killed himself down there.

If you take into consideration the first story of them both dying in the departure terminal, that’s three versions of the story in less than 24 hours.

Speaking of dramatic changes to the story, you might recall, Najim Laachroui was supposed to have been arrested by Belgium authorities yesterday morning but now, he’s one of the suicide bombers, the one they supposedly thought was Khalid el-Bakraoui, who blew himself up in the terminal.

Laachroui had been identified as the man in the fishing hat on the right of the image. But now, he’s the guy on the other side and no one knows who “fishing hat guy” really is.

The third man seen wheeling heavy bags into the airport, wearing a goatee, spectacles and fishing hat was named by intelligence sources to local media as Najim Laachraoui, 24, a suspected Isil commander who made the suicide bombs used in the Paris outrage in November. ” Telegraph Mar. 23

“Najim Laachroui, who was only tentatively named this morning, has been arrested in the Belgian capital, according to Belgian newspaper DH.City AM Mar. 23

City AM has posted a revision of their original story:

“Belgian newspaper DH had reported this morning that Najim Laachroui, who was only tentatively named hours before, had been arrested in the Belgian capital. 

However DH is now reporting that it was a different individual. Police have declined to comment throughout the morning, but will hold a press conference today.” City AM

Yesterday I suggested that the third guy in the photo, the one who supposedly escaped without harm, was the Belgian asset handler who brought the brothers to the airport to serve as the patsies in this event. If that was indeed Najim Laachroui who build the bombs and brought the brothers to the location as per his instructions, then it would make sense for authorities to have him reported as “dead” as opposed to have to go through the hassle of a needlessly embarrassing trial.

Of course, that raises the question: what did authorities do with Najim after his reported arrest? Did they tie up some loose ends by killing him? Or did they simply export him down to Syria to keep doing his thing? After all, as every MSM source says, bomb-makers are a commodity in this business, right?

And What About Their Lack of Terrorism Backgrounds?

We were first told that these two el-Bakraoui brothers had extensive criminal backgrounds but nothing on the radar when it came to terrorism. That story is also sliding down the memory hole thanks to a revelation from Turkish officials which cast a rather ominous light on Belgium.

“They are brothers Khalid and Brahim El Bakraoui, both of whom were known to police, but for organized crime, not for acts of terrorism, state broadcaster RTBF reported.” CNN

That was the first version of the story and the one which would have held up, were it not for the Turks.

“At a news conference Wednesday, Van Leeuw said Ibrahim El Bakraoui was the man at the center of the surveillance image. An official in the Turkish president’s office said El Bakraoui was caught at the Syrian-Turkish border in June and deported to the Netherlands, the AP reported.

The official corrected Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who earlier said El Bakraoui was deported to Belgium. The official noted that Turkey warned both Dutch and Belgian authorities that El Bakraoui was a “foreign terrorist fighter,” the AP said. Dutch officials later let him go free because Belgian officials could not establish ties to terrorism.” CNBC

Dutch and Belgian officials let the guy go free because they could not establish ties to terrorism. Really?

These two countries send more “moderate” terrorists to the Obama Syrian Regime Change project than any other nation short of Saudi Arabia and we are supposed to believe they let him go when he failed to get past Turkish authorities because he had no ties to terrorism? Do you think they should have asked the Turks why they detained Ibrahim and returned him to the Netherlands on suspicion of terrorist intent before they turned him loose? That might have been a good idea, huh?

After all, his brother Khalid was wanted by Interpol under suspicion of being a terrorist. And who issued the request for the Interpol “red notice” on Khalid? Belgium.


So Ibrahim El Bakraoui was shipped back from Turkey after trying to get into Syria so he could commit some “moderate” terrorism on behalf of the regime change operation and Brussels had filed for an Interpol “red notice” on Khalid on the charge of “terrorism” some time ago…

… and yeah, according to the first version of the official story, the brothers had no previous ties to terrorism.

