About that “Protester” at the Trump Rally in Tucson Yesterday – Real Independent says: “Bryan Sanders” is a Jackass and a Tool

by Scott Creighton

(professional?) disrupter at Trump rally in Tucson

First of all let me say this: if you go into a rally for any candidate and start acting like an asshole with the intention to call attention to yourself and shut down the event, you’re not a “protester”, you are a DISRUPTER and in my opinion, you deserve what you get. Especially if you’re with another asshole dressed as a KKK member. You asked for it, you got it.

KKKguy leaving with his buddy who’s getting stomped by angry black man who apparently didn’t like the reference these two were making. A little more cultural sensitivity my be in order, you think?

And if a black man punches you in the face and kicks the crap of you because you’re the first he can get his hands on, so be it.

If you’re too stupid or blinded by identity politics to understand what a KKK outfit might mean to an older black man in this country, maybe a little attitude check is exactly what you need. Or a history lesson.


Food for thought: next time let the idiot in the KKK hood walk up the stairs first.

That said, the “protester” in the American flag shirt holding a picture of Donald Trump with the stars and bars super-imposed over his face, gave a little interview after the event and said that what he was seeing at the Trump rallies “was not democracy” but rather, fascism… and he said he also went to a Bernie Sanders event, which to him, was “democracy”

I got a little insight for Mr. Sanders (the protester just happened to be name “Sanders” as well, just too make sure the slower of the Trump fans make the connection I suppose): Trump rallies aren’t “fascism”, they are a freak-show, the WWE of American politics. And trying to shut down free speech at a Trump rally is not democracy in action… in fact, it’s closer to fascism. And it’s extremely counter productive.

You see, had it not been for the big scene you staged with KKKguy, Mr. Trump’s rally wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much free press, as I am sure your handlers told you prior to the event.

And for that matter, Bernie Sanders’ campaign isn’t “democracy” either… it’s sheep-dogging for Hillary’s general election campaign. Were it “democracy” he would be running as an independent rather than being affiliated with the centrist, neoliberal, Washington Consensus Democratic Party.

“I was protesting his fascism, his racism, his lies and his women hating” said Mr. Sanders about why he was in the middle of the Trump crowd with his KKKguy partner, screaming “liar” while Trump was on stage trying to talk. Sanders went on to say “you got this, which is an angry mob and you have Bernie’s democracy… right there”


He might as well have been screaming “please punch me in the face so I can get on TV!”

Let me explain something: you don’t believe in free speech UNLESS you believe in it and SUPPORT IT when it relates to the kind of speech you hate.

Let me say that again: you don’t believe in free speech UNLESS you believe in it and SUPPORT IT when it relates to the kind of speech you hate.

And you are not expressing your rights to free speech by going into a crowded theater and screaming “FIRE!” so you can record the carnage of the stampede on you cell phone and make money posting it to Youtube.

That is exactly what this disrupter has done.

Now, it’s possible that this entire episode was staged all the way down to him getting punched in the face. And it’s possible it was staged by Trump’s own people.

You have to admit, the fact that this disrupter was white and his attacker was black is oddly reminiscent of the last “sucker punch” story coming out of a Trump rally where a white Trump supporter attacked a black disrupter as he was being led out of the arena. This flip goes a long way to show Trump supporters aren’t all racist white guys (though the color difference between the two seems to suggest, white or black, racism factors into the equation) which has an almost scripted balance to it.

The fact that the guy’s name is Bryan Sanders (B. Sanders) is also a bit too much of a “coincidence”

And lastly, it seems scripted PR efforts designed to fix certain lagging demographics groups were all the rage yesterday at Trump’s rally:


When The Donald started talking about Mexico as he usually does in these events, this time he just happened to have a group of Latinos planted right in front of the stage with signs. He “discovered” one in particular and brought her up on stage for the photo op. See? He’s not racist. He “loves” Latinos (to work for next to nothing at his hotels)

I don’t know if the punch scene with “random black Trump supporter”, B. Sanders and KKKguy was staged. It sure has all the tell-tale signs of a publicity stunt.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. It all part of the American Gladio destabilization event we call the presidential primary season this year. White punches black. Black punches white. I guess next we have Latino punching a Jew perhaps? A Korean punching Bruce Jenner maybe?

