Another Terror Attack in Turkey: 5 Reported Dead in Istanbul Bombing – Germans Knew it was Coming

by Scott Creighton

What we are looking at in Turkey is nearly a year of a terrorist destabilization campaign, much like the one being run by our “moderate” terrorists in Syria over the past 5 years and the previous one in Libya which finally resulted in the “humanitarian” bombing campaign run by Hillary Clinton and NATO.

As is always the case, the unconventional warfare campaign is ultimately about forcing a regime change. It was in Libya.( “We came. We saw. He died” Hillary Clinton ) It is in Syria ( “A political transition is required to end the violence in Syria.” Barack Obama ). And it is now the case in Turkey as well.

“Speaking to British daily The Times four days before the deadly car bomb that killed 35 civilians in the Turkish capital Ankara, Cemil Bayık, leader of the attack’s main culprit the PKK, said that now their main aim is to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development (AK) Party government.” Daily Sabah

What’s interesting about this particular terror bombing is the fact that the Germans seemed to have known it was coming a few days ago. Well, to be honest, they didn’t “seem” to know it was coming, they did know it was coming… right down to the area where the bomb went off.

Psychic powers in Germany… or something else perhaps?

DW: The German embassy in Turkey warned tourists on Tuesday about potential terror attacks in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Now the embassy has been closed, and the threat level for Istanbul, where you are based, has also been raised. How have you experienced all of this?

Felix Schmidt: I live close to the German consulate general. From there I could see the increased security measures: an armored vehicle is parked in front of the building. But of course it is clear that in a huge city like Istanbul everyday life continues. Many people from Taksim Square in the center of the city have to walk directly by the consulate on their way to work. Everyday life has to continue in a city of 16 million people – despite a terror warning.

Felix Schmidt specifically mentioned Takim Square in Istanbul, Turkey when talking about the terror attack 2 days prior to the the attack.

As it just so happens, today’s bombing took place near Takim Square on Istiklal, St.

An explosion has hit the popular Istiklal Street in central Istanbul’s Taksim square area, local media report, with casualties reported” al Jazeera

Here’s a map.


Yep. The head of some German political foundation (German Council on Foreign Relations?) had some kind of foreknowledge of a pending terrorist attack in Turkey, right down to the area in which it took place. In fact, the entire German government had foreknowledge of the attack, shutting down various German agencies and schools this past Thursday.

On Thursday, Germany closed both its embassy in Ankara and its general consulate in Istanbul because of the threat of a “possible imminent attack”.

The German school and the Goethe Institute in Istanbul, both of which are in the Taksim area, have also been shut. Istanbul’s governor on Friday accused the German diplomatic mission of creating panic and for reacting prematurely to “unconfirmed information”. Guardian

As far as predicting terror attacks go, that’s hitting grand-slam home run, isn’t it? Did Germany force the closure of any other German businesses and schools that weren’t located near Taksim Square or Istiklal, St.? I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound like it.

However this turns out, don’t expect any sympathy for the Turkish people from the so-called “anti-globalization” alternative media here in the states. They’ve all but signed up for the Obama Regime Change Operation Megaphony Party, looking to finally cash in on their “anti-war” street creds (as an example, check here, here, here, here and here)

I guess the Amy Goodman model turned out to be the most profitable one. And as I can barely get a donation help keep running this website these days, it looks like those guys made the pragmatic choice. After all, what’s another illegal regime change to them, right?


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3 Responses

  1. Hey Willy

    The US actually issued a terror warning also.

  2. The big war machine will eat its own eventually. Turkey will have to give up some land and power for the new Kurdistan, the rulers of the world want it to be so.
    It could be that these terrorist acts are designed to break the will of Erdogan and his government so they will give the NWO what it wants.

    I can see from reading a number of your well thought out posts, that you (Scott) believe Erdogan is fighting for Turkey and that these acts are punishment for not going along…..and the threat of more of these acts is implicit too.
    I generally start with the assumption that political heads of state are corrupt and owned. I feel the same thing about Erdogan, but have not done anywhere near enough reading to form a strong opinion of him.
    I think his oil/gas dealing with Kurds and Israel indicate he serves the system and profits from it. I will keep reading your stuff on him and watch as events unfold.

    The idea that the NWO controls wars, and pits nations against each other to enable the looting of resources is not new. So if Turkey decides to get after the Kurds in Syria militarily, what could happen?

    IMO there has been a big propaganda campaign in Russian media going for the past several weeks………the one where the poor poor innocent lovable sweet Kurds are being genocided by evil evil evil Turks. They need a hero, they need super-Putin to go in and stop the evil doers. Seem plausible?

    That would allow TPTB to get Kurdistan going with Turkey as first ‘contributor’ of land, and obviously the Syrians would be forced to comply as Assad is shown the door. Also the US, NATO and Russian arms trade would get a healthy sustainable bump in profits as the cold war lie gets recycled and

    I have a lot of respect for how you run this blog Scott, you are clearly and open minded guy with good instincts trying to figure it out as you go. I sincerely apologize for not sending you any money, as you deserve it. I am broke.

    Pepe Escobar had an interesting article this week.

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