All Those “Concentric Circles” and Not a Straight Line Between Them

With all these changes to the official story, the MSM pundits and talking heads are doing Olympic-grade mental gymnastics in order to avoid coming to what I consider to be the obvious conclusions.

I even heard one on CNN talking about all the “concentric circles” of terrorism cells that are confusing law enforcement and investigators in the aftermath of both the Paris and the Brussels attacks.

It’s not confusing. It’s quite obvious if you don’t refuse to see what’s right in front of you. These guys were assets, probably sent into Syria to help with the regime change operations, definitely let off the hook for previous crimes, and made an offer to get into Syria in order to help our “moderates” destabilize the country making it ready for regime change. That’s how we do it.

That explains why Belgium let them off the hook when Turkey sent them back and explains why they were able to travel around freely in Brussels long after everyone knew what they were. And, it makes sense that they would try their best to keep that fact from the general population after the attacks in the airport and subway.

With respect to Najim Laachroui, who was widely reported as being arrested by Belgium authorities, it also makes sense they would jump as many hoops as possible to avoid a messy trial with the guy and change the official story to make him out to be a dead terrorist rather than a live bomb-maker. Whether they went ahead and killed him or not is anyone’s guess. But I think it’s clear after all of this effort to remake the official story, the guy did leave the airport after dropping off the assets and he did turn himself into authorities after a picture of him was published in the national press. I guess he feared for his life. Ironic, huh.

I wonder if the brothers were under the impression they were being shipped out back to Syria for some more fun and games. I wonder if Najim was supposed to go with them, but had to return to the cab for something he “forgot” and he detonated the explosives while the brothers stood there waiting for him.

There are all sorts of possibilities here. Hard too say what really happened. One thing is for sure though: the first and second official stories aren’t accurate now that we have the third. Who knows what the next version will bring.


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  1. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  2. Nobody blew themselves up in the terminal. It’s a poorly crafted drama. I’m guessing no one was actually injured and and the scene was more like a movie set than a terrorist attack. The back stories are probably being more or less made up as they go along. And I don’t know how anyone can be sure of any of the reported “facts” since we have no way to verify whether any of it actually happened or not. It’s obviously another one of these false flag type situations where the whole thing is at least mostly fiction and looks way too much like other so-called “terrorist attacks” that we’ve seen to be something else.

    • Don’t forget they closed down the entire Washington DC metro the week before this happened. They could have done some filming during that time …

      • Clever girl. The end of June would be perfect timing for an ‘event’ of this nature. Giant patriotic rally on the 4th of July. We Are Not Afraid!

  3. Just when I think these lies cannot get any more ridiculous…

  4. If I were a cartoon character, I would totally be screaming into a pillow or something equally whacky based on the mountains of lies and stupidity I have to put up with!

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  6. “Help, I need somebody
    Help, not just anybody
    Help, you know I need someone, help”

    “Help me if you can, I’m feeling down
    And I do appreciate you being ’round
    Help me get my feet back on the ground
    Won’t you please, please help me”

  7. In the country and the city where NATO is headquartered, as well as EU and its agencies, i.e. the region, probably, have more Security and Intel agencies than any other area in the world. And while a “manhunt” for Paris’ guy was lasting for several months, yet now we have this charade with “dismembered bodies everywhere”. Yet I need to see single one.

    What I see are a photos whose only purpose is to appeal to emotions. Just as is in kangaroo court when prosecutor presents “secret evidences” to the jurors.
    this above is Israeli company that provide security for many airports in Europe and world and for the Brussels one.

    As for the photo above, only in a movies you can see person “injured” like that and his pants ripped like that. It appears he was in epicenter of explosion but he survived.

    • He actually looks like one of the millions of fanboys who run around at public zombie events. Won’t surprise me at all if that pic was stolen from another website.

  8. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace in a continual state of alarm (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing them with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    —H. L. Mencken

  9. That World Wide Gladio has reliable partner in speak this article while I was searching the web. I learned in hard way about them, it happens to me while I was at Amsterdam airport where I had close, naked encounter with them.

    Interesting story and “Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum”.

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