Under President Peace Prize, the Punishment for Committing a War Crime is a Letter of Reprimand Placed in Your File

Scott Creighton

Patients burned in their beds

This one is amazing.

The U.S. attack on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz back in October of 2015 was a war crime. It was a sustained, deliberate attack on a neutral medical facility in a conflict zone that served not only combatants of any type but also the people of that area, non-combatant civilians. Therefore the attack was indeed a war-crime.

But don’t take my word for it:

Article 15 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV provides:

Any Party to the conflict may, either direct or through a neutral State or some humanitarian organization, propose to the adverse Party to establish, in the regions where fighting is taking place, neutralized zones intended to shelter from the effects of war the following persons, without distinction:

a) wounded and sick combatants or non-combatants;
b) civilian persons who take no part in hostilities, and who, while they reside in the zones, perform no work of a military character.

When the Parties concerned have agreed upon the geographical position, administration, food supply and supervision of the proposed neutralized zone, a written agreement shall be concluded and signed by the representatives of the Parties to the conflict. The agreement shall fix the beginning and the duration of the neutralization of the zone

– The US Air Force Pamphlet (1976) states:

The Geneva Conventions of 1949 provide for protected or safety zones established by agreement between the parties to the conflict. Safety zones established under the Geneva Conventions of 1949, or by other agreement among parties to a conflict, are immune from bombardment in accordance with the terms of the agreement

– The US Air Force Commander’s Handbook (1980), in a section entitled “Neutralized and Demilitarized Zones”, provides:

By agreement, the parties to a conflict may establish certain zones where civilians, the sick and wounded, or other noncombatants may gather to be safe from attack...

…United States forces need not respect such a zone unless the United States has agreed to respect it. Even in an unrecognized zone, of course, only legitimate military objectives … may be attacked

There you have it. International law as well as the code of conduct established by our own military dictates what happened in Kunduz back in Oct. of 2015 was indeed a war-crime.

So what do you think President Peace Prize’s military investigation concluded about the event? What punishment did the “progressive” president’s military leadership hand down to those responsible? Criminal charges? Loss of military rank? Some time in the stockades?

uh… nope. None of that.

A couple folks got letters of reprimand inserted in their career folders and that’s about it. If you believe they did even that.

“Human rights campaigners have denounced the US military’s decision not to file criminal charges against officers involved in a disastrous bombing raid on a hospital in Afghanistan, saying it was an insult to the victims.

US military officials said Thursday that more than a dozen military personnel were punished over the strike last October on the Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) hospital in Kunduz, which left 42 people dead, triggering a storm of global criticism.

The punishments are largely administrative, such as letters of reprimand and ending chances for further promotion, officials said.” Press TV

For the most part, the military “investigation” of itself concluded that it was all a big mistake. A “whoopsie” on the part of a couple low-level, middle managers in the military machine we have running over in Afghanistan. Oops. Sorry. Didn’t mean to cut that guy in the doctor’s smock in two with my C-130 gunship cannons. So sorry.

A letter of reprimand in a folder (or at least someone TELLS you there is a letter of reprimand in someone’s folder). That’s what war-crimes amount to under President Peace Prize while the Obamaites remain steadfast in their commitment to silent complicity these days just so long as they don’t rock the election boat with talk of unpleasant realities such as this.

Loose lips sink Hillary. That’s the new mantra, right?

Why am I not surprised? Because the next great “progressive” hero is an even bigger war-criminal and she’s being endorsed by President Peace Prize.

You’ll find no letters of reprimand in her folder, that’s for sure.


yeah… right.

Just imagine if “W” had done this. Or Romney. That’s “left cover” at it’s best, boys and girls. Left cover at it’s best.

Can we just give him the title now?

President Barack Obama: The Father of Modern Left Cover.


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17 Responses

  1. Unbelievable and discusting. Left cover is exactly right. Democrats who would be beside themselves if a Republican did this say and do nothing since it occurred on Obama’s watch. It’s really quite depressing.