I don’t know.

What I do know is “B. Sanders” is not a protester. There are plenty of real protesters outside these events, behaving like real protesters and not disrupting anyone’s free speech by screaming “liar!” and insinuating everyone who supports Trump is a racist fascist.

This guy is a plant. From one side or the other. It doesn’t make a difference at this point. He’s no hero, he’s a jackass and a tool of somebody.

Please help keep us up and running if you can.

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13 Responses

  1. Your (incorrect) rant about freedom of speech is mute. This was not an event held in the public space. Freedom of speech does not extend to private events or to private property. But let’s say this was public property and it was just one guy on the street corner spouting racist and dictatorial bullshit. How many hours should they be allowed to rant before interrupting them would stomp on their freedom of speech? What about B. Sanders’ freedom of speech? Nothing says you have a right to hours on end or even minutes of uninterrupted freedom of speech. Also, you blame Sanders for the crowd’s violence? Their violence was uncalled for no matter what anyone was shouting. Yelling fire is illegal because the violence erupting from said action is due to peple fleeing for their lives. A person disrupting your political event is not life threatening. Do you also blame rape victims because of what they were wearing? All Sanders’ actions did was expose yet again the low quality of drumph’s supporters.

    • I’m sure it’s comforting for you to lump all of Trump’s supporters into one “low quality” category, but I found that they seem to come from a number of walks of life. Some wealthy, some poor, some white, some black and even some Latinos believe it or not. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. The worse he makes himself out to be, the easier it will be to explain how career war criminal Hillary Clinton is elected in November.

      As for your evaluation of the “yelling fire” hypothesis I put out there, uh.. no. It’s not illegal because it’s “life threatening”. It’s illegal because it’s causing a disturbance which jeopardizes the the peace of the community (in this case, the community of people in the theater). Is it only illegal because someone might die? What if they just get injured in the chaos that ensues? Is it then not illegal? Because that is what it sounds like you are saying. So in this case, Sanders has no “right” to freedom of speech in this situation because his speech is DESIGNED to agitate and inflame the crowd into some kind of ACTION. And the ACTION he was hoping for is the EXACT same kind of ACTION that allows people like you to self self satisfied and smug by calling all Trump supporters “low quality”

      And your rape victim analogy is just too stupid to comment on.

      Though I don’t like Trump or what he stands for, he has a right to say it at his rallies and his base supporters have a right to go there and hear it in peace. That’s just a fact.

      As I tried to imply in the article, the protesters outside are REAL protesters and they have every right to do what they are doing as well.

      This a-hole, “B. Sanders” or whatever his name really is, is a disrupter and should be called out for being one. Blindly accepting what he did as somehow being legitimate is foolish. Even Bernie doesn’t support these kinds of actions and you shouldn’t either.

      p.s. – and that’s too say nothing of the fact that his friend was wearing a KKK hood. That’s a little insulting to a large number of people in this country, including myself. But it’s especially irritating to black people if you know what I mean. So no… these a-holes had no “right” to do what they did.