  2. Letters of reprimand today, big promotions a few years down the road when nobody will notice.
    The media covering the war crime during the week it happened could also arguably be guilty too. One thing I noticed that week was that all the lying media outlets went with the them of one bomb, one attack, one mistake. The sheeple could buy that, but a repeated sustained attack that lasted almost one hour, not so much.

    Very true, Mr. Walrus.

    • speaking of big promotions, did you know Obama’s SC nominee once ran the Justice Department’s prosecution of the OC bombing suspects from back home in DC?

  3. Fifth window from the right. Weird. I wonder if this was real… I wish it weren’t.

    • [edit: this is “fer realz” once again. He’s been banned multiple times and I simply remove his comments whenever he returns.]

      • [edit: this is “fer realz” once again. He’s been banned multiple times and I simply remove his comments whenever he returns. In this comment he tried to threaten me with a section from PayPal’s terms of use contract suggesting somehow I am involved in terrorism because I have questions about 9/11 and he also cited a part of their contract determining what is and is not allowed. This website is independent journalism and I question many things but I am not involved in drug trafficking (which is what that page dealt with) or supporting terrorism. In fact, I am strongly opposed to terrorism, state sponsored terrorism to be more precise, so I have no concerns about his threat. This guy’s continued relentless attacks on me and this website just go to prove he’s a paid troll.]

        • Seems evident that my comment containing the words “for real” triggered his alert system somehow. This type of troll is most always from that one “ally” we have in the middle east (not trying to draw anymore negative attention but I’m sure we all know what I’m referencing). Idk, I would take it as a compliment of sorts Scott. I mean, to be on their radar so often is truly a testament that your word is getting out there, and it’s pissing them off.

          • Off topic, but I can’t believe I just heard ‘another one bites the dust’ on faux news (you know, how they play 15 seconds of songs as they go into the breaks?) right after talking about the Russian plane that killed 62 after nose diving 800 feet from the landing strip. Sick

          • It could be them or it could be any number of the 5 Eyes who now run a military wing of “info warriors” (sound familiar?) looking to clean up the interwebs of dissenting opinions on various topics. The fact that he had taken the time to research PayPal’s user agreements goes a long way to show the time he spends doing this kind of thing. Also the fact that he seems determined to post stuff late at night so it will stay up longer is an interesting fact as well. His computer constantly generates new IP addresses so you can’t ban him successfully, which is indicative of a pro, but not conclusive as almost anyone can get that service these days. But knowing his comments are going to be taken down and his taking screen-shots of them while they are up makes me think he’s probably getting paid for his services.

            And let me also say this: the fact that the guy equated AEfor9/11Truth to a “terrorist” organization (through his PayPal violation charge) is a pretty good sign that he may in fact be military because I am sure that is how they view the group and his assertion that PayPal would be “interested” in that connection (I don’t see how even his 6 degrees of separation would relate to me) he just takes for granted, is a good indicator of who he works for.

        • [edit: this commenter has been banned repeatedly yet still continues to post here “as if” his livelihood depends on it. As I told before, all of his comments will be removed when he does so]

          • Getting people off a given topic, attempting to get them to engage in an exchange of insults……….that is the stuff of greasy little degenerate trolls. Burn in Hell you piece of shit.

            • [edit: this commenter has been banned repeatedly yet still continues to post here “as if” his livelihood depends on it. As I told before, all of his comments will be removed when he does so]

      • [edit: this commenter has been banned repeatedly yet still continues to post here “as if” his livelihood depends on it. As I told before, all of his comments will be removed when he does so]

  4. maybe he figures that when HE is likewise charged (with bush/cheney), he’ll get off as easily

  5. A letter of reprimand serves one well once on the outside, say with a place on a defense contractor’s board of directors or as an independent consultant. Letter of reprimand? Shows you were think outside of the box …

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