      • No matter the walk of life, I feel completely confident in saying all drumpf supporters are mindless racist idiots. There can be white idiots brown idiots rich idiots educated idiots but, at the end of the day all you drumpf supporters are idiots. As for the rape comparison I was pointing out that you were victim blaming. Which you were doing when you said the protester’s actions caused them to be beaten. No words ever warrant physical violence except when the words are directly threatening immediate physical violence. The courts have said as much. There is never a situation where responding to words with violence is legal or excusable. Also, yelling fire in a crowded theater jeopardizes the community because people panic and flee from fire. They respond in irrational and dangerous ways often leading to more deaths from trampling and crushing than from the fire itself. It’s an uncontrollable human reaction and people are rarely held accountable for their reactions in such cases. That is why you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. It’s not simply because people are inconvenienced or their peace is disturbed. The no fire in a crowded theater exception exists to show that free speech ends when it puts human life at risk. Now to the protesters at Drumpf Con 2016. You say by their actions they brought violence on themselves. So if someone says something you don’t like or disturbs an event you have the right to physically attack them? The law would not agree with you. There are actual KKK rallies where hooded men show up in the public space and guess what, there are no loopholes in the law that let’s people hit them. But again, this was a private event so free speech rights were not in effect. The organizers of the event had every right to order the protesters out of the event. The people in the crowd also had every right, as long as the organizers allowed it, to yell their asses off and shout at the protesters. But they didn’t have a right to use violence. And I’m sure there will be charges brought against them. They will meet the same fate of the sad 78 year old who sucker punched the last protester.

        • quit over simplifying what I am saying. And don’t put any more words in my mouth. I am not blaming the victim. “B. Sanders” is more than likely part of a deliberate campaign to cause anger and hostility in this country across the political divide. Now the only question is who paid him: the Soros-backed left or Trump’s campaign or the “Stop Trump” people. Anyone will tell you, you don’t run around wearing a KKK hood and not expect black people, especially older black, not to be angered and offended and that is exactly what his partner was doing. So even if you don’t think it was a staged event, you have to have a little common sense.

          yeah, people SHOULD be able to jump around in a KKK hoodie calling everyone racists (like you are doing now) and not get punched on the way out the door, and if you’re paying attention, about a 1,000 people let him pass without throwing a punch and only one did throw one. An older black man.

          But we live in the real world and that’s a world where you don’t walk into a Hell’s Angels biker bar wearing Monguls colors and start them all “pussies’ without EXPECTING to get attacked.

          And you don’t walk down the street in Harlem dressed up like a watermelon calling everyone “porch monkeys” and not EXPECT to spend some time in the hospital.

          If you do these things, though technically you should have been protected by your 1st amendment rights, truth is, not a single court in the country is going to give you any protection, because frankly, you got what you deserved.

          And that’s not “blaming the victims”, thank you very much. That’s blaming the a-hole who incited violence in order to benefit from it afterward.

          And that’s IF the whole thing wasn’t staged…which it probably was.

          • Of course it was staged. Are we still trying to determine which end of the single corporate war party set this up?

  2. Don’t get excited, it’s just Hollywood stunt actors, staged by 1 side or the other.

    • I tend to think you are right. Something tells me if you look up “Bryan Sanders'” image on a stunt person forum, you just might find out what he really does for a living.

      • This wasn’t staged. I went to high school with the guy, and the fact that his name is also B. Sanders is a total coincidence.

  3. Much of what Trump has said about Syria and Libya has been quite reasonable when compared to what the Obama administration has done to both those sovereign nations. Trumps position has been quite hands off/focus on America/intervention breeds instability. Not that I’m promoting Trump but it is interesting. His position on Israel before he became a viable candidate was that he would not chose sides, he would not chose Israel in the conflict because that would demean the Palestinians. Those were his words. Then the jewish juggernaut of political pressure forced him to change that stance and proclaim his 100% fealty to Israel, so it appears.

  4. With his red hat causing his eyes to be black by the bright lights and his Donald Duck hair flip, he looks like an evil clown. He’s the Joker enjoying his manipulation of the masses.

  5. Kkk guy was a girl…. Long hair and boobs give that away in the videos.

  6. Do not go where you are not invited

  7. So laughable these agitators follow Trump and try to shut him up, yet call him the Fascist? When asked for examples of Trumps racism, Fascism, or sexism, they just curse and yell “you’re stupid!”, because they don’t know any. Their best agreement that Trump followers are violent is, no violence breaks out at Sanders rallies. It never crosses their mind that’s because no agitators have been sent to try and shut down his right to give a speech by yelling and cursing at him while he’s trying to talk.

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